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  1. This is both a comedy and an existential crisis.


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    2. Magmavision2000


      Nah, I'm nearing 15, I just put "2000" in my name to replicate the trend of things having "2000" in the title at the turn of the century. I got into classic games through YouTube, as my mother never really played games (She had an Atari 2600 and a Sega Master System, but they didn't get much play). 


      The original post was a reference to a stream of A.I. Dungeon I was watching and I said those words to myself during a part where the streamer was stuck in a death loop. But it can also be a reference to the world right now.


    3. doctorclu


      Could, but I like how it is about A.I. Dungeon.   Which stream were you watching?


    4. Magmavision2000



      Story starts at 1:10:37


      In the story, he died and went to the afterlife, but was reincarnated and then died again shortly after. And after I think three deaths, he starts arguing with the A.I.


      It was hilarious.

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