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    I love doing SECAM versions! It's like a bonus technical challenge at the very end to see if you can make it look presentable... Yours is actually looking very good... better than my SECAM conversions for Incoming and Panky the Panda anyway.
  3. I did this in 'Incoming' for the main kernel loop actually - in order to get enough cycles for the asymmetrical PF, 2 player objects, missile, and PF/background color changes every 8 lines. It's unrolled into 8-line segments.
  4. Ok I told myself when I started in October that December 1 was my deadline, so I think this may be the final version - for this year at least. Changes since last one: 1. Changed Jingle Bells to start on the verse instead of the chorus 2. Slowed down Adeste Fideles aka O Come All Ye Faithful 3. Added Good King Wenceslas Here's the final track list: 1 - Jingle Bells 2 - Deck The Halls 3 - Silent Night 4 - We Three Kings 5 - Carol of the Bells 6 - Adeste Fideles 7 - Good King Wenceslas 8 - We Wish You A Merry Christmas Enjoy! very2600xmas.bin
  5. OS: Windows 7 Editor: gedit Emulator: z26 Assember: DASM Building: Batch file Version Control: e-mailing stuff to myself I was actually using Ubuntu for a long while till I tried upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 and it bricked my install. After that I just went back to Windows...
  6. Yea, certain notes are only "in tune" in certain octaves, so some songs work better than others. Then you have certain songs which aren't doable period because they contain out-of-key notes (i.e. accidentals) - I actually started on What Child (aka Greensleeves), but had to give up on it for this reason. I've tried to make some of the octave switching not so noticable but some songs work better than others. We Wish You a Merry Christmas is probably the worst offender so far in this regard... The silence is on purpose, since it seemed kinda weird going straight into the next song...
  7. Here's a new version w/ one more song... and an actual display now. very2600xmas.bin
  8. It's dangerous to go alone. Take this: http://www.qotile.ne...music_guide.txt http://home.arcor.de...ts/freqform.txt
  9. Cool game, especially for 2K. I like the music too. I'm not very good at it yet though. I don't know if you're completely finished or not, but one idea I had was to maybe add some power-ups that would randomly fall, which when used, could lower your snow by a level...
  10. That's the code alright, but often times it takes me several tries to get it right. I think you do have to finish the code before the opening title screen finishes scrolling too...
  11. Ok, added 2 more songs - press joystick left/right to switch songs. The revised playlist is now: 1 - Jingle Bells 2 - Deck The Halls 3 - Silent Night 4 - We Three Kings 5 - Carol of the Bells 6 - Adeste Fideles I guess this makes it an EP now. Time to start thinking about the visuals... very2600xmas.bin
  12. I love these demos. Makes me want to try one myself... not that I would be able to match this type of quality though. The plot sphere is especially impressive. I found myself saying "no way!" out loud on that part.
  13. It has come to my attention that there has been a disturbing lack of Atari holiday cheer 'round these parts in recent years. To rectify this situation, I have taken the liberty of embarking on a crash homebrew project which I am tentatively calling 'A Very 2600 Christmas'. Basically I am arranging a bunch of Christmas songs for the Atari 2600 using some of the music code I took out of Panky the Panda as a starting point. I've got 4 songs done so far, which I am previewing here in this rom. The songs done so far are: * Jingle Bells * Deck the Halls * Silent Night * We Three Kings Use joystick left right to change songs. There's no visuals yet (literally it's just a black screen ), so I'm open to suggestions (or help!) in that regard. Let me know what you guys think... very2600xmas.bin
  14. The reason I didn't make a PAL50 version of Panky the Panda is because I didn't want to mess around with all of the fixed point math in the game. Mainly I'm not entirely sure it's possible to increase the values used right now without messing up the landscape collision detection. I guess it would be fairly easy for me to whip up a prototype PAL50 version for the show that runs at 83% of the speed of the NTSC version if nothing else though... Edit: Ok I'm an idiot. I just realized I already have PAL50 support in the source code - I just didn't include it in the final zip file because of the lack of speed correction...
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