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  1. Ive got two of these. TV Boy 2 and a TV Boy 3. The 2 uses a rf cable and the 3 is a joypad with av out. Every Atari fan should have a 3 imho!
  2. sweetf2a

    RetroN 77

    Thanks but sounds complicated! Yeah ive got USB game controllers, maybe ill stick to those whilst waiting to see if the R77 gets fixed or the FB9 is worth buying later in the year.
  3. sweetf2a

    RetroN 77

    Shame those joystick adaptors are so expensive though... any recommendations or do I have to bite the bullet and pay $35 for the 2600 D9?
  4. sweetf2a

    RetroN 77

    Id really been tempted by this R77, it sounded great and id have preordered it if they shipped to the UK but now im thinking id be better off buying Atari joystick adaptors for my Pi and playing either on that or my 7800. That said a couple of joystick adaptors isnt far off the price of a R77.
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