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  1. Think I'm going to need to look at the tutorial a bit deeper, but still wanted to update this with what I've got so far. I've also updated the original topic to cut out things I've done or fixed. Its getting there. Slowly. Switch between 1 and 2 player with game select. submarine help3.zip
  2. It's going to be an age old question, emulation for ease or old tech for nostalgia. I have use for all, retron 77, real hardware (tend to just keep the 7800 out tbh) and just playing it on pc (both Stella and atari vault). The other barrier to original hardware is whether your tv is up for it. I'm avoiding a new tv because nobody has actually been able to tell me whether a wide variety of things I'd need (including NTSC and SECAM) would work on anything they sell me. A Retron 77 avoids all those issues. In terms of romcart, and if no price is an issue make sure it's a harmony encore. This ensures you can play things like the 2600 galaga game (now galagon I think?). A regular harmony doesn't play everything. If you can't afford or find an encore though, there is a great alternative in the uno romcart which is dirt cheap even generally for romcarts. There is hope for full compatability via software updates in the future but it plays everything original except pitfall 2 I believe.
  3. Oh and it's a USB power supply, so no worries there either.
  4. Depends how keen you are for original hardware, because my first suggestion tbh is to look at the retron 77. You can run original controllers with it, it uses Stella (update it for best results), you can use original carts (though there is a number of compatability issues) it can handle any region, has hdmi, and of course you can run any homebrew you or anyone else makes.
  5. Thanks to Andrew Davie and SpiceWare. Im starting to get a handle for it. I don't think I've implemented it quite right yet, but it's stabilising more as I update. I've also worked out why it's not been detecting collision ; I've been clearing the collision flag between the two checks, a result of copy pasting code. This means it's been ignoring the second check between missile1 and player0, so that is one problem fixed! Also means there is now something "playable". Away from home at the moment so I'm just assembling through dasm instead of using 8bitworkshop; going to work on it some more over the next few days and hopefully get another version up later this week.
  6. Probably cause I don't know what that is, could you explain/link me some information?
  7. I've tried to have a go with it, does this look any better than the first version? I think its more stable, I've made vertical blank and overscan into better loops, and changed a couple of values that was used to work out the "skyline" including changing one into a different format (which is probably where I was going wrong). I'm also taking advantage of the debugger in stella too trying to work out some of the issues as 8bitworkshop one runs slightly differently. I still get two different things from both emulators, but it seems better than before. submarine help2.rom submarine2.a.zip I'm smart enough now to realise that missile1 is influenced by player1 being stretched. I attempted to rectify it but it caused more problems (either with screen flickering or returning player1 to not-stretched). So back to the drawing board with all the rest of it! Anyone know why missile1+player0 collision isn't being detected in my code?
  8. Yeah its pretty common I've got a 7800 labelled one. Never seen a correctly labelled one though, are they rarer?
  9. Great idea and I tried it out last night and it gives them all a new lease of life! It makes it feel like a 7800 game which I love for the menu's at the start of most games.
  10. I had an issue with mine originally. I'm not a hundred percent sure it wasn't something daft like the micro sd card being the wrong way round as I think it needs to be inserted upside down. I think it also requires waiting a moment before anything comes up on screen. I just tied loads of different things till it worked, again, not sure exactly what happened. I updated firmware to latest version and never had a problem since though.
  11. Yeah, I imagine it was a tad expensive, but hey, I'm earning a bit more than I used to these days so what the hell! I can still count the number of games I spent more than £50 on one hand, so I can't complain. Ps: I won that hand with that pair 😜
  12. I did win the loose casino poker. I thought I might as well go as high as I could go, I'm on the final stretch for games and I'm happy enough just having the UK released ones CIB. I did offer $75 for it. $25 postage and then the super import tax for an extra $25-30 on top. I like looking at the number in £££ because it makes me feel better about spending that much for just a cart. It does mean the fairchild is plugged back in now, so it'll get some use. Gamecube went back into storage!
  13. Hi everyone, I've poked my head up occasionally for other consoles. I've done some demo stuff for both the Intellivision and the Fairchild Channel F, but haven't really got to the point of truly finishing a project yet - other than a random original odyssey demake from the Channel F (but that doesn't really count!). I've realised that starting from the Fairchild as someone who had never used assembly before was a bit silly, and decided to take full advantage of the better access to 2600 resources instead. I found that this course https://www.udemy.com/course/programming-games-for-the-atari-2600/ really helped as he went through it line by line, but in a way I understood better than many resources online. I have a number of books that help starting out too that is available on lulu etc. I decided my first serious project for the 2600 should be to port submarine from the PC-50x, mainly because it appeared to be the only game on the console that didn't have an obvious comparison on the 2600 (perhaps shooting gallery too, but maybe that can be the next project!). Submarine offers a varied number of modes, both single and 2 player. There is also a really bad "space" version of the same game on the cartridge, which from memory I think is only 2 player. I intend to get all of it in a 2600 rom in time but just trying to get all the basics first. If anyone is curious about the console (and game) itself check out: here TheProgrammerIncarnate has done an amazing job regarding converting it to fpga, check it out! Anyway, back to my unworkable rubbish. I've been working on my game through https://8bitworkshop.com/ which is incredibly helpful for testing games live. The site now includes other consoles including the 7800 too. I've found I get different results depending on whether I use the website, stella emulator or my UNO cart on my PAL consoles. That's fine, I guess its to be expected, I haven't even attempted to worry about NTSC and PAL just yet. I'm very slowly learning the ropes, so I would appreciate constructive feedback in the form of help (ideally particularly on the code itself) about specific parts. I've made this by watching the above udemy course, and editing and altering, adding as I tend to learn languages that way, and then it should move onto other projects being more independent. What I have here is probably the first project where I've actually been able to write code for assembly without pure copy paste and editing numbers, so go easy on me as I'm already pretty proud I got this far! Also, please assume I'm stupid, if there is something that you think I should have understood by this point to make something this far Assume I don't know it and I've just been guessing. I learn by breaking things and then fixing them again, but it does mean I don't learn it "right". My goal is to not only do a few 2600 games (not going over the top, I'm not going to be Champ Games level at any point) but to move back to Fairchild and other assembly consoles. What you should get is a few years of me developing homebrew games for a number of consoles, original and ports - so please help support me reach my goal and I will reward with games! I'll upload my code and rom: submarine aa help.zip submarine aa help.rom Specific things I'm after is: 1) Why doesn't collision detection between Player 0 and Missile 1 work? (CHeckCXM1P) This was because I was clearing the collision flag from copy pasting code between M0 and P1 - this isn't required and I just deleted the line sta CXCLR 2) Why is the second black ship (the pyramid looking one) jumping instead of "sliding" like the player and the top ship? (This is me using Player 1 for multiple objects, I was pretty proud of myself as I worked out some of this on my own!) I worked this one out - I needed to reuse HMOVE once switching Player 1 for the 3rd ship in the middle. After doing this, the player started skipping, so I moved it to when the 3rd ship changes X co-ordinate as well! 3) Why is Missile 1 a line and not a dot like Missile 0 (is this linked to stretching of the player? is it linked because Player1 is stretched using NUSIZ1?) This is because of NUSIZ1, I just haven't worked out how to change it yet without also changing the ship stretch. 4) How do I add sound effects effectively? There is essentially three in the original game, the "submarine" sound, the "missile" sound and the "hit" sound. Submarine is a continuing 2 tone sonar like sound during play, missile is a beep-beep-beep-beep sound after firing while moving (Missile 0 only) and the hit sound is like a weird twang, which then goes silent until the players can move again (slight delay). I have a really basic understanding from the udemy course for how it works, but any help on sound creation for the 2600 would be greatly appreciated. I don't think I've found a true "tutorial" on it yet, if someone can link me to one if they exist, would be extremely thankful! 5) If there is anything obvious that 8bitworkshop is doing that is effecting differences in stella or on actual hardware (I'm aware that it won't look the same on my PAL console - I'll work on that later). Things I think I can work out on my own or I'll deal with later: 1) Closer colours and proportions to the original game (I know its off, I'm still getting used to the idea of 'racing the beam' though do explain it to me if there is really obvious things you think I need to know to help). 2) Some optimisation. There is lots to do, and I think I know how to optimise some of it, be kind if you mention this! and explain why its better. 3) Getting the other modes in. I currently only have one, the standard game where you have two ships you can hit. I have 1 and 2 player in, but I still need to add the other subtypes, including a "blind" version and the space game that was also added into the cartridge. 4) Adapting it for PAL later on, I'm getting the basics in first and understanding how it works, I'll be doing a PAL version for sure as its what I use. 5) I'm aware that I've saved it as a 2kb game. I'd love to get the whole thing into 2kb, if only to get last place in the Atari Homebrew awards next year 😜 Thanks in advance for any support given, know that genuine offers for support is really appreciated, and that due to my own neurological condition, while I type smart sometimes, it takes me quite awhile to learn new things and develop them. The end goal (other than finishing this game) should be that you'll see a lot more projects from me in a playable format. I quite like demakes/upmakes so it might be my main domain of development - but I imagine I'll get a few original stuff out too. Thanks Thanks Thanks.
  14. I think many of us questioned why advertising and marketing for the product is so bad. Given their recent history of cancelling things, a lot of us assumed this was a premonition not only that it would happen again, but that it was perhaps planned - and perhaps planned previously too - as a form of intentional scamming akin to Nigerian money scams etc. We still obviously haven't seen any produced for backers, but this video is genuinely the first thing to suggest its actually real. Given it was revealed in June 2017, its nearly taken 3 years to convince us its a real product, that is seriously flawed.
  15. Yep. I'm happy that this shows a competent ability to load various apps. And yes, it was quite quick, thankfully. Would be worried if it didn't go too fast. Yes the silence thing is weird, but it seems to be their thing, like they are still selling this product as an amateur adventure. Plus points for finally showing the wires going in and it all working without cuts though, I'm still of the impression that previously this was done to hide things - but this shows it working. Just need to considerably drop the price now. Edit: Don't think this surprised anyone though.
  16. Ahhh I see the back now, I looked at the front label and because I didn't see the Z logo I thought it was dodgy looking. 15 hours till my offer for the cart only one is over, will probably be sad and then buy a bunch of unneeded 2600 carts to cheer me up.
  17. And if by magic....! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-FAIRCHILD-VIDEOCART-25-CASINO-POKER-VIDEO-GAME-CARTRIDGE-F-BOX-INSTRUCTIONS/274235061362?hash=item3fd9aef472:g:2ekAAOSwGpBeMKMI Also I got a counter offer, but I've put in another offer. If I don't get a response/rejected I'll post what got offered to me in case anyone else wanted to have a go. Edit: noticed this from same seller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-FAIRCHILD-VIDEOCART-17-PINBALL-CHALLENGE-VIDEO-GAME-CARTRIDGE-F-BOX-WARRAN/254496009352?hash=item3b4124ec88:g:OUsAAOSwD9JeMKTk Con job? 17 never came with a clear box did it?
  18. I just read the pcmag article as I was curious. I guess this actually proves they were in Las Vegas after all, because believe me nothing I've actually seen to date really did prove it. I'm basing this all on what I regard to be a reputable source, if they said they saw it in Las Vegas I'll believe them. However you dig into the article, and the proof of the matter is, still, that other than see it boot to windows in "sandbox" mode nobody has actually seen it do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. Well done to the backers actually pushing the hard questions, ultimately, Ataris game is to not utilise what they actually have effectively, and to hide others badly. 1) show a video clearly of it being plugged in and turned on. 2) show a game, any game, inside the os loading from the menu and not just showing images or promotional videos. 3) be clearer with the backers on how long you suspect it will take for production to start, and then we can assume a 20+ day increase on that for shipping. 4) Consider what else you should give to make it more valuable. I wouldn't consider buying it for any more than half the price you are suggesting, it just isn't worth it from buying another console or a dedicated pc. Give stuff away to make it more worthwhile, what we already have on pcs is not enough.
  19. I'd go for a fully compatible 7800 romcart! One of the few consoles now that I don't have something I can stick an SD card in.
  20. I've made an offer for Casino poker, with the extra import tax I couldn't really go any higher.
  21. To the spies: the next question to ask Atari is who was in the CES rooms. We have one guy from a youtube channel of 14,000 subs watch a menu flip between two screens, who else was in the room? Why hasn't anyone else come out to brag they were able to get exclusive access? If this was any other company, they would be pushing the people to get on social media for it, pictures, video, etc. Is Atari that bad at marketing they can't even copy upstart "influencers" who don't even see a paycheck? Or are they specifically trying to not be mentioned?
  22. Maybe this is a weird pairing code when manufacturing, like the -10 is the box and the -01 is the instructions... then you make sure you have one of each? (not sure how you could mix them up, but hey!) Very odd. Sega used a lot of codes generally on their boxes, but unlike Playstation 2 where there is some logic to it, Sega did a mix and even switched them for regions too, so it gets a tad confusing.
  23. I'm based in the old world, are any of the planned hotels in any areas associated with the gaming or streaming industries? I guess that would help with seasonal sales as someone going to a trade show or GDQ event might think: "hey let's goto the atari Hotel!". 1 Hotel makes sense, but 8? They seem to be suggesting these will be full blown hotels as well, and not just guest houses for 4-12 occupants at a time. Will they fill the rooms???
  24. All of them, weirdly. I have been using the Retron 77 quite a bit, but I have an uno cart too so I tend to use the 7800 when I'm playing a 7800 game and want the backwards compatibility. I tend to use emulation on PC when I just want to double check features of a game, or how a mechanic or menu works. I don't tend to actually use it to play games. I'm using online emulators for testing my own games.
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