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  1. Off-topic, but this thread was created on the 30th anniversary of the 2600. Just thought I'd point that out.
  2. You know, Joe Besser wasn't that bad of a Stooge.

    1. retrorussell


      I was too young to know him as a Stooge (I had watched some old Stooges that didn't have him yet) but I remembered him as Babu the genie in the cartoon Jeannie.

  3. (Apologies for the short, and underwhelming review, I literally just finished this a couple of minutes ago since I honestly couldn't find anything to talk about) VS. Super Mario Bros. is a platforming game for the Nintendo VS. system released In 1986 by Nintendo. The game is hard... Really hard. Like, it compares to Mario 2 JP in terms of difficulty, I rarely get angry at games, but I was this close to throwing my Joycons while playing this. I'm not gonna talk about the graphics since they're just slightly enhanced versions of the SMB1 sprites. The controls, sadly, ruin the entire thing for me, in the Arcade Archives release, the controls are delayed. The delay can cause anything from a mild inconvenience to a matter of life and death. Overall, I'd say that the game itself is great and is a good step up if you've mastered the original SMB. But the delay on the controls on the Arcade Archives release is so bad, I can't justify getting it, especially for $7.99, 5/10.
  4. Here's a useful law: Whale poaching is illegal... in Oklahoma.

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    2. Magmavision2000


      Come on, Oklahoman whale is tasty...






      I have made ugly faces at dogs though. So technically I'm a felon on the loose!

    3. carlsson


      The Urban Dictionary has a different explanation for the term whale poaching...

    4. Magmavision2000
  5. My Saturn's in good-really good condition. It's aged a little and has a hard time reading some scratched disks, but I'm more inclined to believe that it's more of the disk's fault than the Saturn's.
  6. Bingo! They came with my Saturn bundle and until now, I didn't really bother to do anything with them since, in my mind, loose disk=broken.
  7. Here's the dodgiest photo of my Saturn collection. The reason those five games aren't in a case is that I don't have any spare jewel cases laying around. Sadly, they don't work so I may throw them away EDIT: I just cleaned off Bomberman and it works! Hell yeah!:
  8. If nobody takes it, I'll be happy to take the Blast system.
  9. I just saw a short clip of a recent episode of SpongeBob and the animation looked like it was from a YouTube parody. Everything was squishy, fast, and the characters looked nothing like what they used to. Is this what happens when you let a show go on for 20+ years?

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    2. doctorclu


      Always looked like cheap animation to me.

    3. Magmavision2000


      Spongebob has woken from his slumber to explain to you why your wrong:



    4. DragonGrafx-16


      There's also the change from traditional animation to digital but at least Spongebob is still a 2D show.

  10. I got the .cia version. Now I'll just wait for someone to make a compiled version of the SGI mod and I'll be content.
  11. My Internet connection to my computer sucks. I'm gonna have to get an Ethernet cable.

    1. jd_1138


      Maybe try resetting your modem and wi-fi router first. 

    2. Magmavision2000


      I've done that multiple times. It's kind of infuriating since the package we got claims to be 3 Gbps, but since my family lives is out in the middle of nowhere, it's down to 47 Mbps. Now my phone is getting 51 Kbps and my computer can't even get a connection. Strangely, my Switch is doing fine, so I'm suspecting it's just out of range.

  12. I just beat it (using MiPs clip, and BLJs), and I encountered a little bug. The credits don't show up fully on-screen (they're in the lower right-hand corner) the names are unreadable, other than that, it's a great little port. It almost feels official:
  13. If anyone is a fan of Gamecenter CX, there is a 24/7 twitch channel that plays every episode of the show: https://www.twitch.tv/cardfrek


    1. masschamber


      yes yes I am, and that ones not ruined by that idiotic english over dubs.

    2. Magmavision2000


      They play them on the stream after every other episode has been played. That's when the viewer count drops, and the people that are still there just riff on them.


    3. Zoyous


      Love the Kacho!

  14. Here's some "magazine" shots: I wonder if this has modding capabilities like the PC port...
  15. The one I used was a .3DSX file, but I'm sure there is probably a .cia file.
  16. Whoa! 2 back to back Arcade Archives entries?!? This one is on Burgertime which was released today:https://atariage.com/forums/blogs/entry/16844-arcade-archives-reviews-burgertime/



  17. Burgertime is an arcade game released in 1982 by Data East, using the DECO type hardware (although a standard version was also released). Burgertime is one of the essential arcade games. Everyone has played it at one point or another and overall is one of the classics. Peter Pepper never made it to the same heights as Pac-Man or Mario, but his sprite remains unforgettable. In the game, you play as the aforementioned Peter Pepper and you gotta make burgers (with your feet...) whilst being chased by evil sentient hot dogs, pickles, and eggs. What's Peter Pepper's solution to this problem? Mace them and smother them in his foot burgers! This game is probably one of the first games to have a limited ammunition system. You start out with 4 peppers, and you have to use them sparingly, once you use all of the pepper, you're practically screwed. The only way to get more pepper is by making burgers and hoping a bonus appears, but hurry, it will disappear after a short time. Control-wise, it's great, the controls are super responsive, and snappy, it's very satisfying. The sound is kinda 50/50. On one hand, the BGM that plays during gameplay is completely fine, but on the other hand, stuff like the level complete jingle and the starting jingle are rather loud and obnoxious and makes you want to turn down your TV. This release only contains the DECO ROM and the Caravan and Highscore modes. It's kinda disappointing since it couldn't have been that hard to put the standard version on there. I've been waiting for this release since April, and it's been well worth the wait. It reminded me how good Burgertime is and why it's still a fun experience, even today. 9/10.
  18. I've played it, and it's awesome. It's not laggy, the controls make sense, and it's in widescreen. I don't know how or why some hackers ported it over, but I'm assuming it has something to do with the source code leak.
  19. After 3 months, Burgertime is finally on the eshop for $7.99.


    1. digdugnate


      oh sweet!  i'll have to go pick it up.

  20. My mother had to go to an arthritis doctor near the state capital and we went to a Salvation Army afterwards. Man, it was dry. All they had was a crummy (it literally had crust in the crevices) OG Xbox (console only, untested) for $19.99. It was insultingly high for something like that. I'd pay no more than $10 for something in that condition.
  21. Yie Ar Kung Fu is a 1985 fighting game by Konami. Now, this game is one of my favorite games Hamster re-released. In my opinion, it's probably the best fighting game of the 80s and one of the most underrated arcade games in general. Now Yie Ar Kung Fu is basically a love letter to all of those Shaw Bros. Chinese Opera movies. You play as Oolong, a young Kung Fu master who has entered a tournament in order to avenge his father's death. You have to fight a diverse range of fighters including: A gliding large fellow who throws mean kicks A man sporting a yellow gi and nunchuks And most importantly A sword-wielding disco dancer This game also has a lot of firsts, it's one of the first fighting games to have a health bar, it's the first game to have combos and special moves, and I'm 90% certain it's the first fighting game to feature female characters (although you can't play as them). On the control side, it's a little weird at times, but with enough practice, you can definitely get used to it, the controls aren't like Karate Champ, they're more like normal fighting game controls. The one problem with the controls is the lack of a block button, so if you're in a sticky situation, then prepare to either get into a jumping frenzy or insert more credits. While we're on the topic of credits, this game has your average arcade difficulty, if it's your first time playing, have fun getting past the 3rd opponent. To tell you the truth, I haven't even beaten the final boss yet. Thankfully, stunlocking your opponent is rather easy, but it obviously won't bring in the big points if you're going for a high score. The graphics are beautiful for 1985. The sprites, although small, do represent the characters wonderfully. And the backgrounds are amazing, they look almost 16-bit dare I say. The Arcade Archives release is pretty barebones only having one ROM, and the other modes I've mentioned before, but Yie Ar Kung Fu's gameplay alone definitely makes up for it. Yie Ar Kung Fu is an example of why Arcade Archives is important. They take obscure and underrated games and give them another chance. Yes, there are a few problems, but that's what makes it enjoyable (like Miami Connection). If you like fighting games, there's no excuse not to pick this up, especially for $7.99, 8/10.
  22. New Arcade Archives Review up! This one's about the early fighting game Yie Ar Kung Fu! You can find it on my blog Magmavision After Dark.

  23. I actually didn't notice I got a new high score during this run (Ignore the scum on the screen, I didn't wipe it off when the photo was taken):
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