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  1. I wish the chinese or taiwanese were still makig this specific type of joystick even though they were notorious for breaking.That looks like my first atari too and I know it was clone but also is the main reason I still by homebriew Atari 2600 games. Mine had a white box with arabic simbols and english letters saing 2600 TV Compatible, 128 built in games even though it was claiming they were 444 on the front of the console.
  2. I think this is more likely to be the contacts of your cartridges or the cartridge slot on the Atari, try cleaning all the pins on the cartridges with alcohol. Atari cartridges rarely break, most of the time they just need some cleaning and that is all you don’t even need to take a part the cartridge just use some Q tips and contact cleaner or isopropyl alcohol and rub the golden pins on the edge connector of every faulty cartridge. You might need a flat blade screwdriver to push the release the sliding cover that is fairly easy there are videos on you tube how to do it if you struggle.
  3. If you are not afraid from opening your 8bitdo receiver and trying the solution that RevEng found for his 8bitdo bluetooth receiver. It worked for me might work for you too here is a link.
  4. Yes I got the pink color when using the second power source and when it was only plugged in the Atari my led was blinking weak like it was struggling with the power so I thought that the current might not be enough. Anyway you found the solution which I am very greatful for, here is a picture of my Atari synced with the PlayStation controler, works perfect on Uno Cart and on the Pluscart, the Harmony seems to take it for a paddle but if you just leave it for a minute or so it starts working ok. The only down side is everytime I switch to a new game means I turn the power off which makse the 8bitdo lose its connection with the controler so then I have to press the PlayStation button to sync it back again.
  5. Thank you very much for the good idea. I am starting the mod now hope it works as I was trying to power mine trough power bank and that did not work, I realy dont care about the warranty of the 8bitdo as I was almoust certain I will have to mode it somehow
  6. Hi guys, I am verry happy to see this topic. Now I know that someone else experienced the same while playng the game. I still can't undrstad why they made it soo hard froms the first level? I have spent like an hour of play just to get to level 2 and then I dye. Hope someone makes a hack !!!
  7. I think the game is great if only you can add support for save key or even Atari Vox that would be great.
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