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  1. Thank you for the info on the ram, it eliminates one issue. It has a switch on the back but there is no sticker or numbers there. I'm in the U.S. but I was wondering if I got ahold of a pal unit. It would explain the picture being b&w.
  2. Update on the Atari 400 and 810: Retro-Brighted the 810 and lubricated everything it works great. The 400 on the other hand is being a bit more difficult. It powers on but the display is in black and white on channel 34. Its also only showing 13k of ram, so I'm wondering if there is a chip problem. Unfortunately I'm going to have to hit the pause button as I have too much going on to mess around too much.
  3. Keyboard was gone, but other than that it all was still there. Most discs were for music and editing software. Guess the guy kept the games. My only question, if this was his trash, what did he keep
  4. The wife was fine with it as long as I went through it quick. Kept the Amiga keyboards, Panasonic 1350 monitor, the 17" Apple Studio Display and about 500 floppy discs. Gotta let all of it dry out, hopefully nothing was too damaged.
  5. Saw a listing on Craigslist for cirbside pickup, free to whoever. Everything still there except the piano. Most of it is junk, but there are one or two gems in here.
  6. Didn't even attempt hooking up the printer. Came on here and found out I just missed someone offering a 3d replacement for the letter wheel.
  7. The items in the first picture was 250. I've had the other items in the 2nd pic for awhile but I think around 200 usd for that.
  8. Picked up an Atari 400 and 130xe with loads of software this week. Tried getting it working allong with an 810 disk drive. However the coaxial cable is damaged so thinking about doing an a/v mod on it.
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