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  1. Skwrl63

    VCS Dreidel

    Put this on a Cartridge so I can add it to my Holiday Atari Collection👍
  2. I just used enamel based hobby paint (like you would do for painting plastic models). I used "Testors" brand but there are other brands out there. Then I used a really small paint brush. I used Q-tips and tooth picks to help clean up edges during and after the paint dried. This was really my first attempt. It's not perfect, but it turned out pretty darn good for my first try. ..Brad
  3. I spent this last year trying to make a Holiday Atari. I love all the Christmas homebrews/hacks that have been released over the years. Unfortunately, I don't own a computer so the only way I can play these is if I can have a physical cartridge. Hopefully, more ROMs will eventually make it to cartridge. I know there's a bunch more holiday themed games out there👍. Thanks for checking out my photos...Merry Christmas peeps.
  4. Yeah I don't have the ability to make a cart. But AtariAge will usually do one-off carts for members (just click on "custom cartridge") if they Supply the ROM and label artwork (as well as permission from the programmer) These are not AtariAge store releases but rather AtariAge making one Custom Cart for the individual. I unfortunately don't have a computer in my house. So I'm unable to play any ROMs on a device (cart only)☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ I know I should really get with the times and buy a computer, but actually my kids don't really need computers in school yet. Our school district provides every child their own Chromebook up until they graduate high school. Awesome hack regardless buddy. Maybe I'll still reach out and find someone who's willing to make me a cart...Thanks👍
  5. I believe I need permission from Mike Haas (the programmer) first before AA creates any carts
  6. I would love to have this on Cartridge. Can someone help me out on this? Merry Christmas
  7. This is great news....can't wait to play👍
  8. Would you be willing to sell your copy...lol. Just kidding, I already know the answer to that 😂
  9. Hey, I paid for (pre-ordered) 2 copies of Knabber Rob for the 2600 back in May. I just noticed your taking orders for Muncher Mouse right now.


    It's been 5 months and I haven't heard anything yet. Is Knabber Rob still happening?


    Edit: just saw your recent Facebook post. Sound like your abandoning the project. It's unfortunate, there may be a chance to get more people interested with some more advertisement through atariage.


    Anyway if it's not happening, when should I expect my reimbursement?

    1. tanuki


      Hello Skwrl63.


      You should have been reimbursed by now. We made all the reimbursements this last 24hours.


      Again, accept my personnal apologies. I know it's very annoying to pay for something and to believe we'll never get the product. I sincerely hope you'll forget this problem.

      Regarding Muncher Mouse or other books/games it's true. As I am back from the funerals of my father, Côté Gamers is fully operational again.



  10. You have to adjust for size comparison as well. The 4 switch Woody would be about 2-3 times the size of the new Atari Box. The Atari box will be like the SNES Mini....lol
  11. Would love to see BitQuest come to cartridge
  12. Now it's down to $229..... I really wish I was able to get the first Alien Greed
  13. Yes....you have the entire list👍
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