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  1. Ha! If you procrastinate long enough, you'll often end up not needing to do the work. I was just looking through some Atari 2600 roms, and I found something called "Survival Island" from 1983. I loaded it up in Stella, and sure enough, the first stage of this game has a guy swimming toward an island. He has to dodge sharks and such. It's more or less exactly what I was going to do! So maybe I'll think of a different game to try.
  2. Ok, we have a solution here. I spoke to an electronics engineer at work, and he pointed me to the diode. Saundby, on his instructions page, says that he used an FD333 diode, but he says that a 1N4001 should work fine. So I used a 1N4001. As it turns out, these diodes are not interchangeable. The FD333 has a capacitance (yes, diodes have capacitance - I guess everything does) of 6pF. The 1N4001 has a capacitance of 15pF. My electronics friend explained it to me, something about the added capacitance causing the sync signal to overshoot. I hooked it up to an oscilloscope, and sure enough, the sync, which should ideally be a square wave, was spiking at its peak before settling back down. That was with the 1N4001. With the FD333, there is a smaller spike, and it settles more quickly. And the wiggle is gone from the picture. Point being that you should use the FD333, and even though Saundby's page says that the FD333 isn't common (probably wasn't common back in the day), you can easily get it online now.
  3. I'm finally getting back to this. Trebor, thank you so much for the detailed instructions! I was totally missing the step where you press the right button to switch back and forth between manual control and the instrument panel. Awkward, for sure, but I guess they had to take certain steps due to the limitation of two buttons. Either way, I'm off the ground now and promptly crashing and burning! Thanks again, Trebor. (And Crossbow gets an honorable mention. Thanks, Crossbow!)
  4. Seems like a dumb question, but it also seems like I'm looking a dumb manual. In flight school, it says to start the engine and then "Increase engine rpm to 1200." I got the engine started, but I can't figure out how to increase the rpm. It starts at 200 and stays at 200. And I stay grounded. In the navigation section, it says to "press the left controller button and push the directional control... left to increase engine throttle," but that doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.
  5. I enjoyed working with sixersfan105 in the purchase of two 7800 games. The games were in great condition, just as described, and the price and shipping costs were very good as well. He shipped them quickly and well-packaged. Thank you, sixersfan!
  6. Chris sold me a couple games Pitfall II and Smurf Rescue from Gargamel's Castle. Both the games are in excellent condition, and he priced them very fairly. Thank you, Chris!
  7. Thanks for the support, you guys. Almost makes me want to get back into Basic. Gemintronic, I just tried Uppa Creek! It's fun. Was it done in Basic? I do like the moving water technique. Arenafoot, what's this about your review homebrew book? Are you guys both into Batari Basic? Do you use VisualBB to write it, or do you write it out long-hand? Maybe I should continue with Batari Basic. I just figured at some point I'd hit something that I couldn't do in Batari, and then I'd regret not going with assembly. Thanks.
  8. Arenafoot, in a word, no. I decided that if I'm going to write a game, I might as well go whole-hog and learn assembly, which is what I'm doing now. I'm not sure that I can do what I want to do with this game in Basic. So for now, it's on hole while I educate myself. Thank you for your interest!
  9. Random Terrain, I'm sorry I just saw your post about swimming animation technique. Those are great examples. They should be of good use. Thank you!
  10. Yep, C64. I cut the lead where you indicated, and it fixed Space Shuttle. Thank you, Crossbow! I'm looking forward to digging in and learning how to play Space Shuttle. I did have another Activision game StarMaster that rolled vertically, and the C64 fix did not resolve that one. It still rolls (slowly rolls), but it's not a game I care about so much, so I'm fine with it. Maybe it's a PAL game, as WolfAmongWolves suggested. Thanks again, Crossbow!
  11. I tried Space Shuttle on my flea market 7800, and it works fine. Looking at that board, it does not have the C64 capacitor, so it must be an older model. I think I will cut that capacitor in my good 7800 sometime, though I don't know when I'll get around to it. I'll report back here once that's done. Thank you, Crossbow!
  12. So tell me more about C64... Is this a possible fix for the compatibility issues?
  13. Ok! Now we're getting somewhere. It has nothing to do with the video mod. Space Shuttle has a known rolling problem on some 7800 consoles. I bet I have one of the incompatible 7800's. Almost for sure, that's the problem. Here's the AtariAge link if anyone wants to read it for themselves: http://www.atariage.com/7800/faq/?SystemID=7800#cat3_3 Thanks, Crossbow and WolfAmongWolves! And by the way, Crossbow, I'm still really enjoying the UAV mod. Thank you!
  14. Bingo. It works great on the 2600 but rolls vertically on the modded 7800. (LCD TV) Bummer!
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