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  1. Would prefer to sell in bundles and within the UK for postage. Ask for single prices / Mega drive power stick, 15 + pp / Mega drive carts, £40 + pp All mega drive, 50+ pp / Master system boxed, £80 + pp Mk2, prince of Persia and asterix have no manual / Master system carts £40 + pp £110 all master system + pp
  2. No i totally understand; i could provide proof of sales of games of higher value without dispute through paypal to any buyer and would only sell through service payment to sure guard myself and a buyer if i sold through the forum. Ill will try the facebook sellers group first as its where im used to selling ("game trader" group). Id just rather avoid ebay as im selling due to a need not a want to clear my collections and ebay is time. I appreciate your help too though out and take nothing personal
  3. Seems the first to links are shops, not markets ? Ill take a look at the market on this site as im looking to sell, not buy. if it comes to it i will post a link to ebay on the sales related thread here but would rather it was a quick affair. Again, thank you very much, you have been more helpful than i could have expected given previous calls for info on this one
  4. Thank you, is there a bot for the ebay related thread or do people post in there themselves ?
  5. Any chance any of you could link me to a at least somewhat active market for ti / retro computer?
  6. This was nice to come back to, i wouldn't have been able to get it from the cassette to my PC i doubt so thanks, iuc!
  7. I do have a copy by the way if that was lost in the op. I am not willing to mail it anywhere (unless a sale maybe) but If anyone near the south coast of the UK (or anywhere but its your journey) wants to do that im more than happy to help facilitate getting it imaged and archived
  8. That screenshot is from a forum post i made 5~ years ago elsewhere looking for information back then too and unfortunately the catalog has no info on it and i don't think has ever had it in stock . Im curious if it was ever in full release due to the tiny, tiny amount of information about it and the fact that near all sites i can find for Ti resources completely miss it out of the games list or it has no hyperlink to any information- i know it was early internet time but most other games i have come across have been archived
  9. Had the game "Snout of spout" sat in a draw for years and i could never find any information about it bar a small footnote in a magazine from decades ago; can anyone tell me much of anything about it ?
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