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  1. anybody have some good simple smooth code for controls that only go left, right, up and down. No diagonal control I've been experimenting but nothing I've done works very well.
  2. By any chance are these tutorials available in a PDF file?
  3. I thought just reversing the Y calculation would work but it doesn't. Even though the playfield is flipped it seems the pfread doesn't flip. So if you have your Player0y at 80, to the Y pfread it thinks it at 2...I think., at least that's what it seems like it's doing. I'll keep playing with it but it's starting to make me pull my hair out.
  4. I've seen this question in past posts but there doesn't seem to be a resolution to the problem. The code I generally use doesn't work and I'm assuming because the playfield is flipped. This works pretty well for standard games but what would the Y calculation be for the multi sprite kernel? if !joy0right then left temp3 = (player0x - 14)/4 : temp4 = (player0y - 6)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then down temp3 = (player0x - 14)/4 : temp4 = (player0y - 1)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then down player0x = player0x + 1 left if !joy0left then down temp3 = (player0x - 18)/4 : temp4 = (player0y - 6)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then down temp3 = (player0x - 18)/4 : temp4 = (player0y - 1)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then down player0x = player0x - 1 down if !joy0down then up temp3 = (player0x - 17)/4 : temp4 = (player0y + 1)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then movedone temp3 = (player0x - 15)/4 : temp4 = (player0y + 1)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then movedone player0y = player0y + 1 up if !joy0up then movedone temp3 = (player0x - 17)/4 : temp4 = (player0y - 7)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then movedone temp3 = (player0x - 15)/4 : temp4 = (player0y - 7)/8 if pfread(temp3, temp4) then movedone player0y = player0y - 1 movedone any ideas?
  5. I had this happen and it turned out to be a bank switch problem. I would go into the correct bank but didn't have the correct return making the game restart.
  6. Sorry, that's what I meant. It's very well done game and a good use of sprites. Must of took forever to get the timing just right. I'm kind of looking for some kind of background to make my games more interesting and I hate programming in Assembly. I'm wondering if there is a way to make the backgrounds in Assembly and import them in to bBasic.
  7. what is the link? I couldn't find it in your profile. Maybe is there a way to do the cool background stuff in Assembly and import it in to bBasic? like the way you can do with minikernels.
  8. Yeah, the way they did Tyre-Trax is pretty crafty using the background colors and multi sprite combo's but it wouldn't work for what I need because I'm going to be using the sprites for the game play
  9. Does anyone know a way to achieve the cool sky backgrounds in batari Basic? like the sunset or mountain backgrounds in some Activision games, and are there any examples out there? I've been experimenting with ideas but the end up using a lot of resources and scanline problems.
  10. cool, I'll check it out. Strange that if you search forums with "sound" this thread doesn't come up until the 4 or 5th page. Should come up almost first.
  11. I've given up trying to make sounds that actually work. Either they don't trigger at the right time or they sound choppy. I've followed the random terrain examples and some others which work until I try to put them into my games. They also seem more complicated than they should Does anyone have simple advice to adding sound? like a good pew, pew when I hit the fire button to maybe explosions that actually work at the right time. I'm really at a dead end when it comes to sound.........and I have a degree in music (lol) aarrgg
  12. What I'm wanting to have is 5 vertical lines spaced out to make 4 tracks along the left side of the screen. I'm planing on using the multi sprite kernel so I can have more than two sprites but I don't want the play field mirrored A missile looks great with a height of 80 or so, it's nice and thin looking. I've tried flickering them but it's really annoying. Just thought maybe someone had a good trick to achieve this
  13. I know using NUSIZ0, NUSIZ1 can give me 2 or 3 copies of a player and missile but is there a way just to make copies of the missile and not the player?
  14. Tried changing graphic settings, general computer settings and running it from a command line with no success.I tried it on another computer I have with XP, does the flicker then the same shut down but 3.9.3 works fine on both. Some small setting must of gotten changed between version 3.9 and version 4. It's working for what I need it to do but I wish I could change the screen stretch. It's like there should be a "choose to fit" option that needs to be turned off but I can't find it. There is a zoom option but it only makes it bigger. My laptop is running a relic Intel Core 2 Duo with a Nvidia GeForce Go 8600M GT, very old but still works great
  15. I decided to use one of my old XP gaming laptops to develop Atari games but I couldn't get any the newer versions of Stella to work on XP with service pak 3. When you launch Stella it flashes a few times then program shuts down. I kind of wonder if it has something to do with the render options? DirectX problem maybe. I went through all the versions and the last version that works is 3.9.3 but for some reason it stretches the game. 3.9.3 works fine for me but is there a way to get the screen to be normal and not stretched in 3.9.3?
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