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  1. These are the pictures I have. I also attached the wire to the motherboard in the exact spot the instructions said to. I'll add that photo when I get back to the house. The audio and video wires are hooked up properly to the Jack's, and like I said earlier, everything is grounded. Has anyone had problems with these boards?
  2. So I bought an AV mod/pause chip off Ebay and wired the AV stuff up and lo and behold, no dice. No video or audio, double checked solder joints and replaced some wire that might have been bad, but still nothing. I checked the board and I get the 5VDC into the board, and 1.7VDC for my video out, and 4.7VDC for the audio going to the jacks. The ground is solid as well, so I have no idea what could be causing this. Any help would be appreciated
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