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  1. Does the knight in the first pic wave a flag to surrender? 🤔
  2. Not much time to play, but I'm currently at 41%. Beaten the "green slime monster boss" this night with my very last piece of life energy left and no missiles. Stupidly enough saved then my game 🤯 Left the save room to grind somewhere health and missiles, but no spiders around. One hit = Game Over. Took me one our, a beer and probably 30 Game Over screens to make my way back to an earlier save room without being hit by something (the one with the spider cave on the left side) to grind stuff. Ready now to go back (means forward).
  3. Got my copy (v1.4) 2 days ago and had some time today for a first test (appr. 1h). This is an absolutely great game (so far). Grafx, Sound, control ... all on an awesome level for a homebrew production. Sure ... it's a Metroidvania clone, but I like the genre. Rooms for improvement: The map would benefit from a higher grade of details. Health restore at the save points would be useful (otherwise I have to look for spiders to grind health).
  4. A space 3d-Shooter? Yes! Like the cockpit with the Commodore Pet looking-like PC in the middle of the dashboard.
  5. Respect Albert for taking the risk and for all the work in the background.
  6. evisu


    That's it ... thanks a lot for the quick help.
  7. My opinion ... still the best platformer on the Jaguar, right after - Rayman - Another World - Flashback - Pitfall - Alice Moms Rescue - Asteroite (not even played it ... but is MUST be better than Bubsy) - Zool 2 - (please insert your future homebrew project here, #1) - (please insert your future homebrew project here, #2) - (please insert your future homebrew project here, #3)
  8. evisu


    Hey guys, struggling a bit. Just wanted to use my Skunk first time since appr 2 years. The Skunk seem to work as it should. Both banks are ok, the uploaded files from long ago working perfectly fine. Since I have two other notebooks than 2 years ago I installed SkunkGUI on my 1.) Microsoft Surface Pro Notebook with Win10 2.) MacBook Pro with OSX 10.13.6 I used three different USB cables. I get the Windows Tone if I turn the Jaguar on ... so the Computer recognize the USB device ... BUT ... I fail to upload files to the banks. I mean, SkungGUI is no rocket science, it worked in the past. Select a file (it's in .jag format) Choose a bank Klick on GO For a split of a second the "Sending File to Skunkboard" window appears, but disappears then immediately. Resetting the Skunk or trying to get the serial number doesn't work either. Have I forgot something? Any additional files which need to be copied somewhere?
  9. Years ago I bought two carts at ebay with Speedster II and Skycopter on it. Today I opened them the first time, just to check how they look inside. I guess they are just self-made carts and not original. Anyway ... here's how the boards look like.
  10. Buy 2 copies ... one unsealed to look at and one unsealed to play with.
  11. Thanks for sharing, @CyranoJ. Very promising so far. The Chinese calendar says that 2022 is the year of the Tiger .... for me it seems that 2022 is more the year of the Jaguar!
  12. The only thing what sells hardware, is great software. The Jaguar had not too much of them. Jag only software as Tempest 2k, Super Burnout, Iron Soldier, Mutant Penguins, Defender 2k, AvP was not enough and came quite late too. For Cannon Fodder, Zool 2, Dragon, Pitfall, Pinball Fantasy or Syndicate (and finally not even Rayman) you don't needed to buy a Jaguar. Club Drive, Supercross 3d, Crescent Galaxy (and imo even Hover Strike) was finally a impudence. I-War or Towers II to weird (or boring). Not even the better 3DO with such great titles as WC3, Super Wing Commander, Road Rash, Need for Speed, FIFA Soccer could had been rescued ... and they had EA Support! Don't get me wrong. I like the Jaguar since I got my first one in 1994. But I was a weird kid too. But in all fairness ... nothing could have saved this console. But the most of us know that anyway.
  13. There are just a few things what could have saved the Jaguar: 1.) Pong 2000. 2.) A Super-Lynx (like the Super Game-Boy) to play Lynx games on the Jaguar. 3.) A Power-Claw (like the Power Glove) to play gems as Supercross 3D or Club Drive not in a better, but different way. 4.) Club Drive 2 - more energy balls, more 5-polygon cats, lower frame rate. 5.) A Super-Jaguar-128X add-on (like the 32X) to boost the 64-bit Jaguar onto the next level, including the commitment of some video game developers to port more 16-bit games (Lemmings?, Lost Vikings?) to the 128X. You can also put the CD-Add On on top of the 128X. 6.) A "Professional Pack", containing a keyboard, mouse, ATARI TOS on cart and monochrome monitor to upgrade the toy to the first 64-bit home computer. 7.) Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy 2. 8.) A SNES adapter, to play SNES games on the Jaguar. Works better with the SNES joypad adapter to use the SNES joypad on the Jaguar too. 9.) Combat 2000 (incl. the classic VCS2600 Combat game). 10.) Genie of the lamp (no, not a video game ... talking about the REAL Genie).
  14. What is a game good for if it sits unused in a box? Hoping for 100$ value increase in the next 3 years? Come on guys ... it's just a game. The box in unsealed anyway. Use your cart, enjoy the game. For playing the ROM, simply use the Genesis, SNES, MS-DOS, Amiga version ...
  15. Thanks for sharing, whenever I would have loved to hear more insights (relationship and support from Atari, facing technical challenges (e.g. the low framerate) etc.). When it comes to the different visors of the Predator. Nice feature in theory, but imo they didn't made any difference in the gameplay. They were no hidden switches, secret ways, invisible items or so which could be seen with a certain visor or so. When I saw the pictures in the German videogame magazines back in the 90s, I was fascinated about the graphics. I bought the game as soon as I could afforded it and had hours of good fun. But the game was even for 1990s standards not perfect. The unavoidable acid puddles after killing Aliens were a pain in the a**, the maps didn't saved progress, turning around the own player took ages. Other details were simply great ... the use of the maintenance tunnels, the sound effects, the graphics itself.
  16. Thanks to @odie_one and the team of Retro-GC
  17. #382 ordered and paid, on the waiting list since 2018 This shows, miracles are rare , but they can happen. So let's pray for another run of Battlesphere :D:D
  18. Go for the CD version (if you own a CD-Drive). Apart from the price one of the best Jaguar games.
  19. Great news ... so finally I have a chance to get a copy for an affordable price.
  20. Thanks for the update. I'm happy to wait for such great titles. With these two games and Asteroite on top, 2022 could become the best year for Jag-Fans since ages ...
  21. Hi @Albert, 2021 is over tomorrow ... so no chance to see Gods and Chaos Engine this year, I guess? Any progress with the conversion? Will they come in 2022?
  22. Awesome news. Gods is really a great platform action game. It´s not easy, but if you learn the patterns... And I loved Chaos Engine on the Amiga. Guess, I have to order them both
  23. Yes, this is a good looking game and definitely a game the Jag library would benefit from. I hope, everything works well on the last mile. Looking forward for the final product.
  24. I´m not native English speaker ... my excuse for everything Thanks for the advise, much appreciated.
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