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  1. Nicely put Absolutely everyone should define their own collection. We collectors are a strange breed. My collection, for me needs to be CIB. I have no idea why and I have nothing against collecting carts only. I was after a manual for a game that was complete except for the manual. No one would ever know my collection was complete except for 1 manual but me, but still I HAD, to find the missing manual. Why??? We do I think, measure our collections against others in the community. This is not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, that is part of what's spurred me on and keep adding. Why else do we post pickup posts on FB groups. It matters what others think especially from within our community. I'm aiming for what is probably an unattainable goal of 125 CIB. I will count the new release of Spiker but will never stop my goal of finding the first edition, if you will. I'm not sure anyone is arguing here as such, just trying to put opinions across. At the end of the day, it does matter what others think about your collection but no where near as much as what you think about it and you certainly shouldn't let what others think take away any of the enjoyment you get from it. I don't think anyone here would want that. This isn't that sort of forum. Much nicer than that here
  2. My point was that a cartridge port add on that dumps roms is doing just that, dumping a rom into memory to play via emulation. I didn't say that was a good or bad thing.
  3. A cartridge dumper would allow the rom to be ripped from carts but would still be emulation. I can't wait for Amico, playing new games and or reimagined intellivision games on it. I don't see it as a replacement for my Intellivision.
  4. So you don't think the ECS two 9 pin ports were meant to be 2 extra controller ports when the ECS was first released? Also, if it wasn't designed to have two extra controller ports, whys would they make it as two seperate 9 pin ports instead of one 18 pin port to plug either of the keyboards in to?
  5. Ultimate Pong is 4 simultaneous player support
  6. I think I understand, that makes sense.
  7. How and why does an extra sound chip provide 2 extra controller ports?
  8. Was just wondering , I know the 2 ports on the ECS allow you to plug either keyboards into it or also you can plug 2 extra controllers, either Sears or Inty 2 into them. Was the ECS originally designed for that purpose, to add 2 extra controller ports or was it just a side extra benefit of the ports necessary for the keyboards? Did Mattel envision using 2 extra controllers in games for 4 player games and if so, why not release any 4 player games at the time? You'd have thought they'd release at least 1. Plus, they didn't sell extra controllers. Well, they did but they were to replace your faulty or broken controllers rather than as extra controllers for the ECS. In Europe you couldn't buy replacement controllers as we didn't have the Sears or Inty 2 models.
  9. That's a clever idea. Funny, lately I was thinking Stonix could benefit from an overlay that listed what each power-up does. Nicely done
  10. I've seen 1 cart and 1 with a box listed from Venezuela recently. Don't think they show up in searches if the auction is cancelled. Agree, it's not exactly a flood, more a drip
  11. Yes, a collection and it's definition is a personal thing. How you measure that collection against others is also a personal thing. If you are happy to consider your collection complete because your lto flash has the original 125 on it then that's fine and your personal choice. I absolutely think the Intellivision Inc versions and the new BSR versions of the games are 100 percent legitimate for the 125 collection. My personal view and choices for my collection is that I would like my 125 to consist of the original release of them all. That's probably not going to happen though so I will gladly complete my 125 with what I'm sure will be excellent BSR releases of the more expensive games. My goal of an original 125 will continue probably in perpetuity but the fun is in the journey rather than its completion. I think there is room here for many interpretations of what a complete collection consists of. Variety is the spice of life and all that
  12. I think my collection consists of 3 intellivision Inc games. I didn't realise they were different to the original releases when I bought them as I didn't know Intellivision Inc was a thing I know better now and agree they are of lower quality and I'll replace them eventually. .
  13. I think people with the Intellivision Inc (re-issue) games would argue that although they are technically re-issue, they were released within the 125`s lifetime so are 'legitimate' for want of a better word. I stick by my original assessment of the new release of Spike in that I think it should count but also agree with mr_me in as much as the original INTV release will always be more sort after and desirable especially by the most completist of collectors.
  14. It looks completely different so I don't think there's much chance of someone passing it off as the first release version.
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