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  1. I just googled the first out of interest, the first video that came up was "full playthrough" video at 10 minutes. And this is a physical release? This seems to be turning into a huge mess, yet again being 1-2 generations behind is paying off.
  2. Nice find! This is the sort of data I find really interesting, well done being able to source it! I don't think there is any big surprises in the top 9, and glad they were able to make the 6 digit mark. While final figure sales would be great, I imagine these are probably as close as we might expect to find.
  3. Sorry I haven't had a chance to try this out yet, but could there be a 'giants hand' enemy for the castle section even if it acts similar to the bats? A difficulty setting perhaps as well, easy 0 enemies, normal 1 enemy, 2 enemies hard.
  4. I'm still a huge sniper but things I know a rough price for I'm happy to try a offer or the occasional buy it now on a non auction item.
  5. There is a basic but quite filled list on Wikipedia for anyone interested, but I think there should be some accountability for number of games released and actual sales as well as when the first and last of a series is. Games like burgertime while having a few ports over the years has not got a long list of 'sequels'. Games like space Invaders, pac man, Mario, tetris etc have gone through various innovations and is more worthy of their titles. I'm also more impressed when games stay with their original developers. Big names like Shining Force are developed to the lowest bidder these days instead of their original developers. I think this steals some of the excitement of a long running series when money can push sequels out regardless of other factors. It also doesn't account for when a company has completely ballsed up a series. Metal Gear might well be long running, but Konami forced Hideo Kojima to bleed that series dry. Survive may well yet be the last in the series even though I quite liked it hahahhaaha.
  6. I think most of us could literally use Wata sites own descriptions about criteria for particular grades and copy cat what they would typically rate things. There is literally nothing stopping anyone actually doing this. I guess having some understanding about plastic wrap and how a new one and an old one looks like would be beneficial and the only real technical thing involved. Yes seal stickers too, but not all games came with these things either. The other truth of course, is if you can fake those two things, there is no guarantee that what is claimed inside is inside. Even if you were to 'x ray' it in some way to make sure a cart or cd is in there, there is no guarantee that game is an original and not a repro. This invester led buy in to the video game industry will just decimate the retro collecting community and emulation will become the only solution. And then they will be sat on games that only them and their chums can afford to buy. They can hope that 10 years later another chummy investor will pay more than what they did for their game in the hopes that ten years later someone will do the same but eventually it will end. Its a subtle pyramid scheme that pretends its not by looking like a triangle instead.
  7. I have wondered if the latest 2 million game which is another SMB1 (I noticed it hasn't picked up as much traction as the SM64 story) is all a cover up con when it was noticed that SM64 is neither rare, nor expensive, nor uncommon in the state and condition the game sold in. There were a lot of eyebrows how something you could fetch on ebay for 3 figures went at auction for 7 figures. By bringing it back to SMB1 the alure of a "special" limited edition print becomes justifyable compared to a very common game in respect of SM64 while at the same time making out that a common sealed game is still relative to a rare sealed game.
  8. eBay has a few, particularly the Colecovision but personally I think its dead expensive, last time I looked they wanted about half the cost of finding another 2nd hand console+box. "Empty Console Box" sometimes gets you the right items if you are looking for an existing console box even if its never going to match any serials, you might have to sift through entries of game boxes even then though. I've been doing this for a few years and have gotten lucky enough to get most of my unboxed consoles boxes now, they stack a lot better in storage this way and looks nicer than non-printed cardboard.
  9. I think that's turned into the go-to Youtube comment when Wata and Heritage is mentioned. In truth, directors of these companies hyper inflating valuations by "buying" it themselves and not declaring it is not money laundering in itself as long as they are continuing to pay taxes as required, but opens up the doors if people realise it might be an easy way of moving money around. I don't know how taxation on goods work in the US, if this was the UK, VAT tax is imposed at the point of monetary transaction - such as when you pay on eBay, $1,000,000 would equate in most cases to a $200,000 VAT bill, of which businesses would normally push on the buyer. Therefore a $1,000,000 purchase would cost you $1,200,000 (plus any additional fees and delivery) - however, do these sales finalise with exchange of money? Should the public purse be getting a lot of money from these transactions but missing out? If at any point the sale of the item (in the first, second, final or any instance); in countries the money, goods or service provider (such as the auction house) have transited avoids local laws on taxation, then its tax avoidance. If its money derived from the proceeds of crime, then its money laundering. In some places, that might be considered one and the same crime.
  10. Yes, even orgs like the BBC will only bother taking what you have to say if it fits their narrative. Been on that end of the stick myself. I watched the whole video, a lot of it I knew already. The links to the 90s coin bubble was what got me though, they've literally as an individual been fined for doing this before. Its definitely hurt my love of collecting this grading business, and speculations of what is assumed values. I know there is other users here who are now dropping out the game due to this immoral activity and it certainly makes me think about it too. I'll probably stay in it as long as I can feel comfortable paying the price for games I want. Thankfully my main console collections is outside the overhyped Nintendo regulars such as NES and SNES.
  11. Totally get what Tanooki is feeling right now. I've been really cautious about anything I get now given the madness of the market. Turbografx wise I have a very small library, 4 I think physical games and haven't yet looked for more. I use the romcart to play a lot of Japan exclusive games I'd need another adapter for if I bought physical. I'm biding my time though, I've got enough consoles that when one system goes through a money madness I can switch to another. I think even that will end one day but for now I'm still in the game of collecting/playing real copies.
  12. Just a quick update everyone: Untracked shipping now back to normal times - both services should be with people between 6-7 working days where ever you are in the world. Euro and US prices have dropped slightly for shipping, first post has been updated with this information for anyone new looking into this. I've updated the numbers of available units, I'm down to about 11 - so if you are interested you probably have about a year left to order 😛 I haven't looked into how expensive it would be to source more, but I can't imagine a second batch at a smaller quantity would be considered at the same price - so that is something to bear in mind if you are currently on the fence about getting one.
  13. OK, I might be able to help with some basic first line support: What region console is it and does it match your region (presuming US console with US TV)? Have you used a manual or auto tune to detect the signal, does manually tuning if that's possible help stabalise the signal? Does it do the same problem on a different TV? (ideally a TV you know works fine for other RF consoles). Does the wavy lines effect gameplay (I don't mean your ability to play, I mean the consoles ability to function! It should be fine but this should help eliminate anything wrong with the console processing data). From a rough guess, it seems like the RF box or further seems to be the culprit, which hopefully means there is potentially an easy or not difficult fix. Rule out the obvious things first and hopefully some of our more technical channel F'ers might be able to suggest some things.
  14. Someone has just questioned regarding a display issue in a new thread, any of us able to help?
  15. I picked a random mega drive game (Super Monaco GP) , which I believe is the same black plastic casing genesis games use, and it's just under 200g. A thick multilingual game manual likely puts a few more grams on it, but I doubt it would be more than 250g.
  16. I will ashamedly admit most of my collection is now probably sourced from ebay now. All the local independent shops died long before Covid, even high Street CEX either has poor volume, or silly prices (though its pricing does seem to be based on ebay, and conversely, nobody wants to pay more than the price they can pay in a high Street shop). However, I don't live on ebay. If I have the money to waste I try to check once, twice a week for things I might be interested in that month. On a 3 day auction that would have started and ended before I knew it existed. Most peoples work revolves around a traditional 7 day working week, and most people have saturday and Sunday off. Those are probably the ideal days for an auction to end so we can watch the timer go down when we are at home socialising with family rather than important paid work where we might be fired. I also benefit largely from the fact that as long as I am good, I can pay for a game at any time of the month, where as others might be waiting for payday. Most companies pay days are either in the middle or the end of the month. I love buying things at the odd weeks when other people have no money to bid. For maximised profits think about when buyers might have time to a) look for auctions and b) have the money to pay for auctions. Auctions ending mid week on the 2nd or 4th week of the month might not attract as much attention.
  17. This isn't particularly helpful but 100% of my consoles are used, but not 100% of them are fully working My non working or not quite 100% working consoles are the usual suspects: Game Gear needing recapping, with no screen display at all. My cdi has a dodgy drive that doesn't open all the time. My 3DO seems to suffer from the slowdown of a leaked or faulty capacitor that can be replaced. My CDTV disk drive seems to be playing up and not reading disks right. My odyssey 1 has some... Interesting gameplay that is sometimes fixed by unplugging boards and reinserting. All these issues are quite common for these consoles, and I would dare say mean they are less likely to be in the wild being used as well. I'd say consoles with a good reputation for continuing to work will likely have more users, anything 2nd gen, most 3rd gen consoles and the common ones like snes, mega drive. Obscure ones are less likely to have owners now, and things like the 1292s were likely binned enmass throughout the years, whereas Neo Geo consoles likely have a very high upkeep and ownership rate. Things like the Jaguar for example, while maybe not numbering as many, seems to always be available for resale and has good ownership rates. Which leads to possibly one of the best indicators of how many consoles are used : romcarts. They are useless without original hardware, so their numbers are the best suggestion of how many consoles are played regularly. Not everyone uses a romcart of course, but most of us serious about retro gaming probably do regardless of how many games we have on our shelves.
  18. Yeah minecraft definitely fits this for me too. I have it for the kids to play, but I've caught myself playing it to the point I want to "finish it" in a very completionistic way. I hate it because every time I think I'm on the next tier of stuff or learnt something I can do better and more efficient I don't feel like I've progressed any further in the game for the trouble. There are various programmer grunts I have about it, namely how basic and how un-creative the game actually is. I'm also bothered by minor things like I can make a sword out of stone but not out of copper.
  19. A little, but not to an unbearable point XD. I'm hoping my semi reasonable ability to play games would at least stand me in good stead to get me through a game I've played before but it's a fair point. Maybe all 3 would be a stretch for my interest but I think I could enjoy replaying one of the games.
  20. Even though its got horizontal scrolling, Flicky is probably another good example of a single screen clone, slightly different mechanics but slightly puzzle platformer.
  21. I kind of regret putting no in the poll then reading the comments. As a Saturn fan I have to admit the ps1 version is strides better, though it does show the Saturn can do those types of 3d games (just not often or particularly well...). The mechanics and controls aren't too bad given the age and realistically if it was inserted in one of those two consoles I'd probably play it again. I'd argue the original (possibly extend to the first 3 games) are classic enough to be worthy of nostalgic replay ability.
  22. It might not be that obscure, but neither game came to Europe so its virtually unknown over here. Aerobiz and Aerobiz supersonic for the snes and mega drive. You run airline businesses and have to adjust flight numbers, planes and advertising. I feel like it's been done a few times on the indie scene since, but doesn't capture the same feel as these 16 bit gems. It's usually the first games I load into a new mobile phone.
  23. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philips_Videopac%2B_G7400 It comes with scart which makes things easier to convert the signal, obviously the power supply will need a transformer or a new psu that can adapt it. I recently got one for a Japanese AES to work in UK, I imagine there are other solutions for other systems, but it might be a case of using a transformer as this might be quite specific and rare situation.
  24. People might have seen this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fairchild-Channel-F-VES-Videocart-19-CIB-Complete-Test-Work-ULTRA-RARE-Checkers-/255073296112?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0 I think prices were very reasonable until the last day. Some boxed rares went for what I'd consider reasonable prices, however this... Is just continuing madness. I swear there must be more copies of checkers in non gamers hands than gamers at this point. I'd be happy for a loose copy, and hoped one day it might pop up at a reasonable price.
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