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  1. I can help with Dutch if needed
  2. I'm interested in option A : ATARI XE KEYBOARD REPLACEMENT .
  3. Amazing product, amazing community ! Is there a way to buy a FujiNet in Europe yet ? Because otherwise customs will screw me over when a package arrives from the US.
  4. I have sent one on the 24st of August when I completed my PayPal payment
  5. Count me in for one standard version also please, do you want me to send a seperate e-mail ? Take your time, I know how rushy things are after holidays.
  6. What model of tapedrive is that ? I’m looking for a tape drive for my server.
  7. Correct, my question was completely unrelated to the topic. My apologies for derailing the topic.
  8. As you might remember from last years Fujiama my fellow Mac collector , still trying to run Altirra on a PowerPC mac , might give ReactOS a try on qemu or VirtualPC7 then. I got as far as being able to install Eclipse with WUDSN on a Leopard PPC iBook but Windows XP virtualized was too slow to run Altirra.
  9. Lastic


    Found it in my mailbox today , my gratitude once more Paul for this !
  10. Lastic


    Hi Paul, Even tough we are only seperated by a sea, I guess it will show up next week, shipments from the UK usually take 3-4 working days now during the pandemic to arrive in Belgium. Will keep you posted , thanks for your concern and have a nice weekend
  11. Lastic


    PM sent, perfect, I only own XE's . My thanks upfront
  12. Lastic


    I would be interested in one if possible
  13. My thanks once again to @Duddie for releasing these wonderfull tapes. I hope more can/will follow. For me personally the anticipation of the tape loading up to the title screen is worth the patience.
  14. There is something like this https://www.gpd.hk/gdpwin2 but offcourse it's a modern CPU/GPU , not an 8086/8088/V20 or the later AT family.
  15. 28 years later after the release of this PC cracktro , somebody commented on this youtube video 2 months ago which I discovered today with the link to the original MOD file MOD file can be found here http://janeway.exotica.org.uk/release.php?id=7823 And to make this rainy Sunday even better, it plays/loads in InertiaTracker , Neotracker and ProTracker 1.5 (and Protracker/Octalyser on the STE) My -internal 19 year old self- is smiling.
  16. No pressure , I didn't serve in the army . I also forgot about it but your post reminded me. Wow 90 years , one to add to my bucket list, visit my Father's hometown and the Planetarium.
  17. Meanwhile playing around with so many things that I didn't get further with this topic but since you're the only one reacting to this topic, I guess everybody either knows all this stuff or just uses the search function on the forum and weed through all the posts like I'm doing. Thanks for the tip @skr , I just remember that you still need to tell me the postage from Hamburg to Antwerp
  18. Good morning everybody I had a spare XC12 still factory sealed with the sticker laying around which didn't work, looked like a belt issue since the motor was still spinning. I took it apart and it had 2 issues, the flywheel had fallen apart, as in the 2 plastic pieces which press the metal ring together were seperated, which I fixed (did have to dissassemble a lot to reach it) and the belt was worn. Tape loading works again but I got a humming sound as soon as I have pressed Play , even with a tape inserted, no tape inserted, or pressing STOP. To elimate the possibility of a failing 800XE, PSU, I tried on different PSU's, 2 different 130XE's and even a different XC12 with the same tape. Looks like the culprit is the gooey stuff on the screws of both heads, which fell off due to being dried up and unscrewing the screws to remove the PCB. If I play the tape and keep a screwdriver pressed down on top of these screws , the humming disappears. My 2 questions, what is this stuff ? Locktite ? Altough it doesn't bond metal to metal. Would plastic washers help ? Another question/concern, whilst looking at 3 different dissassembled XC12's (the faulty one before repair and 2 working ones) I noticed that this one -the one I repaired- doesn't have a shield on the back of the PCB ? Since it rests against plastic I guess it shouldn't pose an issue but just asking since I found it a bit bizarre that the non-factory sealed ones had it installed and this one didn't . And for those wondering why all the hassle , I'm planning to upgrade this repaired one with the Turbo Blizzard PCB upgrade by Zaxon https://www.sellmyretro.com/offer/details/40076 and I'm a sucker for tapes, still got all my audio mixtapes from way back .
  19. Count me in for tape releases, don't mind the loading times and waiting in this crazy-fast world
  20. 1 x Stereo with U1MB control 1 x Quad Auto for me please , do I have to pay now , what is the shipping cost ? Has the lockdown been lifted from Poland post to ship towards Belgium ? I'm still waiting on my tapes also so just want to check upfront.
  21. Since I've acquired an Atari 1040STe next to my 65XE/130XE , I've been looking at MOD trackers again ( I come from a PC background ) and looking at all the different options available for playing and creating music on our 8-bits. First I must thank @CharlieChaplin because every past topic I found in my searches , you seem to always deliver tools/information ! and off course thanks also to all members of this forum and it's wonderfull community. Would it be worthwhile to gather all this information into 1 topic ? I found a lot of usefull info already in several topics which I could gather here ? Only disadvantage is that I don't have an Atari background so I don't have any historical recollection. There is a good overview here http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php/Programy_użytkowe_na_Atari_8-bit_(lista_tematyczna)#D.C5.BAwi.C4.99k
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