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  1. Yeah, it captures in the original in the broad strokes but is a very different game. Guess I could see why fans of the original wouldn't enjoy that. No accounting for taste, I suppose...
  2. I hold the exact opposite opinion- I find the original Metroid to be a frustrating slog, while Zero Mission is a much more tightly designed game. Granted, I didn't try to 100% it; I think one of the shinespark puzzles has a three frame window? Sure as heck not doing that. Also, I liked the suitless sequence, fight me. Regarding the others- - I actually like Metroid 2 quite a bit, more than most. Game's kinda repetitive with all the Metroid killing and occasional grinding for health/missiles, though I enjoy the game's oppressive atmosphere. If you're not a fan and would prefer the remakes I'd recommend going for AM2R over Samus Returns; Samus Returns really messes up the original game's ending. - Super is great, but you already know that. - Fusion is fantastic, but know going in that it's a much more linear experience.
  3. To be honest when I saw this it took a moment for me to register this as real. Could they really be making another huge acquisition after the Bethesda deal less than a year ago? The answer was yes, I suppose. Putting my feelings about Kotick and the company's culture aside, frankly I'm pretty indifferent since I don't play any Activision games beyond their 2600 library. I feel like most of their major titles are going to remain multiplatform, like Minecraft. It seems like the deal isn't going to close until June 2023, and Activision will remain independent until then. I'm in full agreement that they need to get Kotick out of there as soon as they can, though even with him gone it's going to take a lot to address the major issues with the company.
  4. Metaverse this, crypto that, it all just seems like buzzwords companies use to suck clueless investors in. My gut tells me all this NFT stuff is a fad, especially since there's so many people who are vehemently against this stuff.
  5. Haven't beaten the demo yet, but I am genuinely impressed by the sprite animations here (especially the teleport)!
  6. Some interesting suggestions. For now the game will probably stay as-is, since I'm not particularly motivated to update it further. Maybe some day if I get an itch to go back to it...
  7. I don't think we ever interacted, but even the loss of someone you knew only tangentially is a lot to process... May he rest in peace.
  8. Hi Everyone! Attached below are three ROMs of mine that have not been given a wide release, but are in a (mostly) playable state. Don't get too excited; most of this is just alternate versions of stuff I've released before. The first is "Pepper Penguin", an alternate version of Bird and Beans I created for the Retron 77. In order to sidestep potential copyright concerns, the bird was recolored into a blue penguin standing on an ice platform, and you collect peppers instead of beans. This is pretty much just a graphics swap; the game plays identically otherwise. Note that the scanline count has been changed so that it displays properly on a real console; the game is identical to its original release otherwise. The second is "PRGE Trip", an alternate version of Balloon Trip made for PRGE 2018, though I can't actually verify if this was at the show that year since I didn't attend. The basic gameplay is the same, but the balloons are replaced with letters. Collecting the letters "P R G E" in that order awards bonus points. The final one is just simply titled "Disc Game". This game uses the driving controller. You play as the black dot, and the goal of the game is to rotate to avoid the various discs. This was originally made earlier this year, but I wasn't very confident in the game, so I never ended up releasing it until now. Maybe I'll get back to making a proper game one of these days... oh well. pepperpenguin.bin prgetrip.bin discgame.bin
  9. I'd imagine it's owned by the new Atari; I think the brand was briefly revived during the whole VCS debacle, but don't quote me on that.
  10. Some puzzles, maybe? Granted I don't imagine it would get much more complicated than inputting a code you get from scanning. Given score submissions, I do have to wonder how you'd get around people scanning someone else's code. It looks like Circus Convoy is using the cartridge id as a way to verify this, but that's not a luxury most of us have access to. Edit, just hit me that this could potentially used to hide information from another player in multiplayer games. Could open up some interesting avenues for design, I suppose.
  11. Most likely scenario is that you're probably miscalculating the pointer offset in your kernel.
  12. Impressive! This is a very polished port. Appreciate how the game has hints for which pieces to be moved; that wasn't a detail I expected to be present.
  13. I doubt it sold much, given that it came out in Japan the same year as the Famicom. By the time the Famicom was out, the 2800 looked laughably dated by comparison.
  14. Well, I don't necessarily think that pointing out some unfortunate implications in a piece of media should necessarily mean that you're not allowed to enjoy it. I love the Super Mario games to death, yet when someone points out its over-reliance on the damsel in distress trope I can't really disagree with them. Obviously, everyone's worldview is different, and you can't really account for everyone's tastes when creating a new game. Heck, deliberately avoiding sensitive material is a statement in of itself, and trying to target everyone at once is probably just going to make your game dead on arrival. My own games are made to appeal to my own tastes, and I acknowledge that it may be a turn off for some. However, that may also win over new players, who may have been turned off by similar games that came before it. Ultimately, this subject is entirely subjective; what I deem as "problematic" may be seen as acceptable by another. In my view, articles like these help drive new art and push the medium forward.
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