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  1. If the Nt Mini Noir didn't came out I'll probably be interested. Not at this point.
  2. @kevtris I hope Analogue gives all the help you need on the technical side. We are also hope there's new products down the pipeline as I'm one of those who is hoping to get an FPGA Neo Geo. I know there's a MISTER but I want a Neo Geo FPGA with cartridge slot, DB15 controller port, HDMI out and zero lag. BTW, Thanks again kevtris for these wonderful FPGA products. I technically have every FPGA system you've created at this point. I'm just waiting for my NT mini Noir to arrive at my doorstep
  3. @Sneakyturtleegg so does this mean that game-tech will not be selling these anymore? IMO Kevtris should have a back up plan for his products and support as working for a company is not gonna be forever. @CZroe if he promised to fix those, I hope he does. I don't have a hidefnes so I don't know it's problems compared to the NT mini @blzmarcel right. Kevtris won't be able to do everything by himself. Working on new products and fixing issues with current products. Analogue has 3 products with old fw by now. I also find it weird when someone complains to Analogue and their support tells them that our engineers are working on it while always believe there's only 1 guy (Kevtris) working on it.
  4. @low_budget how about the super 8? are you planning a new revision as well? I like the small design and probably a lot will be interested if there's an option to easily slot a hidef nes PCB. I know I will be getting one
  5. When was the last time the hidefnes was updated? Has anyone tried to use the DAc with it though?
  6. @low_budget is it possible for you to also release pcb for NES top loader and Famicom as well?
  7. Yes. Neo Geo CMVS was Analogue’s first product which is basically the arcade version so here’s hoping we get an FPGA version.
  8. Kevin repeatedly stated before that he wanted to do Neo Geo. I hope that Analogue will give him the opportunity if your speculation is true.
  9. Agreed. The 8bitdo M30 is the modern successor of it.
  10. Good news for everybody. Especially to those who haven't decided to pre order.
  11. PC Engine or Neo Geo MVS FPGA would be great but I hope the CD-ROM is removable. It's always the first thing that would fail.
  12. I will not argue that they reissued the NT mini because of the petition. It took a year for Analogue to release the cartridge adapters / DAC and both products have problems like the game gear v1.0 adapter issue and DAC not providing signal to some of the Analogue consoles. Now this is just a speculation and are probably refining the Pocket to avoid any technical issues. While doing that, they needed a product out now to get profits and since the NT mini has been in demand for a few years, it's a no brainer.
  13. It's really hard to comment on the argument on interpolation but if the NOIR has it then it's great. I say that because each of us grew up with different analog CRTs. Each of us think that the CRT we own back then is 100% accurate. The problem with the original NT mini is with the 1080p resolution on HDMI. There is a 4.5x option. If you choose this option, there's uneven pixel size which causes shimmering on the vertical axis. To prevent shimmering and to be close with the 4:3 aspect ratio, MILG's NT mini video recommends a height of 5x and width of 6x. As also mentioned in the same episode it's slightly fatter than their PVM's ratio. If you're one of those people who wanted to use the exact width as what they remember their CRT's with, will be disappointed with the shimmering effect. Interpolation is the best option for those who will choose a non-integer scale height and width. Same argument could be said on the other features like color palette. Different brands display color differently. SMB1's sky on the Sony TVs are bright blue (also mentioned on MILG's episode). I grew up with a Sony Trinitron CRT and I'll be looking for that blue sky when I get the NOIR. It's a good thing that color palette option was included in the original NT mini and I believe the NOIR will retain that feature.
  14. I have no problem with this. I would probably buy the cheaper one for the living room and the other one for the game room.
  15. I'm one of those who voted to re-release the NT mini in change.org. I love the features of the Super NT (filters, 1080p resolution, use of real carts etc) and I would like to get it with the NES/famicom platform and pre-ordered the NOIR. I'm not complaining about the price either but a lot of people here wanted a 200USD equivalent price as well.
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