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  1. It's strange that this hasn't come up before but then, I guess most people that buy sealed games don't open them. Glad it all worked out.
  2. I should also point out that I have bought games from you many times and have always been happy with my purchase. Sounds like you are the victim here too. Looks like they must have been re-sealed by whomever you got them from.
  3. I heard that the Nice games didn't come sealed originally. Didn't know that before.
  4. I bought from you in the past. Left it sealed until I saw that post on FB. Here is mine
  5. Yeah, I've gotta have one of those.
  6. Yeah, i think what he meant was everybody who wants one would get one, not just the people on this thread or AtariAge. He has the parts for 100's of these if I recall. They'll be more than enough to meet demand. As there was the last time around.
  7. This was never a reservation thread. As far as I know there aren't any reservations or pre-orders for the next batch.
  8. Remember also that flights are greatly reduced at the moment so airmail will be slower
  9. Yeah, post seema very slow most places for understandable reasons. Updates from the seller always helps so thank you for that. It's very much appreciated
  10. Mine has arrived too. Very very well packaged
  11. Mine as finally updated as well : Départ bureau d'échange pays destinataire 🙂
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