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  1. Did something happen? I wasn't able to tune in. EDIT: nevermind, posted before seeing everything else. I'll need to investigate this further, but it seems like there might have been some foul play in the voting. I'll admit that I have used my twitter account in the past to encourage friends to vote for my games, so I guess I'll refrain from doing that in future competitions so it doesn't get out of hand like it seems to have here...
  2. Ultimately it's just a desire to move on to new things, really. Perhaps it's selfish, but I'll probably return to this someday when the time is right...
  3. Ultimately I think I just incorrectly judged how most people would be playing the game. While I was testing I tended to play the game pretty fast; I tended to run out of blocks to stand on pretty quickly, hence why the coin was added. Judging from the gameplay I've seen from others, most people play pretty differently, preferring NOT to destroy many blocks. The issue here is that it takes forever for the game to speed up if you play it like this. If I were to do the game over again I would've tied the speed up to the number of blocks that fell rather than the score. The "speed up" in general is also pretty jarring... Balloon Trip also has this issue, but I wish I was more patient with the code so I could've made the difficulty curve more gradual...
  4. Wow, can't believe I completely missed this one... I'm sure some people are wondering what the heck happened since the last update, but to be perfectly blunt I can't help but feel a little disillusioned looking back at this game. I feel like I made the primary mechanic a little too esoteric, and the difficulty curve is really bad. I'm not sure if I'll ever go back and try to fix some of these problems, since I'd rather explore new ideas at the moment... if nothing else, it served as a valuable experience in game design.
  5. My trampoline web game, now titled "Bounce Canyon," is now available



    1. jd_1138


      It's fun and challenging.  I spent 15 minutes playing -- would play longer but I have errands to run.  

  6. update on that weird trampoline game...



    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. bluswimmer


      That's certainly a thought! I probably won't do it myself since I have no means to test it, but if anyone wants to give it a shot, I wouldn't mind.

    3. sramirez2008


      That's pretty cool.  Now I need a Vectrex😉

    4. Arenafoot


      I got mine! but no multi-cart for it though......

  7. Someone earlier in the thread mentioned the Jakks Pacific plug and play systems as being the "last hope" for Atari collecting- funnily enough, that's exactly where I was first exposed to 2600 games as a child. I'm 20 now, and I absolutely believe the system has some value; I don't think I would've started making homebrew if I felt otherwise. I feel like people I know tend to dismiss the more arcade-like games that the 2600 tends to offer. I've even seen early NES games, like Balloon Fight or Donkey Kong, get dismissed as repetitive. Given that these sorts of games make up a large portion of the pre-Nintendo library, I suppose they just don't see much value in collecting them.
  8. working on some weird web game involving trampolines.



    1. Stephen


      That's neat - what are you coding that in?

    2. bluswimmer
  9. Very impressed by this. There's a lot of moving objects on the screen for a 2600 game. Plus, there's music too! Given that some of the rocks move extremely fast, maybe allow the player to move faster by holding down the fire button?
  10. Weirdest one by far would be this bug in Tumble Temple. When a block falls onto the one of the towers spanning the height of the screen, the whole screen freaks out and you lose instantly. Upon looking at the code after the livestream, apparently I had forgotten to check the bounds of the playfield array in RAM, so it overwrote other parts of RAM. While not entirely related to the subject at hand, both Tumble Temple and Cannonhead Clash have a couple of bug-turned-features. In Tumble Temple, the ability to run across one-wide gaps was not originally intended, it was just a quirk of how gravity was handled. Cannonhead Clash has the implementation of the fireworks, specifically its sound. Originally I was going to use the shoot sound effect for the sound, but what I got was a mix of the shoot and charge sounds. I liked it, so I kept the sound; that didn't stop me from accidentally patching it, and then having to reimplement the bug...
  11. The PAL60 and SECAM60 versions of Balloon Trip are finally here. Should've done this to begin with, but better late than never I suppose. balloontripPAL60.bin balloontripSECAM60.bin
  12. I didn't make a PAL version of Balloon Trip. Unfortunately this game was made before I had the sense to use constants for my color values. I'm currently pretty busy with school right now, but I'll see if I can make a PAL version soon. Frankly, it's long overdue...
  13. This sucks. My condolences go out to those who are affected. Hopefully this is dealt with quickly...
  14. My biggest concern with making a 2600 styled game for a modern platform is that the graphics would come off as lazy, even if that's not the intention. Pixel art has a pretty low barrier to entry nowadays; all you need to get started is MS Paint, really. Of course, making GOOD pixel art is a completely different story. Given the large influx of pixel art games in recent years, the art needs to really stand out if it wants to be noticed.
  15. Hi all, Today brings another bugfix. I've had this one lined up since before PRGE, but since I wanted the version playable at the expo to be the same as the one online, I've held it back until now. Anyways, this update fixes a bug where, if the player is charging for a shot while the victory animation is playing, the charge sound is heard during the fireworks. All three versions (NTSC, PAL60, SECAM60) are in the zip file below. cannonheadclashV4.2.zip
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