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  1. 1 hour ago, mbd30 said:

    Wow, this is much harder than the arcade version. The collision detection is awful. Your kicks and punches seem to connect only at random, but your opponents can sure hit you.

    It's all about timing. If you jump kick from a slight distance, you'll be able to hit the opponent almost every time.

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  2. 122,500


    Not my best score, but still a great start.


    This & it's arcade counterpart (which is vastly different) are my favorite fighting games from the 80s.



    Tip(s): Sweep kicks and jump kicks are worth 300 points. If you win a match without getting hit, you'll get an additional 5000 points.

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  3. I can't really comment on bad game design in games since when I mess up, it's 99% of the time my fault. Bu I partially agree about the blue shell.

    The problem with it for me is that sometimes when I get hit by it, I'm in 2nd place (It was activated while I was in 1st, but started to chase me when I was in 2nd instead of going after the other person), this pisses me off to a great extent since this should've been fixed when they first introduced the blue shell!

  4. I'm indifferent to them, I find it really cool that a tarp was supporting the 2600 10 years after it came out, and some of the games are great (Jr. Pac-Man is one game that comes to mind), but there are others that feel like they were only made for a quick buck (Double Dragon). Half of the devs seemed like they cared, and tried to make the best games they could for the 2600, but others felt like they were only doing it so they could add one extra port to the pile or they were making 2600 games due to a contract.



  5. But why though? Like jhd said, you're not going anywhere (which is the only reason you're flying, unless you work for an airline). I could see this being cool if you could fly over 1970s New York, or as you said, travel the solar system, but all you're doing is flying over present-day earth in an AR setting. 


    The pandemic's lowering IQ's as much as it's lowering lifespans

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  6. On 8/14/2020 at 9:44 AM, Steven Pendleton said:

    I've never played Virtua Fighter (or almost any other fighting game, for that matter), but I remembered that that the Genesis/MD version of Virtua Fighter 2 is supposed to be absolute trash or something. I wouldn't know what makes a fighting game good or bad compared to other fighting games, though, so even if I played it, I wouldn't be able to say with any authority if it's bad or not.

    I personally like Virtua Fighter 2 Genesis. Whoever worked on it did a great job making a 3D game 2D.


    As for home conversions gone wrong... It's kind of hard for me to pick. Burgertime on the 2600 is pretty bad, but it's still (somewhat) playable. Yie Ar Kung Fu om the Famicom looks nothing like the arcade version, but plays great. Maybe the Famicom version of Tetris? 


    Off-topic, but a home conversion that went perfectly is Double Dragon on the NES. Temco took a horrible, nearly unplayable arcade game and turned it into a great NES game.

  7. My dreams of having an arcade collection have become more realistic, so I'm wondering what type of candy cab would be the best. I know it'd have to be JAMMA (I'd most likely play the older stuff, and JAMMA adapters seem more common). I'd prefer a machine that has a rotatable monitor (or do vertical games auto adjust on a horizontal monitor?). I have no clue on what cabinets have those features (or the cost). 


    Can you guys recommend me some candy cab models?

  8. Up for sale is most of my NES collection (I kept four, just in case I want to start collecting for it again). There are birthdays and holidays coming up in my family, and I'd rather have a head start this year instead of waiting last minute.


    (NOTE: I do not have an NES to test these on, but they all worked the last time I played them, and their contacts will be cleaned as well. Despite being 99% sure they work, they will be sold AS-IS)


    The games for sale are:


    NARC (Great condition)$4


    Tennis (Has some rattles and the top is damaged from a drop)$5


    Punchout (featuring Mr. Dream) (Good Condition)$10


    Ice Climber (Great Condition)


    Kung Fu (Good Condition)


    Donkey Kong JR. (5-screw) (Has scratch on the back, but other than that, it's in good condition) $10


    Legend of Zelda (Has dark spots from the gold coloring coming off, Battery worked last time I played it (although I can't guarantee it'll work now, you know how unreliable those things are))$6


    (Buyer pays shipping)


    Offers are welcome.


    I can only ship to the Contiguous U.S. and I can only ship (at most) 2 at a time (reasoning for this is that I don't have something big enough that can hold all of them).




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  9. 6 hours ago, DavidD said:

    We know there were two versions of Super Punch-Out!! -- do we know that there was a Japanese audio version of the original Punch-Out!! ?  I'd assume so, but if that wasn't the case (for some weird reason), I could see Hamster overlooking the fact that the sequel had one...


    I did some searching, and it turns out that the original Arcade Archives Punchout uses (or used) the Japanese version. This person in a GameFAQS thread claims he heard Japanese voice lines, and that the patterns are different.


    I have Arcade Archives Punchout, and I've never heard any Japanese voice lines, and I can't comment on the patterns since until getting it, I never played arcade Punchout, but it's something to consider: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/221229-arcade-archives-punch-out/76468600

  10. 4 minutes ago, taxman said:

    With that impeccable feedback, how can you not trust what they say?

    I didn't look at the feedback when I found the listing... How can someone have that kind of reputation on eBay and still have an account?!?


    (To people who didn't look at the listing, the seller's feedback is %62.5 positive feedback)

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