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  1. Weird coincidence.. I tried a different arm position a couple of months ago, needs more work on the lettering and background, but I have no intention to finish this, just a quick job to see how it looks.. <-
  2. well, there is still the task of finishing the sprite frames.. copying and pasting from the BBC takes time 😉
  3. Wow I rarely comment here, but this is too much.. you didn't notice that the sprites are redrawn from scratch, yet you are able to dissect any insignificant detail ! you must be some special kind of a rain-man !! I'm hard pressed not to abandon the project, as I have already invested 2 years of my life.. So why don't you step back, shut up and enjoy the free game ?
  4. There is always the option to go for a crisp monochrome title screen.. actually various shades of one color ! If I manage to finish at least 2 of my on-going projects, I might try it.
  5. mmmm.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ..who knows
  6. I'm currently in the middle of fine tuning ALL character frames in PoP.. the changes are crucial for me, but I feel that many will see them but few will notice them.. so it's very encouraging to know that my work is noticed and appreciated ! 🤘😃 Back on topic now.
  7. It will be more of a gradual reveal 😉.. keep posted !!
  8. 😃 yeah, for my defense, the injured prince is mainly a recolored BBC sprite (left)
  9. wow after this embarrassing display, let me introduce the umpteenth revision..
  10. Yeah screw AW.. for me arcade is king, so after this laborious project is done, I'd like to treat myself with some sweet arcade sprites ! we'll talk.
  11. I love this game too, I'd be happy to contribute in a joint effort 🤘
  12. Me too.. actually I used my CX40 sticks on all my gaming machines up to the Amiga 😃 2600 -> Spectrum -> Atari XL -> C64 -> Amiga I had a very hard time adjusting to gamepads when I recently came back to classic gaming..
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