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  1. You have to subtract USA and Sweden outposts that got wiped out by the Thing !
  2. I guess there is a technical reason for the seal to be so 'thin' ? it could use some fattening
  3. Tried homesoft just now, same thing.. To be honest, I haven't played the game normally, I can't reach that far... all test have been done with: Altirra, warp speed, no collisions
  4. the one from Atarimania, set Altirra to warp speed with collisions off, it crashes after the second craft..
  5. Hey guys, I wonder if anyone has more info regarding Xevious.. I have recently investigating it for a possible makeover, but every version I (and a friend of mine) tried seemed to be bugged.. The game crashes every time, when it gets to the spaceship for the second time.. (even the 5200 version). We only tried it on emulator, so have you noticed this behavior on real hardware or emu ? or even better do you know of a rock solid version ?
  6. Hey man, do you you have a more 'complete' version that plays from start to finish ?
  7. Hey @Cafeman big fun of Adventure here ! Excellent job on the sequel !! I wish I was here when you hold the competition for the hero avatars I always imagined the square to be a chubby knight I guess it's too late now..
  8. Hey guys ! has any of you ever found a reliable way to emulate 'Body Harvest' ??
  9. what is left to do ?
  10. Yeah, I understand what you are saying.. I was thinking that since it's a 2 players control panel, and a second player is usually hard to come by I am going to convert the right joystick to rotary.. just because I love Ikari warriors
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