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  1. Convoy (1004) complete in box went for over £60 on Ebay about three years ago, only one I've seen for sale. Never seen Shooting Gallery (1006) for sale anywhere. Never collected these games as there not compatible with the 1292 or 1392 systems. Nice little collection though.......
  2. No worries, would like to have seen the Fountain collectors site... Technically have the games..... . That's a good way of looking at it.... Hopefully two 101 carts turn up so we can both get one... 😊
  3. Great idea.... 101, 102 & 103 were all dual game carts that were only released in New Zealand under the Fountain brand. They switched between games via a small switch on the top front of the cart. 101 - Horse Racing / Musical Games 102 - Air Sea Attack / Grand Prix 103 - Shoot Out / Electronic Pinball There's a picture on the site below, nearly as rare as the Hobby Module. This used to be a great site, Pong Picture Page, closed down a few years back, its now only available as a web capture: https://archive.is/ohP1P
  4. I'm still searching for 101 myself, I found 102 & 103 last year both complete & mint. One day it will raise its head until then.......😢😢
  5. A Hobby Module for sale on Ebay https://www.ebay.nl/itm/383814047745
  6. Congratulations on completing your collection.... The Hobby Module is a great piece of vintage computing that needs more recognition. 😊
  7. if Sunnyvale CA can see this please check your messages. Lee
  8. Just see this post.... I have every commercially released game and I would definitely be interested in any new homebrews.... I use my Acetronic MPU 2000 once or twice a month, still love playing Invaders & Spiders Web. I'm also on the waiting list for a multicart.
  9. All of my games are in Atari 2600 box protectors as well . So was the Hobby Module the only 1292/1392 cartridge not released as a Fountain branded game in New Zealand? I have a couple of the Fountain releases but mostly Acetronic & Radofin.. My most prized possession is a prototype sample Chess cartridge by Radofin that was prepared for the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) in 1979/80? Found it in a job lot i got for £4 on ebay. Amazing what you can still find.
  10. Another.... As I said an excellent example... All complete.
  11. Definitely a no to that one.......lol.... Funny thing is I agreed a price then the seller tried to get out of it at the last moment as someone else offered 100's apparently. It also has its own power supply so you can use it on a 1292 as well as a 1392. The post three above, the ebay listing, is the one I missed out on. I went up to £200 then gave up. If I can work out how to post a picture i will upload a couple.
  12. Hi, just been reading up on the multicart, I have an Acetronic mpu 2000 & was wondering what the price was & if they are still available for purchase? Do I only need the multicart of do I also need an adapter. Regards Lee
  13. Hi, finally located a Hobby module cartridge, only took 16 years. Its complete with box, diagram, manual, leads, overlays etc.... Absolutely amazing.... 😊
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