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  1. It's not "strange", "curious", or "amusing" but extremely depressing. They are not some well-meaning people experimenting with brand revival, but a bunch of cynical hucksters who will flog the Atari license to literally anybody, no matter how shady or doomed their project is. It'd be much better if Atari was left to R.I.P and remained an industry legend, instead of being feasted on by these ghouls.
  2. MiSTer is great but it's not an original machine. I bought STFM last year, for about 150USD. It's enough for me because it's not my main 16 bit crush (that'd be Amiga) and so I'm fine with using just Gotek on an unexpanded setup. If you're more of casual Atari fan, like me, I'd say this is probably the most reasonable choice. If you go down the more advanced route (STE/UltraSatan/etc) then you'll probably need to spend 2, maybe even 3 times as much.
  3. youxia

    Back to CRT

    Hunting PVMs is not worth the hassle, regardless of the fact that there are zillion scalpers with alert bots set up on all the major sites such as Craiglists, and it's extremely unlikely you will ever get one this way. They also have already been to all the TV studios and done all these tricks which could've worked 5 years ago. Decent consumer sets are free/super cheap and still available all around. The image quality of modern Trinitron, for example, is not that far off from PVM anyway. I actually I find their thicc scanlines a bit intrusive, it works well for text but not for art itself in games.
  4. I wouldn't say that waiting for system on which you could expect to play bigger-than-life franchises such as FF, MGS and Gran Tourismo (plus most likely a heap of new ones) was "idiotic" or "stupid". Not everybody could afford buying consoles on a whim (unlike now, when the demographic has shifted to include more people with incomes).
  5. "Diehard fans" of any platform usually hate at least one other console/microcomputer, it's in their DNA. This phenomena is by no means exclusive to Sega people. As for Sony, die hard fans of anything hate it in general, because it has barged into a well established scene out of nowhere and took over.
  6. Gigabyte Gaming OC. I used a local brand (Silentium PT2) which I bought for my Ryzen 3600. Never used it for the proc because there already was some preapplied new stuff on it, and it seems to be doing fine, for now at least. That Silentium paste is an equivalent of MX-2 I think. I looked up some "paste benchmarks" (lol) beforehand and the difference between the top brands (say MX-2 to top Carbnonaut) was max ~2C.
  7. Right, a "full story", where the main sources are CEO of Wata, the body which profits from the whole "grading" sham, and one of the three buyers (yes, three of them chipped in to buy "shares" in this game...lol). That buyer sits on the board of Wata, which I'm sure is a total coincidence (they said it is so it must be true) 🙃
  8. If you won't open it, you will never know. If you open it, the "value" will plummet. I'm so glad I'm a low-level collector. Gimme any old box, in any shape, and I'm happy all the same (and so is my bank account)
  9. Bought an used GTX 1080Ti for my new PC rig. Under load it was getting 84-91C hot, with fans @100%. Since it's my first proper GPU in years I wasn't sure if it's okay or not. Eventually figured out it isn't (it's super loud, and these cards start to throttle at 84C) and changed the thermal paste. Instantly the temps dropped to ~65C, with fans at 50%. It was a big relief, I was worried that the card is a write-off. Even asked the seller for a total refund, or 20% towards a new cooling block (it was before the paste-changing). Got the 20% Now that I've done it, I can see it is inded a "little"-level tech repair, but beforehand I was a bit panicky since GPUs look kinda complex, and also cost a lot.
  10. Goes to show that platform wars/elitisim were present since the very beginnig I've never owned one (always have been rather scarce in Europe) but it's one of my favourites, a true underappreciated underdog.
  11. People here on AtariAGE probably remember when the word "harassment" actually carried some weight and meant what it meant, but these days... I think "mocking" would be much more appropiate in this case (no pun intended btw). Anyway, an unfunded game with a peanut budget being hailed as an important exclusive fits this ongoing farce perfectly
  12. Hah, for me it's the case with most of these vids. Why do these old farts always feel its necessary to make a "zany" face and channel their inner Pewdepie?
  13. Please, let's not mention Nu-Tari and Amiga in the same sentence. Poor ol' girl had over 2 decades of bad luck and greedy hucksters wanting to take a bite, even if there's very little to scrap over. Last thing its fans need is the VCS clowns to be mixed in (even jokingly).
  14. Pah. Tetris may be marginally better on a controller than joystick (though even that's debatable), but it's not enough of a reason to say computer versions sucked. Especially teh ones where you could redefine keys.
  15. These games are from different generations, but the logic is the same - once you start playing and enjoying the game, you might forget about the gfx differences. Obviously, same-gen games won't be totally different, unlike Demon's Souls PS3 - PS5 for example. But even in case of the same-gen PC-console platform differences, the elements such as textures, draw distance, and a heap of other things are not "micro details" and are easily observable even when a game is in motion. Of course how important it is, or what it's worth in terms of hardware investment, depends on a person. But, if somebody is after visual quality then these are its essential components. And so are the framerates, because what's the point of having high image quality if you can't really see it, unless standing still or moving very slowly?
  16. I agree that in general when you actually play games, and not look at them side by side, you might forget about these differences. But taking it to an extreme, I could say that about playing San Andreas on PS2 vs GTA V on my PC. Both are incredibly fun, and in a way gfx is quite good even on PS2 too. However, there actually is a world of difference between high end PC and a PS4, perhaps most visible when things start to move, vs static display. The framerates matter a lot. Lack of antialiasing and lower quality textures are also quite visible , even from a distance.
  17. All these things, be it hardware or software, might not have "succeeded" on a large scale, but were a fun part of the early scene. And also helped to popularise microcomputers in general. They have also been naturally assimilated - now a silly onboard audio can do advanced voice sythesis and touchscreens owe a lot to the concepts deriving from lightpens/tablets.
  18. Not only "at launch", but many months later. Many people have also forgotten that there were sales and bargain bins in traditional stores as well. The fact that you have to pay same price for a digital edition as you pay for physical (or sometimes even more :D), after decades of whining about brick and mortar mark ups, is an absolute joke. Though, when you consider that the likes of Steam, Google et al now also mark up 30%, maybe not so much. This is why console physical editions are the last bastion of videogame media ownership. The PC lot likes to boast about this platform's "openness", whatever that means, but physical media, and so the second hand market has been all but eradicated there. I actually thought about buying Cyberpunk boxed edition, what with supporting DRM Free (which is, frankly, a meaningless concept now) and all that, only to learn that the "physical" edition will entail a box and a scrap of paper. F-that.
  19. I wonder what's the buyers-to-scalpers ratio here. This really is a modern phenomenon, at least the scale of it.
  20. That's adorable, but people who have developed Retropie seem to be of a different opinion. I suppose it's the same with Hyperspin, a community driven effort which took many years to put together, plus the last I remember is not actually free (used to be behind a forum paywall). If OP really is just looking for 5 systems, which, according to you are so super-easy to install and user friendly (as opposed to "maintenance" (???) requiring frontends) then I'm not sure he needs "customer service". Probably following few guides on the net would do, and save him/her a few hundred bucks to boot. Bit of a contradiction then, but hey, let's not get that (and the fact that my 1st post ITT was actually expressing understanding as to why there might be a market for such services) get in a way of generating some ususal, contrarian "noise", eh?
  21. R-Type on 2600? That could be...interesting But, I guess anythings is possible in the days of "minimalistic demakes".
  22. What's there to explain, really? A casual person, whose experience with PCs is limited to web browsing, etc, will struggle trying to find, install, and understand how to handle a huge amount of emulators, most of which have a daunting amount of options and configs. This might be easy for the likes of you and me, but not for many other people. Frontend packages generally make it easier (with exception fo Retroarch perhaps), not harder, and also have the added bonus of being easy on the eye, what with the flashy vids and all that (hence the popularity of Hyperspin and its ilk). But even for an experienced user it all can be simply quite time consuming. So, some folks prefer to pay and have it all done for them. Therefore it is some sort of service, the problem is with exploiting others' work without permission and often despite explicit warnings, plus charging silly premiums. About the legality of selling Retropie: https://retropie.org.uk/about/legal/ It's not really the point though, I just said it's "shady" in general, even if you can somehow make it "legal", or because you know that nobody can really do anything about it.
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