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  1. It will be nice to go to a mall again and even nicer if there is an Amico there. I have my founders edition and excited to see how this all turns out
  2. I think they will last at least through the next console generation. There is usually a bump in sales when new consoles launch. They will probably continue to reduce number of stores though. If Sears and Kmart can stumble along for the past 15 years, GameStop should last at least 2 more
  3. I hope GameStop is still around when this launches on 10/10/2020. I have trade credit to use up on this
  4. If you go to your order on the retroHQ page it will give you an update on your place in line. Mine when from ~440 to ~360 today
  5. #444! My kids are still on summer break and their camp is over. I took them for a nice nature hike. It was a nice surprise to see this was up for pre-order when I got back.
  6. SainT is truly living up to his username. Your work is greatly appreciated.
  7. Awesome work. Can't wait to see a finished product. Superb. It is much appreciated
  8. My order is in as well. Can't wait to play Tempest the way it was intended to be played
  9. These look great. I will watch for the 3rd batch announcement
  10. Great. I look forward to having an option in the US to spruce up my lynx. Time to sell some things I don't play and invest in the lynx I will play
  11. Thank You SainT. My cart arrived on Monday. Very fast shipping. Tried a few games on it and works well. Cheers!
  12. Thank you, very useful information. I have not started any work on my lynx yet but I will make this my first lynx project.
  13. Thanks for this guide. I am a solder novice and the more detailed the guide the better. I want to work up from smaller projects before attempting the full McWill screen replacement. I want my lynx to be better then brand new when I am done with it.
  14. If you are still offering lynx mod services, please let me know. I am interested in the mcwill upgrade and install along with recapping and New Power MOSFET and Zener along with vGA port installation. Thank you
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