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  1. Ißm more than surprised to see, that there are around 90 copies still available ... months after the release. Expected to see the whole bunch gone in a week or so ... completely overestimated the number of Jag nerds out there
  2. I guess you´re right. For Atari would have been better to go safer ways ... e.g. with an updated version of known shooters, like R-Type / R-Type II. The Jag should be easily able to handle the number of sprites and the graphics. Video Games magazine in Germany rated the game in 1994 btw with 25% overall. The article says, that Crescent Galaxy was originally planned as pack-in title for the console. Don´t know if this is true, but I´m happy that this didn´t happend https://www.kultboy.com/index.php?site=t&id=9927
  3. I played Trevor McFur couple of weeks ago and I´m little bit scared ... about myself :/ I remembered the game as absolutely rubbish ... but it wasn´t so absolutely bad anymore? I mean, it´s still a better graphic demonstration than a serious shooter and imo one of the worst Jag games ever ... but anyway ... I felt something like "joy" for a couple of minutes. What´s wrong? Is it because I´m getting old?
  4. Jaysus, lads ... the guy just asked ... no need to be nasty :/ @AndyM1985: I guess, everybody would "appreciate" to get a Jag for 80-90 bucks ... but this is quite unrealistic right now. I see two chances ... save some money for a month or two and grab one on eBay. Cybermorph wont bring you the right "Jag-Feeling" in my opinion ... so look for Doom, Wolfenstein, Raiden, Tempest too ... single cartridges shouldn´t be too expensive and the games are great! Don´t go for If you can´t wait that long, look for emulators in the www ... Good luck, buddy.
  5. No, Sir! I disagree! The best racing game on the Jag is still Speedster II. But it´s a close head-2-head race with Club Drive.
  6. Ordered a game few weeks ago. Fast delivery, nice contact per mail ... good guys.
  7. Shame on me ... nevr played the game, even if I had it for years *rolleyes* . Maybe I should give it a chance ...
  8. What have they tested? The final Beta? Or is the proto the final, full playable version?
  9. I can have a copy from private. Quite expensive, but still less than eBay prices. Its just money.
  10. I e-mailed the producers, but didn´t got any response (as expected). I agree with CJ. It´s a pity, that in a small community like Jag-collectors some people take the chance to buy copies only to make money of it ... but that´s life :/
  11. evisu

    Fallen Angels

    Tried this today the first time ... wow, really fun to play. And the Voxelgraphics are amazing! Thanks for sharing this. Amd yes .. a cart release would be great
  12. evisu

    Atari VCS new

    And that´s exactly what I am afraid of. IF the start is successful, the console will be sold in retail stores as well and I can still buy one. So long i keep the money ... edit: What´s about a Atari Jaguar Mini Classic Console with 20 pre-installed games*? THAT would be great! *Cybermorph, Dino Dudes, Raiden, Iron Soldier 1+2, AvP, Atari Karts, Rayman, Battlesphere, Mutant Penguins, T2k, D2k, Breakout2k, Missile Command 3d, Fight for Life, Kasumi Ninja, Protector, Towers II, Checkered Flag, Doom
  13. evisu

    Atari VCS new

    Was really thinking about to preorder ... but nay ... it´s a great looking console, but just for playing old VCS games and an updated version of T2K I´m not willing to pay that money.
  14. evisu


    Life´s too short
  15. evisu


    Know what you mean ... but honestly: I would prefer much more to play Heretic on the Jag than Supercross 3D or BlackOut. But yeah ... if I really want to play it, I just start DosBox.
  16. MI2 was on 12 disks ... MI1 on just 4.
  17. evisu


    Jesus...sounds like a sad song :/
  18. evisu


    So ... almost 2 years later and no update ... project is officially dead?
  19. Ok, got it ... seem to be a little bit more complicated.
  20. Does the CD ROM have any additional chips or hardware to support the console? Why I am asking is ... if the CD add on is simply a CD drive ... would it be possible to convert an old external PC double speed CD ROM into a Jag CD ROM? Of course a adapter cable (cartridge slot to CD ROM) would be needed ... but if this would be possible, it could be a chance for everybody to play CD games.
  21. I paid 150€, if I remember correctly ... but this was back in 2010 maybe, 4 years before I sold my third Jag-collection (and the CD). I remember, I was absolutely disappointed. Not only by the games ... but this part feels cheap. The button to open the lid, the feeling if you push it in the cartridge slot ... For hardcore Jag fans and collectors the CD might be a useful addition. If you´re a Hover Strike Fan, you get some additional levels in Unconquered Land, you get the better Iron Soldier 2, RPG fans can have Robinsons Requiem, shooter fans get (fingers crossed) Soulstar and Battlemorph.But well ... yeah .. that´s it. The rest are more collector items than good games. There´s no need for an average player to spend this money. Better buy some good carts. And I believe, we are on the top with the prices ... I can´t imagine that the prices for Jag CD´s are going that much higher ... but on the other hand I believe too, that the prices will stay high and flat for a while.
  22. Just voted ... would be happy to pay 40Pounds (or even more) to see Soulstar on Jag.
  23. 1. how many jag cd's were made and sold / around 20.000 as far as I know 2. best / worst selling games / Best selling: Blue Lightning and Vid Grid most probably ... because was for free in the box 3. best / worst games on the system / Best maybe IS2 / Worst quite sure Highlander 4. key stats on the console / --- 5. key trivia and fun facts / There´s no fun fact about this add-on. 6. reasons why it was delayed, reasons why it wasn't successful / Maybe because the Jag itself wasn´t so successful ... 7. personal views / stories on the Jag CD / Had one years ago. But exept a few homebrews and Battlemorph (IS2 is available on cart as well) there´s no reason to have one. And for the homebrews you can use a Skunkboard. (Of course, collectors really NEED a Jag-CD.) 8. views on current ebay prices, what may happen in the future? / The prices at ebay will never stop increasing. In approximately 2 or 3 years the last working Jag-CD will break the 1mUSD mark. Followed by the ProPad for 725.000USD and the Chocolate CD for 716.000USD.
  24. Tell me more about "the cool factor of owning one genuine Atari Jag Pro" ...
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