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  1. Will be the first buying the bundle.👏👍
  2. I try to resume this thread: maybe after a few years Piggy Bank could be finally sold via ROM coded for LTO Flash...
  3. Are these games going to be available in LTO Flash! format, after all boxes were sold?
  4. It would be a good solution.👍 I bought recently some selected CIB games, but definitely encrypted ROMs for LTO Flash! would allow me and a good number of prople to access to games.
  5. Maybe one day a ROM version coded for JzIntv will be on sale?
  6. Ready to buy the ROM for LTO Flash!, if on sale in the future.
  7. Thanks, I already saw that video. Progress continues, it concludes, so that's why I am asking about the timeline.
  8. I like graphics and music. Look forward to the finished game!
  9. Is there a list of games available?
  10. Thanks, Rev! I will finalize the budget for them!👍
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