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  1. I picked up an xbox series X, PS5 and 3080 all on launch day, i don't have a jaguar game drive.... and not from lack of trying. I think we all know what gift this holiday season is the real hard to find item.
  2. if you ordered through RetroHQ then your order is gone, most of us ordered over a year ago and those orders that have not yet been filled are not being honored either. If you put your name down at Atari Age (where orders will come from in the future) then you will have to wait to find out where you are in that list. Many of us put our names down for that list as well many months ago and have not heard anything yet. Our assumption is that someone from Atari age will be in touch with us over the next few months. As to not get my hopes up i am anticipating that i will get my hands on one 9-12 months from now, I ordered within the first few hours from RetroHQ and put my name on the Atari list within the first few hours of that list as well. When its finally available i will feel like i earned it, i bet i have over a hundred hours into reading this thread, and refreshing it every day to see if there is any new news.
  3. I know i'm the one your most likely going to sell to 🙂 but your right, items like this get harder and harder to come by as the years go on. The creators don't sell as many as the market gets saturated and the interest from many of the creators starts to dwindle over time. They are mostly purchased by enthusiasts that are passionate about their consoles and are unlikely to sell. There has not been stock on the LTO for a little over a year. That being said there should be another batch available at some point this year, but there do appear to be lots of people interested.
  4. I totally agree with this, if the creator wants to make money this way i completely support it. They did something that no one else has been able to do, created a product, solved those engineering problems, and had the drive to make it a reality. But the idea of people buying up existing stock before others get the chance, then jacking up the price and reselling it, well i find that unethical. My brother in law does this all the time, buying launch consoles in quantity then taking advantage of parents that couldn't camp out or line up. He makes so much money doing this he quit his job and scalps products for a living.
  5. Its hard to know what the ebay units sold for. They had a buy it now link for $375 but they also had a make an offer button. If someone makes an offer for $1, and the seller accepts, Ebay still marks it as sold but does not make the price visible.
  6. Success, got it all wired into a standard pinout mini din and used a coax scart cable from https://retro-access.com/products/fortraflex-8-pin-mini-din-rgb-scart-cable-for-mods?_pos=3&_sid=61f27096c&_ss=r Picture output looks perfect, thanks everyone for your help. Now to try and figure out the MyIDE setup 🙂
  7. ok, that makes sense, so the VBXE grounds out the chip Select pin to disable it. Cool, i will stop questioning the instructions and follow them. 🙂
  8. Thanks for the help. Ok, orientation makes sense to me. I will remove the oscillator for question 6 you are completely right i wrote the question down wrong. It should have read: "J3 Pin 2 is supposed to connect to Freddie Pin 3, but i have lifted Freddie pin 3 and soldered it with a resistor to pin 40 as per page 4 of the instructions. The manual also mentions that the trace needs to be cut to pin 3 on the bottom of the board, i assume i can skip that because i lifted the pin but should i then remove the resistor that page 4 had me put in? If so why was the resistor added on page 4 then if its not needed?" Thoughts?
  9. I have a new Xegs (new to me anyway) and just bought a VBXE and i am a little confused by the instructions found here https://lotharek.pl/files/vbxe/manual.pdf I started by checking the resistance between Freddie pins 3 and pin 40, sure enough there is no resistance so i lifted pin 3 and soldered a 5.5KOhm resister from the lifted pin on the chip to pin 40. This was on page 4 of the manual and causes me confusion on point 6. I removed the Antic chip and soldered in the provided socket, keeping pin 1 to pin 1, and popped in the old Antic chip, no problems here. Booted it up, tested, everything still working. First confusion, which way does the VBXE orient on the socket boards header, does it cover the Antic, or go upwards toward the cartridge slot. Page 6 of the manual makes it look like it should go toward the cartridge slot but this video i found on youtube shows it the other way. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L4cCiYG8R6A. I think the youtube video is correct but some confirmation would be great. Page 10 says to remove the oscillator, the youtube video above shows it removed however this post from AtariAge shows an install without it removed https://atariage.com/forums/topic/152939-show-your-vbxe-installs/?do=findComment&comment=3694289. Should i remove it? Or are others just cutting the trace that goes to pin 2 on Freddie. Or should i just lift pin 2 on Freddie to attach to the VBXE and not worry about the oscillator. J6 Pin 3 is supposed to connect to Freddie Pin 2, but i have lifted Freddie pin 2 and soldered it with a resistor to pin 40 as per page 4 of the instructions. The manual also mentions that the trace needs to be cut to pin 2 on the bottom of the board, i assume i can skip that because i lifted the pin but should i then remove the resistor that page 4 had me put in? Why was the resistor added on page 4 then if its not needed. Point 6 is my biggest confusion, the manual is very unclear. I'm very close to having this up and running... just the last few wires!!!!
  10. Yes, i like it. quite frankly i pay less bringing in electronics from Europe than the USA... the US border fees are sometimes higher then the product costs.
  11. I will buy one of the 7800 carts as well. Any plan to add the Lynx cart to your store? I would have ordered both at the same time to save on some shipping if it was there. If the lynx cart is on the store when your 7800 cart is for sale i will pick one up then.
  12. 411 for me. any only 3 hours or so past the email. Congrats!
  13. long time lurker :-) I have a BT9101 and would love to RGB mod it. I see you guys are having picture alignment problems.. Would something like this help? http://www.otakus-store.net/en/accueil/21-118-shift-corrector-for-video-rgb-console-circuit-board-arcade-image-horizontal-centering.html#/34-version-assembled/37-shift_corrector-axe_pot
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