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  1. Two different power supplies Multiple video cables 3 TVs 2 different computers (Full "working" 800xl, XL with failed memory - still used to display memory test)
  2. I had these two Atari's connected some months ago. Had to put them away now I can't seem to get a display. I get this...flickering RED. Pretty much the same display on ch2,3 and composite. What am I doing wrong?
  3. @Quadrunner That is close but it has a 1mm pitch where the Atari connector has a 2.54mm pitch. That company has the right connector but it too has the minimum 2000 unit order.
  4. Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, the minimum order is 2000 pcs...a lifetime supply for me would be 10pcs. Does anyone else have some or have a supplier where the minimum order is say <100?
  5. https://hackaday.com/2016/01/12/desolder-dip-packages-like-a-pro/
  6. What about a soldering iron? What do you guys recommend?
  7. Given what I am doing, should I invest in a heated de-soldering tool or is my spring vacuum good enough?
  8. Thanks for the advice...keep it coming. This is my first Atari in 30+ years and I am not particularly good at the electronics. I've had limited success at de-soldering so here is the plan: @everyone 1. Practice de-soldering on a junk PC board... 2. Test the existing RAM chips using the piggy-back method. 3. Clip the old chip off leaving the legs behind. 4. De-solder and remove the legs. 5. Install a socket. 6. Install a new RAM chip (4164). 7. Pray 8. Test 9. Repeat 3-8 10. Plan the memory upgrade - submit photos to the forum for error checking and comments (and documentation for others) 11. Install memory upgrade. 12. Post photos of finished result.
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply. The Antic chip is a C021697-01 so if I am reading this right, I can use any of the suggestions I posted but it is best if I stick with the 256 cycle chips.
  10. It was my understanding that I had to either fix or remove bad RAM chips for an upgrade. Is there an easy upgrade like piggybacking or chip drop-in replacement that doesn't need a secondary daughter-card? (Or bypass the onboard chips without introducing noise on the MB?)
  11. I have an 800XL that fails the ram test. The chips on the board say "Mtu 4264-15 USA". Motherboard says REV-D. The board is not socketed so I would like to by RAM and sockets. What RAM do I buy? Exact replacement from China like this? Can I buy a C64 kit like this Or do I buy RAM like this and get my own sockets? In other words, what are the specs for the replacement RAM chips?
  12. I am working on a non-destructive Atari 800xl to USB KB conversion. I haven't been able to source the connector that is on the original Atari 800xl MB. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?
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