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  1. Haven't touch Atari emulation (Atari800) on pi for a while.. last I remember a constant 'hissing' sound in all games, another problem was that A8 and 5200 shared the same configuration, with all kind of problems occurring because of this. Any idea if these problems persist ?
  2. Hey @doctorclu , Thank you 👍
  3. Shao-lin's Road or Kicker ? The Legend of Kage ?
  4. eggplant 8x8 stretched x4 vertically and x2 horizontally
  5. How about some animation (4 frames)? I guess I can draw a "better" eggplant if you give me the dimensions and pixel shape..
  6. Awesome work on the controllers, and an amazingly clean basement 😄 I'm trying for the last couple of months to get a pair of ls-30 joysticks or alternatives (for some SNK game goodness), but they seem to have vanished from everywhere ☹️ Can you point me to the right direction ?
  7. Hey @Bobo Cujo, @kiwilove, I don't know if you are still willing to update the game, but a couple of months ago I came up with an alternate chopper sprite and forgot about it.. I kept the same dimensions and frames (except I made it 1 pixel thinner). so I leave it here in case it's of any use 👍
  8. better ! now try dithering the burger
  9. Hey man, great work 👍 I can help in the sprite department if you are still interested ! PM me if you like the sample.
  10. Only one "character" really made an impact on me or
  11. Hey @zbyti, great job ! I love the star-field effect, it wet my appetite for a shoot 'em up.. maybe I'll draw some spacecrafts just in case 😃
  12. Yeah, that's pretty much it ! Images are freely distributed though, head over at arcadepunks, download an image from their huge collection, write it to your sd card with Win32 Disk Imager, and you are ready to go 🤘
  13. Cute and fun game !! I love your moles 😜 keyboard controllers ordered, great job ! As for the 2 player game, why not each player have his own field ? with the same moles appearing in both to be fair !
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