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  1. Eh, già.😀 Complimenti per la collezione! Intellivision è più vivo che mai in questi anni.👍
  2. Pascal, will you update on when sales are open?
  3. Interesting. Hopefully Rev will provide a timeline when possible.
  4. With a lot of interest from Italy: time to sale?
  5. I loved the original AD&D, would personally simply refresh it in graphics and sound. Thinking wider, maybe mixing searching and fighting, as you suggest, could help with new audience. But definitely not too much fighting, it would not be AD&D.😉
  6. Hi, Tommy! As a happy Italian pre-owner😉 of a FE, a curiosity: how will you organize distribution of Amico in Europe? Retailers, specialized stores, big shopping malls? Thanks and viva Intellivision!👍
  7. Tommy, question for you: will you update the Amico app with other demos?😉
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