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  1. Emily was out yesterday. She should take care of it today, I hope. We cannot control how eBay reacts.
  2. Super Series and II Mr. Basic are the only two Intellivision Inc games I am completely missing. Missing a Pinball box variant and assorted manual and cartridge variants. Assuming Checkers, Word Fun and Loco-Motion actually do NOT have boxes. (and no cart for Checkers, either)
  3. No Family Budgeting? My Crosswords are still in shrink, but I don't have any more extras of Keyboard Component stuff. (I was neither a seller or buyer in this auctions)
  4. Finally working harder on getting cartridge inventory posted. Listed our white label Intellivision Inc loose carts (some with manuals and overlays) and Mattel loose carts (without manuals or overlays), along with auctions for a loose World Cup Soccer, a loose Thunder Castle and a loose System Changer. Also added some other random stuff in the store. The auctions: https://www.ebay.com/str/blueskyrangers/Auctions/_i.html?_storecat=35095264012&_sop=10&listingOnly=1
  5. No, this is the same Elektronite Defender of the Crown. Just shipping from the US. Elektronite promises a lot of pent up demand, so we will see if it works out.
  6. I said I would announce a second title last weekend, but Amico had their big announcement and we have been running a little late as well. So, instead, I will announce a couple of things. First, we will be getting the parts for around 100 copies of Defender of the Crown and hope to have them assembled and ready to sell by the end of November. The previously announced Stadium Mud Buggies will probably not quite make that date, along with our next BSR title, released as originally planned for 1984:
  7. As a point of reference, I sold (at auction) a shrink-wrapped Jack LaLanne cassette for just over $1K two years ago. It went to the UK.
  8. Mine from that same purchase appears to be a prototype:
  9. FYI, My recent Australian purchase included a Hong Kong ECS manual with a gray cover and a different part number.
  10. Well, since you asked so nicely...... Now I just have to verify if this one is extra or not.....
  11. I have some ECS manuals - you need US or HK?. don't think I can help you with the synthesizer or Meloday Blaster.
  12. Not ECS. Those are cassettes for the ORIGINAL Keyboard Component.
  13. We have closed our Shopify store. If happen to have it bookmarked, it will probably be reachable for another week or so, but has no inventory. It DOES have a link to our eBay store, however. As part of this, we have upgraded our eBay presence to an eBay store, which allows filtering of the view of our offerings. We have replaced the home page at blueskyrangers.com and it has easier links to our history site ( history.blueskyrangers.com ) and our eBay store as well as to Intellivision Entertainment and Artovision, both of which have some Intellivision-related product. I am still working (sometimes) on moving the old content to the new pages. If there is something in particular that you notice as missing and would like me to prioritize it, please let me know. What is missing is mostly the unreleased stuff, and non-Atari M-Network stuff. I also welcome any issues you notice elsewhere on the site.
  14. I think Rev has stopped selling them. We have ten copies in our eBay store, though.
  15. Tutankham often shows up on those lists as well. I lucked out that I picked one up in the late 90s when Keith and I were trying to get everything documented. I am down to needing an original Spiker box, having gotten a Congo Bongo box recently (and Stadium Mud Buggies before that). I think LF I and Spiker were my last cartridges. Though I am chasing all the box, cartridge, overlay and English manual variations.
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