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  1. Hi All, Following on from My Star Wars thread (I was very shocked at the limited number of homebrews for this franchise) I wanted to do a similar thing for Super Hero games. Obviously I have Superman & SpiderMan and I've seen the box art/comic from the teased at Hulk game (god I wish that would turn up one day.....), so I want any information on Hacks, Homebrews or other original Super Hero games that people may have. Any input would be great PS I'm slowly going through Arenafoots list to dig out any titles for both this thread and the Star Wars thread but that thing is both amazing and HUGE!!!!! An amazing piece of work!!!!
  2. This list is amazing!
  3. So after 6 months in the new house and disappearing from the world for a year I'm back on the forum and am happy to say, have dusted off the old 2600! All games are original excluding Halloween, Alien and Texas Chainsaw that are all reproductions (I'm not that lucky!). The picture doesn't show it too well but the column of games on the far right middle shelf are all Combat bar one I think
  4. I need a physical copy of this shipping to England ASAP, my Galctopus cart is now looking very sad on its own on the shelf!
  5. Thanks Flojomojo, has there really been no hacks or homebrews for Star Wars? I thought that francize would have been ripe for the home programming crowd!
  6. Hi All, I'm looking for a full list of all the Atari 2600 Star Wars Games for the 2600, original, proto, hacks or homebrews and whether there are ROMS available. Any input would be great
  7. I LOVE Battlestar Galactica, both the original and the remade TV series, I'll look at this as soon as I get home from the office, I cant wait!!!!!
  8. Bonus game is hard as nails on a keyboard!!!!!
  9. Its Friday night an I have wine n Pizza! Lets get gaming!!!
  10. I just bought Robot Tank off eBay and noticed a GW price sticker on it. In the late 80s I loved Heroquest and in the mid to late 90s was into Warhammer, I can never remember them selling video games though?? What are your recollections?
  11. First attempt in 20 odd years Must try harder!
  12. Well done Royal Mail, let the games begin!
  13. Im sure I read on here there was a guy in the UK making unocarts? Can anyone verify that???
  14. My god! Just saw the same basic question posted yesterday lol! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283723-harmony-or-uno-cart-advantages/
  15. Hi Guys n Gals, Once again I'm calling on your expertise to aid in my purchasing decisions To aid in my playing of HSC season 8 (as well as play some of these amazing in progress homebrews) Ive decided to pick up some form of multi cart, the question is which one? I know the Harmony has been round for an age and is raved about, but new kid on the block, the Unocart seems to be turning a few heads... Pay day is still a few weeks away so theirs plenty of time to research and discuss. If you could only have 1 of these, which would it be and why?3 Thanks for the advice
  16. And so begins my first ever blog, and what better subject to start on than HSC Season 8! For you not in the know, season 8 of the AtariAge HSC started today (Friday 5th October) and this will be my little corner of the web to document my journey through it. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/283665-season-8-week-1-dragonfire/?p=4127906 My Mission for HSCS8 is thus: 1) To play in EVERY round – this is easyer said than done for two reasons, first, Im moving house in two weeks, and second, I only started collecting Atari again after a decaded long break so my cart collection is minimul to say the least. Yes, I can (and will) play some games on Stella, but im still waiting on my USB-CX40 interface and playing on a keyboard is shocking! 2) To play on original hardware for each round – Obviously if super rare games start cropping up this wont be an option, likewise, when it comes to homebrews, the logistics of buying the carts in time for the torniment will make it impossible. As someone coming back into the hobby after a long break with a very small collection I think this will give me some incentive and direction into building up my collection again. Can I source the games intime though!!!!! We will see! 3) To have fun – And that IS the name of the game, to enjoy a bit of friendly competition with like minded folk...I really cant wait to get started! …...and I wont wait…… So….. Game No 1: Dragonfire by IMACIC I do not own it….. tried playing on keyboard….. no hope! Five Minuted on ebay came up with a few options but for the sake of a couple of pounds (Yes… Im from England) I have bought a boxed copy for £12….. heres hoping it arrives in time! I’ll check in again soon, hopefully with a score!
  17. Come on ebay.... dont let me down!!!!!!! I still need to get a CX-40 interface for Stella for the rest of the season,playing on a keyboard is pants!
  18. Its dress down Friday in the office and I'm getting in the mood!!!!
  19. I'm so excited! My first season of HSC! I hope theirs a wooden spoon award.... that may be a very British thing though......
  20. Did you buy it, if not post a link so one of us can grab it an get it scanned in!
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