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  1. Anybody else played TIS-100? Friend gifted it to me and I'm hooked.

    1. BurritoBeans


      All those Zachtronics games are a ton of fun, I think Shenzhen I/O was my favorite but TIS-100 was definitely good - can't go wrong with any of them.

    2. deepthaw


      I've been forcing myself to not use walkthroughs or anything for TIS-100. Feels so good to figure them out for myself, then go back when I've learned more from later puzzles to optimize my earlier ones.

  2. Got accepted into the GeForce Now beta a month or so ago, but finally decided to give it a spin. Bought Doom 2016 which my PC can't really run at all, and played it for about two hours last night. Have 500Mbps Internet at home, connected via 5Ghz wifi (I know, I should be doing Ethernet.) Worked surprisingly well. I can't really notice any input lag, and while the image quality is noticably softer and mpeg-y, the game's been a hell of a lot of fun to play this. I'd still prefer to be able to play it on my own machine, but the technology for this definitely seems better than expected.
  3. Yeah, these devs need to be careful openly pulling off this kind of black magic for fear of being burned at the stake for witchcraft.
  4. Read about Dandy using some neat tricks to get all of its monsters on screen, and it got me wondering: Did Gauntlet use any similar tricks to get the screen-filling number of monsters you saw, or was the hardware just able to handle that many sprites at once naturally?
  5. 8-Bit guy is working with some other folks (including Bill Herd) to design his own 8/16-bit computer in the style of classic Commodore machines.
  6. Gremlins 2 is what happens when a director is pressured into making a sequel he doesn't want to make and somehow ends up with total creative control.
  7. CSS for status updates needs an update. Let's admit it, this is how we already use it (self included.)
  8. If the SP is backlit (model number on the back has 101 in it) keep it. Original GBA has an even worse screen than the old brick of an original GB, but the 101 screen can be transplanted into it with a bit of work to give you the best screen and best form factor in one.
  9. Quick rundown of the lighting mods available for Gameboys: Gameboy - backlight mod available. Gameboy Pocket - backlight mod available. Gameboy Light - no backlight mod needed. Gameboy Color - Frontlight and backlight mods available, backlight mod still clunky and hacky (I think you use an AGS-101 screen and have to cut up the case to make it fit.) Gameboy Advance - Frontlight and backlight mods available (backlight involves retrofitting AGS-101 GBA SP screen.) Very popular to mod because they're cheap, plentiful, and many people prefer its form factor over the SP. Gameboy Advance SP AGS-001 - the original frontlit version. Gameboy Advance SP AGS-101 - "brighter" version with backlit screen. Mainly used as source for screens for GBA mod. Gameboy Micro - totally cute and small but nobody mods them. Backlit but only plays GBA games. Nintendo DS: Some people literally cut these in half and turn them into a "Gameboy Macro." I'm not kidding. Basically a second way to get a backlit GBA with the horizontal form factor. (But it won't do original GB games so it's getting away from what we want...)
  10. You no longer need to gut an AGS-101 to get a screen for GBA backlight mods; AliExpress has begun selling compatible screens. But the price on *those* has gone up since I last checked, so I assume the AGS-101 has gone up as well.
  11. What makes M2's versions fantastic is that all the changes are done in a very tasteful way (I posted that on a status update) and can be disabled. They're not overhauling the game in some weird way.
  12. If I opt for a first gen PS3, how reliable are they? Is backwards compatibility something that can be restored via a modchip or other modification? Or did they completely strip out the required hardware?
  13. I'd like to pick up some PlayStation games that I missed, but I'm slightly confused as to all the intricacies of backwards compatibility between the generations. I know PS1 games will play on a PS2, so I don't need a PS1. PS2 games will play on certain PS3s - but those command a hefty price premium? PS4s will play PS1 games (from disk? do you have to repurchase them?) - will they play PS2 or PS3 titles? So at a minimum, I need a backwards compatibile PS3 and a PS4 to access the full library, but it may be more cost effective to get a PS2 and a non-compat PS3? Is my knowledge out of date? I have a Trinitron in the basement so I can hook up a PS2 there if need be, but I'd like the keep the number of systems to a minimum.
  14. I need to get a mounting kit for my HDTV that lets me do a full 90 degree rotation on the wall for releases like this.
  15. They offer a Sega Genesis classics collection. It wouldn't have the Master System/Arcade games on there, and it's just straight up emulation rather than the tastefully enhanced versions we're getting here. But there is a lot of overlap of games between the two. I wouldn't be surprised to see a compilation somewhere down the road though.
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