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  1. Much appreciated thank you Al
  2. Hi Albert. I never got any bill or invoice. I’ve check and checked my spam filter. I was part of the original post.
  3. I’ve searched my spam and my in box and not gotten a single invoice. Sorry to bother you about this Albert, if you sent it out is there another way to get an invoice.
  4. Hi Albert, I would like to be included in the list to purchase the another world Jaguar game in bulk shipping and a combined order.
  5. Hi Albert, I would like to be included in any bulk shipping for Another World Jaguar. Please let me know how to be included. Thank you Mike
  6. Interested how can I purchase interested. How can I purchase
  7. Highly interested! please include me in a preorder if possible
  8. I think it looks awesome. Playing the circus atari would be great. Sign me up I need this game
  9. Any word when the Jag SD cart is shipping to the US customers
  10. Any word when the JagSD cart is coming. I’ve been at position 415 for several months. I know the UK orders when out first. Please don’t forget your friends and supporters from across the pond!
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