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  1. I going to give a quick update.


    I got into a WW2 shooter kick (probably my brain subconsciously celebrating D-Day) and downloaded Battlefield 1942, it runs almost perfectly with little to no lag (I know it's not a very demanding game, but I thought my PC was worse than a potato). I'm gonna try World at War even though I'm not very optimistic about it running good.

  2. 6 minutes ago, Tanooki said:

    Well probably World at War, the setup and spread of it was just simply incredible. 

    I agree, I really love (?) the atmosphere of the game, especially on the European Front, it, in my opinion, shows the horrors of war better than any other COD game (you see actual dead bodies and see a real German officer get executed). The Pacific Theater is also good but only picks up after the blackcat mission. The zombies game mode in WaW is also great, it doesn't focus on the lore and it's more arcade-like than it's successors. 


    The multiplayer is also great, I only played it in its twilight years, so I mostly played TDM, but when I got to play the "War" mode, it was pretty intense and fun.

  3. One thing I forgot to mention is that importing isn't always the answer, games with heavy text are almost impossible to play if you don't know the language. There are also some systems that either were released in limited quantities or just never came out in the country you import from. Besides that, importing is still the best way to get cheap games.

  4. Retro games seem to be getting more expensive by the hour, so it's becoming harder to find decent deals, and in turn, harder to amass a collection without spending an insane amount of money. Most people either go straight to emulation, or get flashcarts, but some people (including me, with some exceptions) are purists and look for cheap ways to buy games. 


    My main way to get games cheap is to just import games. I've literally gotten games for pennies on the dollar by just importing the same game from Japan. Super Mario Bros. 3? Easily a $25-$30 game, but if you don't mind the minor differences in the Famicom version, you can get it for under $10, I somehow have two of them!

    Before I sold my Super Famicom, I got Mario Kart and F-Zero in a lot for $13, that lot would've most likely been $50+ if I got it on the SNES.


    On top of that, you'll find great games that never came out in your country if you import, I've gotten Yie Ar Kung Fu and a Sumo game both for under $1 (minus shipping, with shipping they were $3), and they're both pretty fun!


    That's the only one I know. Do you guys know any tips on how to get games cheap?


  5. 3 minutes ago, cvga said:

    Starting early helps. Games were dirt cheap back in the late 80s, early 90s and I started too late to take advantage of store closeouts and bargain bins. However, I remember going to the flea market each week in the early 90s. $20-30 would buy a lot of games. For example, I remember paying $4 for Demolition Herby because they knew it was rare (most games were $1).

    That how I built my collection, I could get bags of 2600 games for under $20 and I got SMB2/USA for like 2 bucks (this was in 2012-2014). Unfortunately, those days are over, at least the 2600 is no longer in the spotlight, so prices will go down a little.

  6. 5 minutes ago, cvga said:

    Lots of them (257 by my count) are homebrews or hacks. I'm also counting Sears titles separately (i.e. I have two Asteroids - one by Atari and one by Sears). I also have some foreign (to me) releases like Bobby is Going Home, Snail and Squirrel, etc. I try not to purchase foreign releases of games that I already have otherwise the count would be much higher. I also have a few protos (maybe 20 or so) that are in my database and were included in the total count.

    What prototypes do you have?

  7. You know, I think 2600 Pac-Man is growing on me. If you look at it as not a Pac-Man port, it's pretty good! 


    Pac-Man: 1,970


    I will try to post a new Ms. Pac-Man score later. Also, I don't want to invade your space or anything, but I think I know what Midway Arcade Part 2 is gonna be.

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  8. I'm curious about the voice samples in Donkey Kong, especially Kong's roar. Do we know who recorded them? If so, is there a place where you can find the uncompressed versions of them?



    Also, since I have your attention, do we know who the actress was for Pauline's unused voice samples?

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