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  1. Now this is exactly the weird sort of thing I can get behind. Might be interested in making some games on this thing...
  2. Honestly, I'm just surprised it was kept up for this long. I never owned an Ouya, but I did get the chance to try one a couple of years ago. The controller was awful, and I personally think it's one of the worst first-party gamepads ever. Granted, you could use a different controller, so that was the least of the system's problems.... Maybe if Ouya hadn't tried to tout itself as "the next big thing" it would've gone a whole lot better.
  3. Fantastic port of the original game. Well done!
  4. Yup, it's about what I expected. I still think game streaming isn't really a viable thing to chase after right now, considering latency and other factors. Also, there's a controller that connects via WiFi... all I can say is "why?"
  5. Well, today's the day the thing's slated to be announced. Frankly, I'm not certain that Google will find much success here. Making a game console generally requires a pretty large commitment that Google rarely demonstrates with their products. Game streaming probably won't pick up much steam unless internet latency gets much better. Ultimately, though, a system lives and dies based off of the games it has. They already have a couple of big name publishers on board (Ubisoft, Sega), though to what extent they're supporting the system is yet to be seen. I doubt Google themselves are making games for it, given their only game-related output has been a bunch of Google Doodles...
  6. Hi all, In light of the recent nomination, I have updated the game to utilize the correct amount of scanlines. Consider this the "not quite game of the year" edition
  7. Admittedly I kinda rushed the video out. Next time I'll try to lower the volume of the game so you can hear the commentary more clearly. As for the Retron 77, essentially they approached me asking to add the game to the system, asked me to change the graphics/name to avoid copyright, which resulted in Pepper Penguin, which is the same game aside from graphical changes.
  8. I want to say that the eShop still has all of the DSiWare games, though it's been a while since I've checked...
  9. So I believe this game's gotten some renewed interest due to it's nomination for best Atari 2600 homebrew of 2018. As a part of the occasion, I've recorded a new commentary for the game. While I still think that it's a decent effort for one of my first games, be warned that I am rather critical of it.
  10. Hi all, apologies for the lack of updates as of late. I've just gone back to college for my next semester and I've been a little busy. Anyways, version 2.5 is out, which fixes a bug that sometimes caused a block to "jump" to the bottom of the screen once it touched the quicksand. Additionally, a PAL60 version is now available.
  11. The ceiling kill was actually an unintended side effect of the fact that you died when you went below the quicksand (integer overflow). It's been removed in the most recent version, though stacking the blocks up really high is still dangerous since the blocks come down faster and you have less time to react. Granted, it's still possible to crush yourself against the ceiling if you manage to get a coin near the very top...
  12. Version 2.4 is out. This version shows the high score on the title screen instead of the most recent score, and patches a few bugs.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions! I'll definitely add the high score suggestion. As for the "rising up" idea, that's actually a pretty good idea. The ceiling killing you is actually an unintentional oversight due to integer overflow, though the rising blocks would still be tricky in that case, since you'll have less time to react to the blocks. And yes, the coin does in fact trigger the blocks rising.
  14. Hi everyone, Version 2.3 is out. This one rebalances the game a bit so that the game ramps up a bit slower and the maximum speed is a little more manageable. Also fixes a bug where the game just craps itself when the blocks get to the top. As for a PAL version, I definitely want to get one made! Unlike Balloon Trip I actually bothered to make constant values for each of the colors, so all it would take is changing the constant values and compiling that to make a PAL60 version.
  15. Hi everyone, Version 2 is out! This one adds a brand new feature, coins. When a coin is collected, a new row of blocks appears at the bottom of the screen, and you get 100 points. Others things changed in this version include.... New startup music (as an aside, I've used the previous "charge" in two games now, aside from this one. I really should have thought about changing this to being with.) Fixed a bug where sometimes you would instantly gain 100 points upon startup Fixed a bug where an extra block would sometimes appear on startup Fixed an audio bug that played audio on startup if sound was in the middle of playing when you lost Made some animation tweaks. Fixed a bug where the game locked the block into the grid and gave you points for jumping on top of it if you did so the frame before it locked in. Fixed a bug where the score counter didn't carry digits correctly. I honestly can't believe I didn't notice this one sooner. EDIT: How embarrassing, I've already found a bug related to the coins! If you collect a coin and then die within the next eight frames, the next game will start with the extra row popping up the rest of the way. I've gone ahead and uploaded a fix. EDIT 2: Fixed another bug where collisions at the VERY bottom of the screen didn't work correctly.
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