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  1. The Atari XEGS, was released in 1987, and on its first month on the market sold 110,000 units, all that they produced, was discontinued with the release of the Atari Jaguar. All it is, is an Atari 8-bit computing system reworked into gaming console. Many computer companies tried doing this, c64gs, amiga cd 32, cdtv, amstrad gx4000, all of which catastrophically failed. The amiga cd32 even bankrupted their company. All of those systems are commonly talked about and trashed in the video game community, yet the Atari XEGS, which did exactly what they did is barley mentioned. It sold better then all of them and didnt have wierd quirks like the other computer game systems. It was marketed as a game system with the power of a computer, which means they were competing with themselves in the market with the Atari 7800. Thus is just a weird footnote in video game history, any comments?
  2. Ok, yes it was a belt failure, and yes I do have the keyboard connected
  3. Should have mentioned this previously, but it doesn't spin.
  4. After cleaning with isopropyl alcohol, the samething is happening, slow boot error scroll. I did notice that on power up the drive head moves about a quater of an inch back and forth.
  5. I recently picked up an Atari 1050, whatever disk I put in results in a slow scrolling boot error. I am currently running it on an atari xegs. I don't know if this is an issue with the disk drive, the Atari XEGS, none my floppys work, or maybe my power supply is incorrect, if you have any advice that would be awesome.
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