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  1. I'm not equating everyone here with my preferences...this might be a language (human, not meta) problem, but I think I understand what you mean. I clearly stated it was my own opinion. I think it's quite presumptuous of you to wave your hand and refer to criticism as 'grave misconceptions'. What were the grave misconceptions you refer to? You seem to think that any negativity or criticism results from us just not understanding things correctly, and when you have time to 'explain' then we will all see that you are right. That more than anything else is what has turned me off from this discussion. I see you started another thread, I think that's probably a good idea because there were some kind of rude posts, which if you'll recall, I spoke against. Good luck with your project.
  2. Harry - Action doesn't need 'support'. If you want to learn it to use it, then great. Read the docs and write code. No one needs a 'template creator', it's just not useful.
  3. Yknow, Kaj, taking criticism as "grave misconception" is not helpful to your argument. These guys know their stuff. If one disagrees with you, well...fine, that happens a lot. If two do, then hmmm ok but still. If nearly everyone is saying the same thing - you're probably wrong. You like REBOL, I get it. To me, it's a bizarre language that as far as I can tell never got much traction, but OK, maybe be I'm wrong. Do your thing, I appreciate the effort and skill it takes. But don't expect people to actually use it for much, this is entirely the wrong target market.
  4. Some kind of numeric over/under flow I would guess.
  5. NTSC Looks like there's a composite out and a DIN. I need to read up. Back later.
  6. Yeah, I had too. Got the manual off of it, but was wondering if anyone had done any LCD hookups. I assume a composite converter of some sort might work.
  7. Any advice on getting one of these hooked up to a modern monitor via s-video or some kind of converter?
  8. C'mon now. It's his thread and his pet project. No need to get sassy, he's been perfectly polite to all questions and criticisms.
  9. Just to be clear, my post was an attempt at a wordplay joke, not an opinion on any preceding posts.
  10. Yes, indeed. Dealing with perception is difficult, depending on your perspective.
  11. Um, neither projection is 'real'. The FA one does not respect some points of proper perspective handling. The FA one is more like moving sideways rather than actually turning. Not a huge deal to me, but it's there.
  12. Just me, but I don't think you should worry about the 64k limit. You've done this - it's amazing. Grab another 64k and go nuts for V2.0. The user base nowadays is pretty upgraded, and there's always altirra.
  13. Ok....well, you said "it needs many different, highly complex and hard to handle existing C toolchains". That was what I was talking about. If you got it covered design-wise already,, great.
  14. Well, if its a temporary situation, that's understandable. Your desire to cover many toolchains will keep you busy for a long time. Consider an adapter layer, something like maybe what LLVM does, meaning a universal intermediate compilation that then gets run through a particular adapter that would then express the correct source and drive the toolchain.
  15. Well, I do of course, but I don't want to have to just to write programs. My opinion.
  16. Kaj - I think a good project would be to do the benchmark suite as found in, for instance, the MAD Pascal thread, and show results and source codes. That would kill 2 objectives with 1 effort. If you want to get real traction for your language here that would be a step towards it. I would not expect someone else to take that on...you never know but when you get things finished to your liking I think that would be a logical next step. We are not as interested in the niceties of language constructs and flexibility as we would be in actual performance and accompanying source.
  17. Rust is a traditional language. It has some relatively novel heap-ownership mechanisms that help safety, and it's pretty fast.
  18. Philosophically, it kind of reminds me of FORTH in a way, it's a tool for creating your own language, essentially, thus the name Meta, I think. Cool if you are interested in playing around with language constructs, but I'm still not sure of applicability in our world, which is dominated by tight RAM and speed requirements. Not a shot, Kaj, just my viewpoint so far.
  19. go to google.com type "atari error codes" into the search box press return read what you find.
  20. Harry - Again, this is all probably too hard for you. Try something smaller and easier. TGB *just* explained exactly how it works. Read the code he wrote above. Look up each location in Mapping The Atari. Read as much as you can until you understand what the code is doing. Then you will know how any code in any language accesses the RAM under the ROM.
  21. Bob, I simply gave my opinion. I already know the line is blurred, if that's your point. Faster may not be all that simple, since we've only one accelerator in common usage and it has compatibility problems. Anything anybody wants to do is fine by me, I'm not judging. The point of the thread is that maybe this thing can be adapted to do something cool for the Atari 8 bit world.
  22. Well, true, and that's the point. I'm more on the conventional side of the argument. If you change too much then you might as well just use a modern machine. I would just like a compatible accelerator that would add some extra speed but not radically change the machine.
  23. So, this line of argument has been done to death. We all know where we stand. I would want to use this board as an accelerator plugin to enhance the machine, not render it unnecessary. No 100hz, no thousands of of softsprites....just a little faster of a machine but hopefully more compatible than Rapidus.
  24. Yeah, it's not going to be a 100MHZ atari. But, I think maybe with some work we could turn it into something that would allow extra processing capability during vblank or dli's, that could be very useful. Yes, it's got to live with the external bus speeds, and access to RAM will be as slow. Even just a system that doubled the 1.79 speed exactly would be an mprovement. I don't know if it makes sense to think about some kind of faster RAM local to the cpu, kind of like a cpu cache that it could use, off the bus and free to use at a faster rate while still being able to use the regular RAM. There's a lot I don't know, but we've seen some amazing things done and this just seems really promising.
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