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  1. The disk are 360kb OS-9 Level 2 and I do have 161kb too. And the drive is DSDD drive to.
  2. I understand there was a patch for the FD-502 Controller to Read and Write to the FD-502 Double Sided Floppy Drive. Has anyone else heard or seen it? If so do you care to share it? I want it run or use OS-9 Level 2 and the *.dsk files are 360kb Floppy Disk.
  3. I now have a Coco 3, Mini MPI, Coco SDC, FD-502 Floppy Drive Setup and 2 JoySticks. Later I will get 512 Memory. I had this same setup in 1986 @71 I wanted to get it back and I am on my way getting it. I am looking for another FD-502 Floppy Drive only to add another drive so I will have 2.
  4. Where can I get heat sink at for the 40 pins at. What do the heat sink look like?
  5. I could always run the fan from it's own power supply but only turn fan on when need to. And put the fan on the outside at the power supply if it is the hot spot.
  6. If it all about speed and graphics then you better stay with a PC and pay Microsoft. Then you can do what you want. That Computer was made 30 to 35 years ago and at that time PC wasn't much better.
  7. Why I ask you don't remember what the games look like for the Atari 2600 they were about the same as the Color Computer in the same time 1980. I forgot I own a Commodore Vic 20 and if I remember the games look the same to. I do remember because I am 70 years old and I own all 3 system. And I own a Color Computer 2 before and I bought another one 2 weeks it ago. If you say why it has OS9.
  8. I just receive the 26-3027 a few weeks ago but I'm looking for a game on a Rom Pak to test my Coco2. If it gets to warm or hot then I will find a small fan and install it inside the Coco2.
  9. My eyes are not very good anymore so if you can tell what I am looking for. My Coco 2 is a 16k model 26-3027 as far as I know it was sold in the USA. If it mean anything my 6847 chip is U8. I don't have a PAL schematics
  10. Who are you talking to, if me I don't know. How can I tell what it is?
  11. Where is this item at and what is the price? Will the games come pre install? If so can I delete the and install what I need? I will be getting a CocoVGA and Coco SDC as soon as I can. I am new but I had a Coco2 35 years ago @ 70 I wanted to get back in to it. I have a Coco2 26-3027 16k and I will be upgrading it to 64k this Weekend and it has Extended Basic 1.1.
  12. Hi, My last Coco I had was a Coco3 about 30 years ago. It was a Coco3 with 512k and a Color Monitor CM-8 and I had the Multi-Pak Interface and the Dual Floppy Disk Drive and Controller plus a lot of software. If I can I will get another one. Right now I just receive a Coco2 with 16k and I will upgrade it 64k soon. I need a Game Cartridges or 2 to have something to do. Thank you Jack
  13. I need Cartridge door with Cartridge spring and 2 Screw, #6-19 x 3/4" (Case) so if you have a Coco that don't work and you want to sell those parts send me a PM or leave me a message the cost and shipping. That way my Coco2 will be complete. I don't use Facebook at all.
  14. I found this for the Coco2 it is CoCo2 Composite and Sound board. It looks easy to install and it is $30.00 http://www.cocowares.com/item.php?nombre=CoCo2%20Composite%20and%20Sound%20board
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