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  1. You could buy a db9 extension cable, cut it in half and make your own. The pinout schematics are online if you search for them.
  2. I have a feeling another run will take place. Joe was polling interest over on Intellivision Invasion.
  3. The LTO Flash is the single best thing I've bought for my Intellivision. My only regret was that I put off buying it at the start. Worth every penny and more.
  4. I've had a quick look at it. You can choose various maze configurations and also left and right shooting has been mapped to the side buttons, which is nice
  5. It is a good game if long. One of my dads favourites. I bought Ms Nightstalker not long ago. Haven't tried it yet but that looks really good.
  6. As artrag says, either picture or video. You'll need some sort of id in the picture or video to prove it's you too.
  7. Been playing most of the day and I think this is probably then best I'm gonna get. 328550
  8. It's a great high score site. I recommend it.
  9. I did post a score on the TC thread last night but just checked and its not there 😮 I have no idea where I posted it 😂
  10. Really thanks for the concern brother, its very much appreciated
  11. I'm fine guys but thanks for asking. Just been really busy. Haven't had much of a chance to play but have just posted a TC score. Nowhere near either of yours but I did get to level 8 . I'll see if I can give Masters a go before time runs out.
  12. Amazing. Someone offered to do the same for me last season. Good on you Wolfy62 😊
  13. I can see where you are coming from and I would suggest you try Mystic Castle.
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