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  1. I've been very optimistic that NT Mini will be back on stock someday as it's still on their site. it's made with FPGA and not salvaged parts like their previous products.
  2. Hi kevtris, Happy holidays. Do you have any news if analogue will put the NT mini on sale again?
  3. I salute redguy for refusing to get paid for work that he seems to have achieved and donate it to charity. A real class act. Thanks for your contributions.
  4. I believe that's one of the reasons why super NT is cheaper than the NT mini. What I mentioned is just a possible solution if you want to connect a 32x on an FPGA Genesis. I do believe Kevin can implement 32x functions on an FPGA Genesis though. He just needs to collaborate with the creators/programmers of the 32x emulators like with Byuu. The transparent one was officially discontinued by Analogue last May.
  5. The Genesis, 32x, Sega CD combo is just complex. That's why I'm eager to see a Sega Neptune prototype someday. Sega Pluto, whether it's true or not, did show up. One solution regarding that is to put the same analog ports from the original Genesis 1 or 2 to the FPGA but I don't think that will happen. No way to output it in digital unless the 32x gets a HDMI mod. All of this is still complicated.
  6. We wouldn't have those issues with the 32x if the Sega Neptune was released. I hope somewhere, someone has the prototype waiting to be revealed just like with the SNES Playstation prototype. Lend it to Kevin and have him reverse engineer it. I haven't read anything about the Neptune being able to connect with the Sega CD though. Next best thing is probably a high end everdrive with super SD system 3 and sd2snes capabilities that can run 32x or Sega CD ISOs.
  7. Sorry, this came out different than what I supposed to say. He didn't mention that the Sega CD and Saturn were not possible with current technology. I believe it's just hard to simulate on an FPGA hardware.
  8. If all connections are present on the FPGA Genesis, it could be possible but Sega CD audio will be separate if the main unit is using HDMI.
  9. I don't see any company selling an FPGA console with CDROM in the near future although kevtris mentioned that the PS1 is possible with current technology unlike Sega CD and Sega Saturn.
  10. Kevtris did say that this is a great product but the only problem is it's incomplete.
  11. I think it's safe to say it's a Sega Genesis/Mega drive FPGA clone since the Genesis mini will be available sion. I think it will have all the features of the super NT except for the dual slot though.
  12. Thanks for the info. I hope someone creates a dedicated PC Engine/TG16 FPGA too
  13. Is the PC Engine core on Mist and Mister FPGA run CDROM games?
  14. We all know our NES, SNES, Genesis are built to last. I'm not saying there aren't any issues but if something failed, we can have it repaired. Just in case it's unrepairable, there's a lot of those devices out there. Just how long programmed data on an FPGA last? Only FPGA programmers would know. It's a scary thought that if your NT mini dies and there's no aftermarket support, your replacement would cost twice on eBay.
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