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  1. I didn't know LiteDOS worked with these larger storage. I will work with that as well. Thank you for the advice. I am working with MyPicoDOS, which I've had some success with. I hope to find some time over the weekend to make a breakthrough.
  2. This is my first experience with any floppy media larger than 130k. I am learning. I was curious as to whether or not Sector Copier would write past 130, and up to 720k. Thank you for the clarification, and the advice. I will try to play with "Disk Duplication". My 65XE mod with U1MB upgrade is out of action right now. All I have working is a stock 800XL w/64k. With my 800XL running MyDOS 4.53, I can format blank 720k floppies to the proper size. I also can load up each disk with dozens of large-sized games. However, I need to get a decent menu software up and running for these collections. I am getting closer. Thanks again everyone.
  3. Man, I was SO hoping this was going to be the one. I used "SECTOR COPIER" (by who knows) to copy the 720k disk image from my pc. During the read process, SECTOR COPIER gave me an ERROR 8A AT 004. I don't even have the error codes for this software to tell you what this means. Thank you again. I will keep trying.
  4. This is spectacular! One happy customer right here.
  5. Thank you so much. I imagine I could figure this out eventually. I'm somewhat of a newb. Having a pro take care of it is always easier. I am trying to figure out how to WRITE these 3-sector game-DOS menus onto a newly formatted disk. I am getting there...slowly. I have been relying on grabbing existing ATRs, writing them to newly-formatted disks using AspeQT, deleting the existing executables, then loading them up with new ones, using MyDOS 4.53. However, what I really need are ATRs formatted for 720k. Otherwise, I am losing a lot of valuable space, that I specifically wanted, when buying this 3.5in drive.
  6. This is great! Thank you. I am still a bit confused. I hope you can clear this up for me. Are you indicating the "games999.atr" menu WILL work on double density disks? I believe the first line, "Yep. Doesn't work with double density..." was referring to a previous ATR posted on "Holmes" (Pirate's%20Treasure%20Chest%20A%20-basic.atr). How would I "extract the first sectors and have them", then write them to a new blank floppy? The ATR is sized for 130k. I have a stack of 3.5in floppies, formatted with MyDOS 4.53 to 720k (2,865 free sectors). I'd like to load them up with my game files. I have the MyPicoDOS 4.6 menu up and running on at least one 3.5in disk. However, the UI isn't my favorite.
  7. The ATR of Ali Baba I downloaded also runs instantly from an UnoCart (and I assume other multi-carts). When I played Ali Baba in the 80s, I had to boot AtariTranslator or FixXL first. Then I could boot the game disk. Ali Baba was written for the 800 (pre-XL). Since the ROM I downloaded boots right from a cartridge, I'm not sure if it was fixed to work with XLs, or perhaps the UnoCart somehow boots the XL fix as a BIOS. Any ideas on this? I haven't burned my downloaded AliBaba ATR onto a blank floppy, to see if it boots without an 800 translator. Maybe I'll try that now that I think of it. Regardles...GREAT game to play during the golden age of Advanced D&D.
  8. Worked great! I had to rename the files as *.fwa (Fun With Art). Recoil opened them, and I can save them as *.png files. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks, I downloaded RECOIL and will check it out shortly.
  10. Already covered? I tried a search, but came up negative. In the 80s, I used EPYX Fun With Art on my 800XL to create a lot of raster images. I still have them saved on floppy disk. I know I can boot a ROM of Fun With Art through emulation, and open these files in a Windows environment. Then I can just use a screen grab to get access to the bitmaps in modern software. However, I am wondering if there are any Windows-based image viewers that can open, or convert, these pics as-is. I have them saved on floppies in *.pic format. However, I am wondering if they should be renamed with the *.fwa extension. Thanks for the feedback.
  11. Bump! I have lots of money set aside, waiting to buy this. We'd all still love to see it.
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