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  1. No way, unless someone else comes back with a better score you've got this one in the bag my friend. Well deserved as well. Truly great score
  2. I hope Astrosmash isn't in the lineup for your thumbs sake 😬
  3. I love it on all the systems it was released on and I think there were at least seven. Didn't realise that it was originally written for Intellivision and then ported over to the other systems. Shows off how fast the intellivision can be to all those that accuse it of being slow lol
  4. Thanks Matt and thanks for persuading me Not sure I'll have time for every game but I'll play when I can and couldn't pass up on Beamrider
  5. Been playing and resetting, winding myself up all day with this. One of my favourite games and this is by far my best score. So, hopefully cmadruga doesn't get unrusty or I've no doubt it will be beaten . Nice to see HSC is still going
  6. I have an rgb modded intellivision but it's Pal. RGB as I understand it is easier to implement on Pal systems.
  7. I seem to remember reading that thread. Think it was mentioned that colours were corrected (or at least partially) in PAL. Also an RGB mod helps. My intellivision is both which would explain what I'm seeing. Don't know how much the rgb mod helps though as I remember the burgers being brown back in the day and that was of course not using an rgb modded machine
  8. Is the brown more 'brown' on PAL? I don't remember the burgers being green.
  9. Payment for Battlestar sent. Hope it helps. Thanks for arranging this Rev
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