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  1. I dipped my feet into html a few hours ago. This is the first non BASIC language I've used. My_first_programAA.html


    1. carlsson


      Ah, the classic "HTML programming". :D


      Credits for trying to learn HTML markup from scratch though, instead of resorting to some WYSIWYG editor or content management system.

    2. Atarian7


      I knew enough HTML to list items on eBay, but that was years ago.


  2. I played Heritage For The Future for the first time. It's certainly not bad, but I think you need to be a fan of the anime in order to really enjoy it.

    1. desiv


      So you're saying everyone will like it then?  ;-)

  3. My Famicom collection is growing at an exponential rate, once my most recent 3 games get delivered, I'll probably make one of those collection threads.

    1. masschamber


      I like famicom carts, so many colors.

    2. GoldLeader


      I really enjoyed collecting for Famicom too!  At least once I got the tile games, pachinko games, and baseball games taken out of the mix so I could see if I got anything good.  


      (Every lot of Famicom games will have waaaayyy too many of those....)

  4. Get well soon man! I hope you have a quick recovery.
  5. I honestly think it could've been a success over here. It had an extra sound channel, you could save games without having battery backup, and not only the disks were affordable, but you could also rewrite them. To be honest, besides them not wanting to take any chances (which is understandable, considering how Nintendo wasn't as big as it is now), I don't know why they didn't release it overseas. Is there something I'm not understanding here?
  6. I used the Famicom 3D goggles for the first time today. The fact that it actually kinda worked is impressive.

    1. thanatos


      I didn't even know the Famicom had that.   The Master System 3D glasses worked pretty well, so I'm not surprised Nintendo's worked fine.

    2. haunted_ipa_


      what games does it support?

    3. Magmavision2000


      Only 7 games are compatible and I have 2 of them (3D Hot Rally and Rad Racer).

  7. Mickey Rooney would've been 100 years old today.

  8. Shaolin Vs. Wutang is the best fighting game since Kasumi Ninja.

    1. Joe C.

      Joe C.

      Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothin' to fu*k with.

  9. Friendly reminder: You have 10 days left if you want to download Jump Rope Challenge on the eshop.

  10. Admittedly, I've never played Galaxy up until this point, so I thought the 60fps was one of the "enhanced" features.
  11. Even though I like 3D All-Stars, they could've done so much better.

    1. SlidellMan


      Yeah, like including all the cut content from SM64 and Sunshine.

  12. I'm assuming it's only in the Japanese version since my copy only said SHINE.
  13. So, after quickly playing through a little bit of each game, I made a little review. To add to that, if you're buying this just to Mario 64, just buy a 3DS and put the 3DS port on there.
  14. The YouTube app seems to get worse every update.

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      You're still using YouTube? All the cool kids use BitChute these days.

    2. Marcos Moutta

      Marcos Moutta

      ios or android? on android it's getting better

    3. Prosystemsearch


      Yeah, looks that way, especially with a damn hypocritical and greedy recent monetization rule changes from late 2019-early 2020. My top 3 candidates for a Youtube alternative are

      3. Storyfire.com

      2. Vlare.tv

      1. Bitchute.com

  15. Four more games have been announced for SFC Online. Those games are: Super Donkey Kong 2 Super Tennis Fire Emblem (I don't know which one, the date was 1993) Wild Guns The Famicom and overseas announcements haven't been uploaded yet, but I will post an update when they are. UPDATE: The overseas one has been released, we'll be getting: Donkey Kong Country 2 Mario's Super Picross The Peace Keepers S.C.A.T. (the only game the NES is getting) These will be released on September 23rd.
  16. I saw that too. I know it's stupid, but I was kind of expecting ports (at least for Mario 64, I think Sunshine and Galaxy would take up too much space). It seems like every 2 days, I get more and more disappointed in this collection.
  17. I want to get into Gameboy collecting as I've never really appreciated the system and I'd like to change that. But I do have some questions about it. How expensive is it nowadays? (I remember seeing Gameboy Pockets for $20 on eBay last year, but I'm sure that's changed) What are the first games I should get? (Kind of a stupid question, but I'm still asking since I don't wanna be stuck with 3 bad games for a couple of months) Should I also consider GBC games? (There seems to be a divide on how the GBC should be categorized. Some say it is it's own system, while others say it should be considered an "enhanced" Gameboy) How should I store them? (This one kind of speaks for itself)
  18. I'm trying to read the script for the Seinfeld pilot (don't ask), and the website looks like it was last updated like 12 years ago. Do people not seek out Seinfeld scripts online for recreational reading?

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    2. GoldLeader


      I have only 2 scripts,... bought for recreational reading.  One was for M*A*S*H,  an unshot episode if memory serves...And one for Land of the Lost (1974 I think)...

    3. AAA177


      I wish studios would offer scripts for digital sale (and even print-on-demand) as a regular course of business. One of the best I've read is "Creepshow" by Stephen King, mainly because of the writing style employed on it (can't get away with that nowadays with Hollywood gate-keeper readers). 


      You've got me interested, though (if I'm thinking of the correct episode - not sure if this was the first episode or if the actual pilot came later in the first season, not really an expert on the program - I believe it was pretty good). What is the site? And yeah, for some reason, all those sites are stuck in the past. 

    4. Magmavision2000


      I'm not sure if it's the "Pilot" Pilot, but they say the episode was released in 1989 so I'm positive its the real Pilot.


      Here's the site where the script (or transcript, it doesn't look like a script to me, maybe it was reformatted?) is: https://www.seinfeldscripts.com/TheSeinfeldChronicles.htm

  19. I'm gonna say it, I hate Super Mario Kart. The handling is outrageous, the hit detection is awful, and it's just a chore to play. Whoever gave it a 9/10 on IGN needs to be interrogated by the U.N. it's a 4/10 at best. I know most people say Super Circuit is the worst one, but it at least has Wario.

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    2. Steven Pendleton

      Steven Pendleton

      @bluejay Yay, someone who is equally as lazy as me! I'm not alone here anymore~

    3. bluejay


      But seriously, I'll have to melt the tabs off with the soldering iron because they are literally ON the insides of the case.

    4. Lord Innit

      Lord Innit

      SFC games won't directly work in a PAL SNES. Or vice versa.  Need to do a region mod or get a universal adapter. Plat SFC games through PAL will also mean the game will run 17% slower and have black borders at the top and bottom of the screen. 

  20. Anyone else see the menu reveal? Art Deco doesn't really fit classic 3D Mario.
  21. This is both a comedy and an existential crisis.


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    2. Magmavision2000


      Nah, I'm nearing 15, I just put "2000" in my name to replicate the trend of things having "2000" in the title at the turn of the century. I got into classic games through YouTube, as my mother never really played games (She had an Atari 2600 and a Sega Master System, but they didn't get much play). 


      The original post was a reference to a stream of A.I. Dungeon I was watching and I said those words to myself during a part where the streamer was stuck in a death loop. But it can also be a reference to the world right now.


    3. doctorclu


      Could, but I like how it is about A.I. Dungeon.   Which stream were you watching?


    4. Magmavision2000



      Story starts at 1:10:37


      In the story, he died and went to the afterlife, but was reincarnated and then died again shortly after. And after I think three deaths, he starts arguing with the A.I.


      It was hilarious.

  22. It may just be bad luck unfortunately. Most of my CRTs are in good condition, my main Trinitron is doing great, although it's starting to get some "screen warping" (definitely wrong term), but it's manageable. My most recent CRT (1987 Quasar) is doing great. The remote works perfectly, the picture is crisp, the audio, despite being mono is crystal clear, it's probably my best TV so far. Where are you getting them? Are you buying them at thrift stores/eBay, or are you getting them from people who are giving them away? If it's the former, test it or have the seller test it for you. If the picture looks bad or has defects or the seller refuses to test it, then it will most likely die on you in the near future. If it's the latter, I'd wouldn't risk it. Nothing sucks more than getting something that heavy home and then realizing that it doesn't work. But remember, at the end of the day it's still luck based on these things. You don't know how much use the TV had or what environment it was in.
  23. Do the Nintendo CDI games count? I don't think Nintendo would have those games released if they had any say in it.
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