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  1. Thanks again, guys, but no luck. I've cleaned the sensor, checked its alignment, and checked its wiring. It's all good, but the drive still doesn't work. I also checked to make sure all the pins are straight in the port where the ribbon cable connects. Everything looks good. Any other ideas?
  2. Thank you! Maybe I can find another drive with the same sensor and swap them. It's worth a try!
  3. Hello, everyone. I recently acquired a Tandy 1000 TL2, though I don't think the model of the computer is relevant to the problem at hand. That's why I'm posting this in the general computing forum instead of the Tandy forum. The 3.5 floppy drive at first worked a little bit, though inconsistently. It would read a disk, and then you could try again and it wouldn't read the disk. So I took the drive out and cleaned the heads. I also blew the dust out of it and lubricated all the moving parts. When I put it back into the machine, it had a new seemingly worse problem. Now the head immediately advances to the max position instead of starting at the zero position. And when it tries to read a disk, the head just keeps trying to push forward from the max position. Does anyone have an idea of how I broke this thing? It's a proprietary Tandy drive with the power supply built in to the ribbon cable connector. So I can't just go buy another drive off the shelf and install it here. I would really like to get this one working again. I appreciate any help that anyone can give me. Thank you so much. Here's a link to the YouTube video to see it in action:
  4. Very funny! Here's your surfing map. Blue water on the left, white water on the right!
  5. The obstacles leading up to the finish line are different, so I would say that it's not the same map.
  6. Very good idea! It would be a very long poster!
  7. Very funny. I do wonder about the footbag, though. I wonder what happens if you forget about the bag and just walking left or right. I wonder if it ever stops you or gives you new scenery.
  8. Thank you! I didn't know there was anything in the surfing course other than a wave on the right and endless flat ocean on the left.
  9. I haven't seen it, but I don't have that game. I'm sure it's terrific!
  10. Awesome! I was hoping it would end up on your site! It's funny to see it broken up like that. Good idea, though. I like it! And yes, the editing you talked about would be a ton of work! Maybe one day someone will clean it up.
  11. Thanks! Just the act of screenshotting it all and stitching it together to make this image taught me a lot about the track. I doubt I'll ever memorize it, but I know it better now than I did before!
  12. Here's the full-size version: 20,700 x 5,000 pixels.
  13. I saw where someone several years ago (2012 maybe?) said it would be cool to have a map of the BMX track. I thought so too. So I made one. I think it's pretty accurate. It's a big image. Feel free to download it, edit it, share it, distribute it, or disregard it completely. I hope it's useful!
  14. Oh! Perfect. Right, that makes sense. The __fastcall__ line is already defined in stdlib.h, and because of that, I can simply use srand() and rand() in my code, as long as I've included stdlib.h at the top of my file. Karri, thank you for correcting me on this. It's a basic piece of understanding that I was missing completely. I really appreciate your help with this.
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