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  1. If you would have told my child-self at the age of 12 & 14 (89 and 91 - Genesis & SNES release) that one day Id have both systems in their current format Super NT & Mega SG, I would have NEVER believed it. I still own every single cart I bought for my ColecoVision, NES, and SNES - I was a late adopter of the Genesis and 32x. I need to locate a good Model 2 Sega CD to complete my collection. The Sega Saturn was the console that killed my confidence in Sega. Not because it was a bad console because it wasnt IMO at the time. But Ill never forget standing in a magazine section as I did so many times at a grocery store reading an EGM (or another gaming mag) not long after I had bought the Saturn and reading that Sega was discontinuing support, and it made me very frustrated. Yet I bought the Dreamcast on release day and still think of it as one of the best consoles Ive ever owned - unfortunately I didnt trust Sega much at that point.
  2. I cannot remember in the last 10 years, a console or video game item that is at the level of allurement that the NT Mini has reached. To compare it to my childhood it reminds me of what it was like to own a Michael Jordan rookie card - unfortunately I never owned one of those, but I do own the video game equivalent - Analogue NT Mini. I know you folks want all these cores on the Super NT & Mega SG, but if you get them Im afraid I wont look on eBay and see someone selling a NT Mini for $1800-$2200. With that, I always feel assured in case of a global economic meltdown or zombie apocalypse, that I could sell the NT Mini to feed my family for at least 6 months. I have five children, so dont ruin my nest-egg by coring-up those other consoles. Oh wait, the SG has 4 cores - were doomed, were all doomed I tell ya. Just joking - I hope you all get what you wish. Im just grateful to be able to own all three systems and thankful for the work Kevtris and others have put in.
  3. NE146 - Ive personally had no issues but what had me concerned was this: So this quote above from RetrogamerX is what I was referencing. Id like to know if anyone else has had a hit or miss experience like RGX. Hopefully Ive made sense.
  4. Now Im trying to consider do I want to part ways with my Smokemonster Everdrive Pack in favor of the No Intro Romsets since the former was mentioned as the favorable set for the Mega SG. Ive stood with the SMPs for my Mini NT and Super NT, but I honestly have some work to do to find the most up-to-date No-Intro set if Im gonna make the change for the Mega SG. I was very surprised to read that the SmokeMonster Everdrive Pack was hit or miss for the SG
  5. After a night of pretty intense gameplay and tinkering, the question did come across my mind as I looked at the power button for the Mini NT vs. Super NT vs. Mega SG I have a bit of concern about how durable this versions power button will be over the years. To me personally I love the Super NTs power button much more than the Mini NT or Mega SG, but thats just me.
  6. Received my Mega SG the same day the JB Firmware was released. Ive got all my stuff loaded. Its a beautiful scene with my Mini NT, Super NT, and Mega SG all sitting there side by side!!!
  7. JPN version of the Mega SG just arrived in replacement of the USA version which was “out of stock.” I was not concerned with whatever version I might receive, just after the issues with shipment I was thankful to get what I paid for. Now, I just hope this will all work as intended.
  8. Tracking number for my next day (Monday) shipment is now active and in Fort Woth headed to Houston. Once I receive it, Ill let everyone know what version I receive, etc.
  9. FedEx has a program called InSight, however they will only let you determine inbound packages if you have the outbound (shippers) FedEx account number. Weve used USPS Informed Delivery and UPS My Choice for the purpose of determining inbound packages for a while, and its a helpful service in our business when cross-shipping to determine if someone has indeed began their side of an exchange. I am simply in a position now where all I can do is to wait and see. Theres any number of scenarios, with this new shipment and only a small number of them end with me sitting down in front of the SG any time soon. Ill update only if something changes. Happy Friday everyone.
  10. Let the church say Amen - those of us whove adopted other products from Analogue know they are top of the line. I cannot imagine my gaming collection without them.
  11. I have a feeling this will be the last time Analogue works with this shipping partner for a roll-out of this nature. The version swap issue has been odd in that two different narratives were coming from this situation. First, some received emails from Analogue Support stating the reason EUR versions were shipped for a number of JPN version buyers was due to being out of stock of the JPN version. Other emails received from Analogue Support stated this was just a mix-up. One of these is the truth - its possible the shipping partner was providing Analogue Support with misinformation which got passed on to the customer. Interestingly enough in my own situation which Ive covered in previous posts (which is a shipment issue not a button color issue) sort-of came to a conclusion when I told Support I didnt care which version I received if the USA version was truly out of stock as they referenced in a previous email. Instead of taking a $25 credit I asked Analogue Support would they consider simply sending whatever they actually had in stock. This was the email I promptly received from Analogue Support thereafter: I have sent over a JPN edition Mega Sg with FedEx Overnight 1-Day shipping to make up for lost time. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. I received this email at 10:40am, Thursday the 28th. I have not received a new tracking number nor has the old tracking number actually been scanned. Who knows at this point if I will indeed receive the JPN version, or when it will actually leave from the shipping partner. At this point I dont have a lot of faith that FedEx will be making a delivery later today, but hopefully Im wrong. As someone who has worked in a similar situation, rolling out pre-orders where you are in one location and the shipping partner is in another - issues like the two weve witnessed can be terribly frustrating for all parties involved. The key to overcoming these early issues is having each side know exactly what the other is doing, and what resolution has been made. This has added additional frustration to some customers because the turnaround time for replies from Analogue Support has been delayed as they themselves are waiting on communication from the shipping partner. As someone who simply adores the quality of my Mini NT, & Super NT - I have no doubt that the quality of the SG will exceed my expectations. Will there be bugs, sure - but thats commonplace. However at this moment Ive yet to have any warm fuzzy feelings toward this shipping partner. Once I receive the system, the fun Ill have with my EverDrive X7 and my 2 M30s will fade my frustration away. Until then Im not the happiest of early adopters.
  12. ...maybe...yours got dropped or kicked behind a fixture at the shipping center? So according to your logic they dropped...kicked a number of packages. Sounds like some clumsy folks! Maybe the TouchTone Terrorists from Gators Creek Georgia were hired to facilitate this shipment lol!!! Awfully solid conclusion you have there based on your one case that obviously has something else going on. Another example of where you INSIST this was a singular case/issue and not a sign of anything more. Im sorry Ive upset you so with my perspective. Im done with this issue as they have worked to seemingly resolve it. You can have the last word if so desired, but I am finished with this discussion.
  13. CZroe - since you insist that I am dealing with a singular situation I want you to see one of a number of others who placed their orders around the same time as myself and received a tracking number but no shipment. If youd like I can screenshot other as well but I dont feel its necessary. I dont care for your sympathy or lack therefore, I was simply pointing out what has happened. You can choose to disagree with my synopsis but make sure you know all the facts.
  14. In continuing my conversation with Analogue they have agreed to send me another version of the unit rather than having to wait 2 or 3 more weeks until they replenish stock of the USA version. According to their email they will be sending me the JPN edition. (It being the JPN edition is a little surprising) Whatever edition it may be that I receive is of no concern of mine personally as long as the SG is delivered.
  15. Whatever CZ - the email was sent to me personally regarding my situation and Im aware (unlike yourself) of others in the same situation. You can defend and apologize for the company all you wish thats your prerogative, however for those of us who have either received the wrong console or simply not received their preorder you (who received what you paid for) have no right to tell those individuals how the should or should not react - yet on every post regarding these issues you do so.
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