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  1. ..not really, I may give it another try now that it's in a easyflash format (No disk swapping, zero loading times) Regarding the port, it would be really cool if we turned this into a full on Aliens game ! Sprite-wise with a little effort we could have Ripley running around blasting Giger's aliens. Of course this means re-scripting the text parts and cut scenes too..
  2. A couple of months ago, I played around with Sparklers title screen, I have reduced it to 6 colors and micro tweaked it, maybe it will be easier for rasta to handle it.. edit: wrong file
  3. @Cafeman no problem man.. just kidding !
  4. Hey ! Project Firestart, I loved this game on my c64, hated the multi-load though..
  5. No offense taken, I was just a little disappointed as it happened to me before.. Thanks for replying and clear things out.
  6. Great work all around @cmadruga @Rev and co, but.. ..I find it a little uncool not giving credit to the graphic artist 👎
  7. As it turns out, the girl snokie is made with square pixels so my original drawing is severely distorted.. ..back to the drawing board 🙄
  8. Hey I forgot about this completely.. Yeah that seems about right, snokie is 10 pixels wide !
  9. Bruce Lee - Return Of Fury 😉
  10. Hello @Gunstar, of course the guys are free to use my sprite set for ROF if they wish ! I guess you already know that @dmx used my sprites for a special edition of ROF (November 2019) for the C64.
  11. If you go back (last year) to my first post -> https://atariage.com/forums/topic/292146-panama-joe-face-lift/
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