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  1. Thanks for the feedback. So, for final understanding: is www.elektronite.net the correct internet address? Or is there a new one?
  2. I will probably keep the best score for quite long time ahead.😉 Looking for some challenge...😜
  3. I hope to see you back in action soon with new games for Intellivision. I will support as much as I can.
  4. Crystal clear. Look forward to it...
  5. Will the game be delivered from US? Question from Italy...
  6. Ready to buy another great game!👍
  7. I confirm: Ninja Odyssey is a good game as well. All three together are really a high quality package!👍
  8. Let's say that the save function is great!😉
  9. Hi, guys. What about some benchmarking on TNT Cowboy performances? Let me start...😉 Here I should start another full round. I can not buy anything more in terms of bombs or power.
  10. I see. Well, the only thing I can do personally is supporting via buying the games. Hope that overall numbers will be adeguate...
  11. Hope that people will understand that the adequate support via ROMs purchase is currently key. It will help to see more new games.
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