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  1. Remember also that flights are greatly reduced at the moment so airmail will be slower
  2. Yeah, post seema very slow most places for understandable reasons. Updates from the seller always helps so thank you for that. It's very much appreciated
  3. Mine has arrived too. Very very well packaged
  4. Mine as finally updated as well : Départ bureau d'échange pays destinataire 🙂
  5. Nope, mine still says invalid tracking number
  6. That's what mine says on USPC. On the actual couriers website it says the number doesn't exist.
  7. Well it's a good thing they sent it tracked. Will be easier for them to make a claim if parcels have gone missing.
  8. That's great news. As they were posted at the same place at the same time we should all receive them very soon then. Nice!
  9. It shows as incorrect tracking number on their site but as Label Created, Not Yet In System on USPS.
  10. It is strange how you get more tracking information using the tracking number on USPS tracking site than on the actual couriers website . I'm sure they'll start arriving soon.
  11. No, it's a universal tracking number that can be tracked through multiple couriers. It's not necessarily being handed over to usps. As far as the tracking shows, the labels have been created but nothing sent yet. Hopefully clarification will follow.
  12. You can track it through usps tracking
  13. The tracking for mine and at least one others shows as Label Created not yet in System. Have these actually been posted?
  14. I didn't realise the rom was available.
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