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  1. So I thought I had bought the correct SIO female pins here https://www.vanallesenmeer.nl/KF2510-Krimpstekker , soldered them to wires only to discover they are too little Top one is from a broken cable with the correct sized connector So I've been searching the interwebz but am still puzzled what the correct connector is ? It's a Molex KK something but which one is the correct size for our SIO plug ? https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/molex-llc/0008500105/WM2300CT-ND/467825 https://www.digikey.be/product-detail/en/molex/0008500106/WM2300-ND/26477 https://nl.rs-online.com/web/p/pcb-connector-contacts/1707248/ https://www.distrelec.be/nl/crimp-terminal-female-tin-18-20awg-molex-0850-0189/p/14381497?track=true&no-cache=true This one looks to have flange which doesn't look correct to me for our purpose https://nl.rs-online.com/web/p/pcb-connector-contacts/6702250/ Anybody can shine some light on which part number is the correct sized connector ?
  2. Will have to check with the creator/author of the firmware.
  3. That also happened to me during one of the 10 tries. Clear your browsing data and cookies and you will able to proceed.
  4. Same result, should I give it a try on a non OSX machine ?
  5. Just tried again even after clearing browsing data and cookies
  6. Well, I hope the author returns to this page otherwise there won't be much pre-ordering possible.
  7. I entered my zipcode with a leading zero 02018 and now I received this error.
  8. And I think your website is down now ?
  9. When I enter my Belgian Zipcode 2018 , it won't proceed telling me to match the format ?
  10. Wow thanks a lot for this ! Well , I hope this will keep the lens seated properly and it encloses the bottom-case completely. The lens shouldn't move anymore resulting in the laser shutting off since it thinks the mouse is lifted of the desk.
  11. I'm guessing the picture is misleading, the board is bolted down and the lens lies flush on it, maybe these pictures give an better view
  12. Correct , and the square window needs to have the flanges to keep the lens sitting flush.
  13. Now I'm curious why Mathy may not see it
  14. It will travel with me to next year's Fujiama .
  15. Thanks a lot for sharing this, my very first computer was sadly no Atari but a Colecovision ADAM which ran CP/M. It's the first OS that I started with and as such ATR8000 is shipping to Belgium
  16. @Mr Robot @R0ger The reason I'm looking to merge these 2 mouse covers are to use it with this board http://lavago.de/retro-computer.html The Square Mouse.stl is what I received (on the leftside of the picture) with the board. The laser will shut off automatically when it thinks that the board has been lifted as in the mouse has been lifted from the table. Because the Square Mouse.stl cover doesn't exactly fit , the mouse hardly ever works since the laser lens doesn't sit flush and the laser shuts off. So my question/idea was to merge the SquareMouse.stl with the Atari Mouse cover . As such the lens would sit flush and and the laser wouldn't think that the mouse has been lifted from the table. Also the merged cover wouldn't leave the PCB visible and disables dust from entering the enclosure. A huge thank you guys for looking into this, I'm completely a disaster in 3D design or design in general. I can picture it in my mind but that would mean I will have to wait for a 3D printer that can be hooked to my brain
  17. Thanks a lot , the buttons are looking good !
  18. As fast as possible I can wait for it, would be nice to have between now and the next 5 weeks.
  19. I would like to take you up on that offer. The floppydrive bezel and the 3 eject buttons are the most important currently for me. I could pay via Paypal for the printing and shipping.
  20. Wunsche dir dass beste und bin sicher dass du dass sehr GUT machen wirst. So blode touchscreen handy.
  21. Wunsche dir dass beste und bin sicher dass du dass sehr machen wirst.
  22. I would like to have a few small parts printed and they should match the XE color hence I'm clueless if I would go to a local print shop. Is there anybody who can print these things and send them to me (Belgium,Europe) against payment of course ? Would be better shipping wise for somebody from the EU or UK but I guess shipping in an padded envelope from the US doesn't cost an arm and leg neither. 1 x https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2748180 3 x https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3141512 And beyond my knowledge how to do a merge between these 2 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3785679 Square Mouse Cover v1r0.stl Thanks upfront for your feedback
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