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  1. I believe this is being covered in this topic http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262518-sio-wifi-modem-with-esp8266/?hl=%20esp8266
  2. No (bidding) shipping to Europe possible ?
  3. Duddie, A quick question , did you already release DeathLand , Lancelot (not the text game) and/or Vicky ? If so , on tape ? Wishing everybody a Happy Easter
  4. I also would be interested since this is the only thing that keeps me from using it permanently attached to my 130XE.
  5. A long story of the excellent service delivered by @Duddie Beginning of November 2018 I ordered the Big Box collections of 10 disks for a total of 290 EUR. Sadly the shipment which was due to arrive 2 days before my bIrthday and the start of my 1 month holidays, was first detained due to a strike at the Belgium post and then sorted and delivered in the same shipping center. In other words lost ( I hope the thief at the Post has an Atari at least ) Duddie had to file the complain via the Polish post since our Belgium post found it too easy to have me file a complaint and then he had to wait until February to be reimbursed for only 90 EUR. However he immediately proposed to ship the same set again to me but I chose to have tapes shipped instead this time. Keep in mind these 28 tapes have a total value of 210 EUR so basically Duddie lost 210 - 90 = 120 EUR. And here they are today in all their beauty. Folks, this man deserves to have many orders placed, I personally would go to Poland (never been there) just to show my gratitude. I know what I'll be doing this weekend on my Atari
  6. Indeed, I'm in Belgium, added that info to my Profile. It looks indeed or a DNS issue with my router or my provider Telenet. When I surf to your site using my mobile which uses Proximus (other Belgium ISP), it works. Will have a further look wether it's ISP or router DNS related.
  7. I can only reach it when I set my DNS servers to Google's
  8. I'm going to come by in April then, 3rd Saturday that's the 20th of April ( right before Easter ) ?
  9. I've been reading all 14 pages with a big smile on my face and count me in for 2 also , it it means Atari's can be networked I'm all in.
  10. On all my browsers I could only acces the website using its IP , if I force my DNS settings to use Google the website name works.
  11. I seem to have one bug , whenever the Apple logo is drawn onto the Main Menu screen, it keeps filling the screen Has anybody else encountered this ?
  12. So last Friday I dived into the world of Irata.online with my 130XE, 850 and WiFiModem232. This version 1.0 is the only one that works for me I finally figured out that DragonCart is not yet supported, hadn't been paying attention 1200 Baud is a must or messy output Just 3 things I wanted to ask : Does using an ST mouse work on a 130XE when using the ATR from a SIO2SD ? When pressing U(sers) in the Irata.online menu I get a screen drawn full of lines until it eventually do CTRL-B to return to the previous menu Are there any colors yet ? Feels like I'm logging on to my school's old SPERRY-5000 SCO-UNIX system with a terminal back in 1987-1990 , how much I missed the simplicity of monochrome terminals
  13. I came down with the flu last night so I wont be able to make it. Was really looking forward to it, stupid illness
  14. Another quick question, I currently own 4 130XE's. 1 Boxed with no mods and working 1 with a fixed GTIA trace and Sophia DVI installed 1 broken with parts removed which I keep as a spare for parts only 1 which doesn't work, the keyboard was seriously rusty and looks beyond repair, but even with a working keyboard and SysCheck I'm unable to trace the issue. Could I bring it so someone could determine if it's worth the repair ? Is there anybody present who does repairs ( not on the actual event but then I could drop it off instead of shipping it ) ?
  15. Since I live in Belgium, will make the trip , excited to finally go to an Atari event nearby.
  16. 1. davidcalgary29 - 1 cart 2. xrbrevin - 1 cart 3. skriegel - 2 carts 4. Marius - 2 carts 5. brenski - 1 cart 6. AtariSociety - 1 cart 7. Mathy - 2 carts 8. Haightc - 1 cart 9. Markk - 1 cart 10. Sleepy - 2 carts 11. Nezgar - 1 cart 12. Gunstar - 1 cart 13. Chaosfaktor - 1 cart 14. Wadeford - 1 cart 15. sanny - 1 cart 16. DNA128k - 1 cart 17. Senor Rossie - 3 carts 18. KlasO - 2 carts 19. NML32 - 1 cart 20. CharlieChaplin - 1 cart. 21. slx - 1 cart 22. David_P - 1 cart 23. Rainier - 1 cart 24. AtariPortal - 2 carts 25. patjomki - 1 cart 26. Allan - 1 cart 27. Toddtmw 1 cart 28. TheNameOfTheGame 1 cart 29. adam242 1 cart 30. Stephen - 1 Cart 31. Jinroh - 1 Cart 32. Philsan - 1 Cart 33. Lastic - 1 Cart
  17. OK, got it, thanks a lot for the thorough explanations everybody and your patience, I hope I can revive this one so I have a working spare.
  18. I'm not seeing the cold solder joint, must have my eyes checked , could you indicate it on my attached screenshot ? Could I run a wire like in the green line that I drew ? I think that is what you meant with the 2nd option ? Should I check the soldering on the other nearby chips ? Or should I run a wire from soldered hole directly to the chip-leg ?
  19. Digging up my first thread again since I'm doing a bit of a cleanup. Since I've gathered 4 x 130XE's by now , I should really let some go , the 2nd one bought is my primary used with an Sophia installed, the other is working including the original box but the latest addition has a failing keyboard mylar , black screen , no sound but a like-new top and bottom case and keyboard keys which I will transplant . But the first one , here I messed up the trace of the GTIA (currently not installed) which resulted in the rolling screens described above. Could I fix the trace and re-install a GTIA ( I've since become a bit more equipped and skilled on the soldering part ) since apart from this the machine was working perfectly ? The trace in question
  20. OK then Antonia is off the table. So the currently available choices boil down to SysCheck 40 EUR + 9 EUR shipping Ultimate 1Mb 56 EUR + shipping depending on choice of courier Since I'm in Europe and a neighbouring country of Germany , postage and shipping distance would be approx. the same as from Poland . I've mailed Lotharek to check the dimensions of the Ultimate board , I think the Ultimate might be more interesting option in the long run ?
  21. Totally overlooked the vertical cartridge port and have now also noticed that he also sells a 512 Kb RAM only expansion also, aargh, more choices ...
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