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  1. work in progress gifs, getting there.. remember in game they animate lightning fast.. I have slow them down to human level ! I'm finally satisfied with the (chunky) strike frame, squint and you will see it too 😯
  2. ..and my take at the moment (bottom row) 🙃 It's pretty tough to give him character with so little.. still working on him, he is already much better than my first tries, I really want to improve the 5th frame (double wide pixels), but there is not a lot I can do to fix that 🤨
  3. Did you know that the ninja in our version is missing 2 frames from the c64 version ? plus he is 2 or 3 pixels taller. On the other hand I have 2 less to draw.. so yeah 😀
  4. thanks for the encouragement guys !!
  5. Hey guys, after numerous redesigns, I have a fully hacked Yamo in game ! (no 2 player jumping and climbing yet) enjoy some chubby action 😀 Bruce Lee (almost all Yamo17).xex
  6. hmm I haven't spotted the jump frame yet..
  7. you are right.. I totally forgot about the belts/waterfalls ! ..more frames to draw then
  8. Full set of Yamo's frames are finally done and complied with the original limitations.. that was a tight fit ! It's the bottom row obviously (I spare you the dozens of in-between tries) Please note that frames 3, 8 and 10 (counting from the left) are double wide pixels for the green layer. A couple of questions: Do villains ever climb the ladders ? or this happens only in c64 version ? I think I found unused frames for climbing !?!? Does Yamo had a separate leg swipe move ? or he uses the same as the knock down one ? OK, move on to the ninja guy 😀
  9. Hey, still struggling with Yamo's frames, trying to work around the limitations. Another problem crept in when I inserted Yamo's running animation and see it for the first time in game.. it was a terrible jerky mess. After much cursing and hair pulling I figured it out, The ultra fast animation combined with up/down motion caused the jerkiness. So I had to sacrifice his 'bounce', for a smooth run 😟
  10. ok good news: Yamo's frames are done, bad news: it seems the black layer doesn't cover the whole sprite.. that means most of the frames don't work as intended 😬 no big deal, I have to redraw everything.. AAAAAAAAAARG
  11. Yamo comparison sheet, getting there..
  12. of course I'm in 🙂, for sprite design only !
  13. oh man.. double wide pixels are the devil 🤬 nevertheless squatting (will replace standing) and punching frames are done !
  14. OK Yamo's run/kick sequence, pretty much complete ! I love him 😀 Little tweaks left to do, but I'll have to wait to see all the sequences together and then I'll give them a final tune up. Moving along..
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