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  1. Ive bought a power switch & a power jack replacement, just waiting to arrive now.
  2. The computer appears to be in good cosmetic condition, but the original owner may have put the power switch on the other Atari ST which I got in the bundle. But anyway, would it be easy to get a new power switch and put it in in the place of an old one?
  3. This is it, see there is no evidence of there being a power switch at any point in its life.
  4. So, I recently purchased an Atari ST bundle, which contained two atari STs. However, one works while the other one has no power switch, and no evidence of one ever being there can anyone explain this? Ill post pictures just to show what I mean.
  5. Actually, it doesnt matter. Ive figured out how to load a game.
  6. Irecently bought an Atari ST but I have no idea how to load a game. It is my first vintage computer but the manual doesnt really give any help, and I cant find how to load a game anywhere else on the internet. Could someone please tell me how?
  7. When I say that the seller said it wouldnt work as it is untested, Im referring to the Atari 2600 JR, and not the power supply.
  8. I cant really get detailed pictures of the board at the moment, and im using a power supply which I purchased from a shop that is quite reputable, and use with my woody 6 switch light sixer. The power supply is fine, and when i bought it the seller said it wouldnt work as it was untested. What happened with it smoking is that the bard was apart, not plugged in, and suddenly smoke erupted from it, and it stopped getting power a bit before that. Now it is just sat downstairs, in a cupboard. Ive been leaving it to cool down, as some of the chips and the main capacitor were hot, and reassembled it.
  9. UPDATE: It smoked, and it stopped getting a little before that. I think its dead, or the capacitor exploded.
  10. In the photos, the Jr has no case on, leaving just the exposed board. Ive tried cleaning ithe cartridge slot with many things, and tried many times, but I will take your suggestion and use alcohol. I dont think it is the cartridge slot though, and maybe one of the chips, like the TIA. I have no knowledge of soldering whatsoever, so I cant really fix the chips. But I do know someone who is an electrician, so I might ask him to help. But thanks for the tip!
  11. The one with the line on is Jr Pac Man and the other is River Raid. This is what happens when I insert them into the Atari 2600 JR. For an update, power works now and so does video.
  12. Soon after writing this, I inspected the switches and they seem tight. Ive just given it a clean, and am about to test it again. If it works, ill say.
  13. So, I recently purchased an Atari 2600 Jr, with Jr PAC man and no cables for £11:99. I already own an Atari 2600 woody 6 switch, in addition to 7800, and so simply just swapped it in with the cables. To my surprise, the console doesnt accept games at all, as they dont fit in the cup. In addition, the power light comes on intermittently, but does appear to work. All Im wondering is, what do I need to do fix this?
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