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  1. Thanks Globeron. I've tried Classic99 and played some of the old classics like Alpiner. I'm very interested in trying some of the newer games that take advantage of the 32k memory expansion and newer programming techniques like what Rasmus M. makes. I want to be able to play both games for disk and large ROM cartridges. For the games that require disk , I wanted to know what is the most basic setup that would work as a disk system. -Nils
  2. Thank you Omega and Jrhodes. I like the idea of stepping into this lightly with the FinalGROM99 ...then the 32k...then if that goes well the Tipi. -Nils
  3. Hi everyone. This is my first post after trying to do a lot of research on the topic of a good gaming system for the TI 99/4A. I had a system with PEB and disk drive back in 1982, and I am just kicking myself for not keeping that. I paid for it myself and the whole setup cost me dearly back in those days. I am in the process of getting back into the Ti. I am going to acquire a basic console and necessary cables, but the add-on peripheral choices confuse me (which is not hard to do). I would like a minimum configuration needed to play any of the really good games for the TI that doesn't involve the F18a (I'd love to have that some day as well). Any advice on components needed for this goal would be greatly appreciated. I believe I need at least: a 32k memory expansion side-card some kind of disk storage extended basic cartridge or even extended basic 2.7 A final GROM instead of lots of cartridges Perhaps Atari joysticks The storage system to save games is where I think I am getting the most "analysis paralysis" . A miniPEB would solve this, but those are not available right now. A tape system would work but would be slow I assume. External disk systems seem expensive. Would a TIPI configuration be good for using as disk storage for gaming? Any ideas on this are greatly appreciated. Thanks. -Nils
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