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  1. The little alien dude from Alien Greed has become one of my favorite homebrew characters. After over 2 years of searching, I have finally been able to complete my Alien Greed collection with help from several AtariAge members.


    Seeing this character evolve from a simple satire post back in 2007, to a whole line of homebrews is pretty neat.


    I can't wait to see what the future brings from this little alien dude.


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    2. Skwrl63


      That's great to hear. I look forward to adding it to my collection. Do you have label art already done up?

    3. atari2600land


      I don't think there is. Would you like to try and design one?

    4. Skwrl63


      I would love to try.... I do have fun making fantasy labels. I recently did one for Alien Greed Jump  because I wanted a personal physical copy (but Dionoid didn't think it was a good idea so I didn't get a copy made☹️)


      I made the label for Pumpkin Muncher (Tim has a copy).


      I'll PM you




  2. I'm going to give this post a 9-year bump. Easter is coming up. Chris, you need to put this on a cart so I can put it in a Easter Basket this year...lol
  3. I do have a soft spot for Q*bert. Unfortunately I have some leads on some other Grails I have been looking for and I have to let those deals pan out first. Great collection BTW, I love both the Qbert Jump and Free Play Florida cart. Good luck with your sale. Maybe if this is still available in a few weeks I can send a offer your way.
  4. Interested in Alien Revenge and maybe Mean Santa but that's about it. Let me know if you're interested in dividing it up, good luck
  5. Creating the Retro Gaming Experience To me, sitting infront of a flat screen TV using some emulator and a wireless controller didn't really provide me with the best Retro Gaming experience. When I first tried playing the old games I used to love on emulation, it just felt empty and stale. I wasn't sure why at first, then it hit me. When I was playing the games, I was looking for that nostalgic experience. I wanted to relive the memories of my youth. Unfortunately emulation wasn't sparking that nostalgic memory. I needed a true Retro Gaming experience. I learned then, there was a difference between just playing a retro game at home and actually "experiencing" home retro gaming. I kinda compare it to the experience of playing one of the new Arcade One-Up machines in your house compared to actually going to a real (retro) arcade. Both experiences are extremely different even though you're playing the same game. So it's the atmosphere that plays a big part in contributing to the experience. (I needed to bring the atomsphere back) So a few years ago I decided to create my own Home Retro Gaming experience by creating a retro gaming nook. I had a small space in the corner of my garage to use as a template. This would take a lot of patience and hunting. Though I had plenty of Atari stuff in my collection, I still needed to hunt out the decor I needed for this retro nook. To sit down somewhere and feel like I went back in time. The act of playing on a old CRT TV, being restricted by cords. The earthy tones of the wood paneling. The simplistic decor of the late 70s/early 80s of my youth. To design something that took me back in time would offer the true experience. My first pick-up was this 1977 Sony Trinitron with matching TV Cart: So during the next year-and-a-half I combed eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and local thrift stores. I not only needed the right decor, but I needed it cheap (I didn't really have much of a budget). Once I accumulated enough stuff to make my design reality, it was time to begin. I decided to dedicate a small corner of my garage for a retro corner. I started with the wood paneling. Luckily, many of the home improvement stores still carries wood paneling for very cheap. After getting the wood paneling up, it was only a matter of laying the carpet down and putting the pieces in the place. When all was said and done I only spent around $300 to complete this project. A lot of the cost savings came with patience. waiting to find the right stuff for the right price without overspending (For example, the TV and cart I was able to pick up for $30). Here was the end result. The final Retro Nook came out better than I imagined. Sitting in this corner playing my Atari, I almost thought I was back in 1983. Even the copper colored wing-back chair was the same chair we had a 1983 (my family never had the heart to get rid of it). People have to remember...... Back in the early 80s, most home decor were still from the 70s (unless they recently remodeled). Add a little stale tobacco smoke to the nook to complete the Retro Gaming experience😂. For the rest of the year I often enjoyed disappearing in my little gaming area to relive some of my nostalgic memories. At times my kids even joined me. It was great to show my children how "dad" played games when he was a little boy. During the next summer I decided to do a redesign of my retro corner. I wanted to make it a themed corner, as well as incorporate one of the old cabinet TVs that I have. I have always been a fan of playing original hardware on original hardware. So I have multiple CRT TVs that my children and myself use. I do have a few cabinet TVs and I had one in particular I wanted to use for my new "themed" retro corner. Here is a old cabinet TV I have in my bedroom. It's the TV I used most of the time before I designed my retro corner. Anyways, since I wanted to redesign my retro corner I decided to do it themed design. I decided to go with a Q*Bert theme which was one of my favorite Retro Gaming characters. It took a while to gather all the stuff I needed for the redesign. I already had an old 1970 zenith cabinet TV I wanted to use, but to find the right Q*Bert themed decor was a little challenging (more specifically the wall art). Then I found the perfect piece. A Q*Bert latch hook rug became available and I just had to have it. I was also able to acquire a orange wingback chair for $20. Here is the final design...... This Q*Bert themed design I was extremely happy with. I decided to get rid of the table to bring back the good ole days of having to sit on the floor to play. Coincidentally enough, I finished this design right around Halloween. I actually had a old early 80s Q*Bert costume (one of those old vinyl Collegeville costumes). My son decided to humor me and put the costume on so I could do a Halloween photo. I tried to use an aging filter to make the photo look a little less "high def". I'm not professional photographer so I did what I could with my cell phone, lol Here was the end result. MY 2020 DESIGN..... In 2020 I decided to shrink up the design a little. To make something simpler, and to design a area that would mimic a image you would see on a Atari Ad. I used a different TV for this one (1984 Zenith). One of the best parts about having this retro corner is being able to spend time with my kids introducing them too the early gaming experience. Due to Covid-19 and spending a lot of time at home, we were able to spend a lot of time playing games together. All in all, creating a authentic Retro Gaming experience is relatively inexpensive and you only need a very small space. Playing these games takes me back to a simpler time. For some reason I find it more enjoyable playing on my retro setups then I do behind a computer screen or on some other type of emulation. The feel of the carpet, the act of inserting the cartridge, the smell of the TV tubes, the sight of the wood paneling, and being restricted to the limitations of technology all help contribute to the overall Retro Gaming experience. This is what I remember, and I find myself actually enjoying playing these old games more as I disappear in my time machine. COVID-19 The summer of 2020 I came across a old 1979 Sony Trinitron. I decided to do a very quick redesign to include that TV, as well as using my Space Invaders wall art I've been holding onto for a while. After I was done my children's school went to "virtual learning" due to the Coronavirus. My kids decided to turn my Retro Nook into a Virtual Learning Battle Station, (where old technology mixes with new technology..😂). I'll end with one last photo. My most recent setup that I may use if I decide to redesign my Retro Corner in the future. It's my 1976 Zeinth gaming station. It's been a blast having this little retro gaming corner. In the past 3 years I have been able to spend a lot of time in my retro corner playing my old Atari with my kids (and creating awesome memories). Hopefully someday I will be able to dedicate a entire room to the simplicity days before the internet. The days before the constant bombardment of social digital stress. Thank you for reading my blog
  6. CONGRATULATIONS to Doggone It! for receiving the awards at this year's 2020 ZeroPage HomeBrew Awards. Atari 2600 Best HomeBrew (Original) 1st Place Atari 2600 Best HomeBrew <4K: 1st Place Atari 2600 Best HomeBrew Packaging: 1st Atari 2600 Best HomeBrew Graphics: 3rd place
  7. Are you looking for the originals? Because reproductions come around a lot and are usually only around $25.
  8. A few things I notice. Now that the Monster takes away 10 points every time he grabs a box, I found it really hard to get a score. I must have been unlucky, but it seemed like more then half the boxes spawned right next to the "Nose Goblin". At first I couldn't get a score higher then 80 (because the monster kept on Zeroing me). But then I used the strategy of actually staying close to the monster with hopes of grabbing the Box before he does when it appeared near him. I was then able to get a score up to 180. The game now became more of a battle between me and the Nose Goblin. Every time I had to go back to cut the hair I was for sure going to lose 10 points(because it was inevitable that a box would spawn when I was away)😂
  9. I personally think the nose hair grows too fast at the beginning. Even from the start of the game I find myself spending most of my time hanging around the nose hair. And the hair seems to grow so fast that a lot of times I don't have enough time to move to the other side of the screen to grab a box (and this is right at the beginning of the game). It would be great if the nose hair was slowed down a little at the beginning (so I don't instantly have an anxiety attack with a super fast growing nose hair 😂). Then gradually got faster the more points you get
  10. I'm sure this has already been asked. But in the "Best Graphics" category, is it fair to put 4K games against 32k games?
  11. Ever thought about one character wearing all Black and the other wearing all White. I've been wanting to see a Cobra Kai Homebrew. I already have a fantasy label made up. I would love to see Johnny and Daniel duke it out on the Atari 😂
  12. Do you have all the files in the binder for all the games. I got the same binder but I only got the first two waves of games in the book. Game line released the games in three waves. When a new wave released they would send their subscribers the new game files to add to their binder. I wasn't sure if they actually distributed the game files for the last wave of games. I think Save the Whales was included in the last wave release. I was interested in seeing the "save the whales" page in the binder .
  13. It was playing goofy on my emulator. A lot of screen flickering and I'm not sure what exactly to control. I seem to be controlling the square on the bottom of the screen but my joystick controls were inconsistent. For example, if I held the fire button down and press the right. Sometimes the square would move right, other times it would move up, and other times it would move in a circle 🤷🏻‍♂️ It could just be my emulator that I'm using on my Android but I don't know.
  14. Need some Label art for this. Question is, who's nose will you use😂
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