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  1. I also have both of those English-only 720 manuals and can confirm that they both have the original screen-relative steering. The French-Canadian 720 manual has the car-relative steering. We have not located a Hong Kong cartridge with the original ROM in our supply. (Or in the INTV supply, though we have not tested all that we have) Also, I have added a sentence to the Development History of Auto Racing on the site as a quick fix to Keith's error.
  2. When you say "original steering", which mode are you meaning. I believe that the "development history" currently on the BlueSkyRangers site, which was written by Keith and brought straight across from the intellivsionlives site does not have it correct, but I have not gone back to fix it yet.
  3. Blowout is now sold out and one copy of Hard Hat remains. Other titles al have at least six copies available still.
  4. Nothing is sold out yet, if I counted right. Only Blow Out and Hard Hat are close to sold out. (2 and 3 left, respectively)
  5. If I get enough interest, I will get new boxes, manuals and overlays and make additional copies. These would be INSTEAD of the modified boxes from Rev. So far, there is not enough interest, so except for possibly making the Party Line album cartridge, the rest of these games will likely be just these 25, unless the interest level is up by the end of the week.
  6. Nothing has sold out, so I am leaving orders open through the end of the week, when I expect to receive the screws that I expect to work with the blue shells. At that time, I can start fulfilling orders. There is still a chance that I will make new boxes for some of these games, but so far, that has not been necessary, though still quite a few people did not follow through on their "count me in"
  7. Only a couple of hours left and only a little over half of the 25 copies are claimed. Further, a lot of people who said to count them in have not responded. I am trying to figure out whether to continue with my announced plan or print up new boxes, manuals, etc to have the larger release that lots of people wanted.
  8. Here are the pictures of the boxes, front and back, the cartridges, manuals and overlays. The boxes are not shrink wrapped. As indicated before, prices are $50 per title person, limit one copy each. The run is limited to 25 copies, one of which I will keep and one is reserved for Rev as part of the deal for the other materials. Delivery of the blue shells is dependent upon my ability to find a way to seal them, whether it be longer screws or glue (those seem to be the two choices). Other than the party line games, I will consider printing revised boxes, manuals and overlays for a larger run of any game that warrant it. This would possibly be INSTEAD of releasing these stickered boxes and would obviously mean a longer wait. Those boxes could possibly come in shrink and may also cost a little more. I will try to get something to anyone that places an order in the window of 10AM PDT to 5PM PDT tomorrow. People who order earlier are more likely to get more items. People who have traded with me to get me items on my want list may receive preferred treatment. It is not too late to become one of those people. (I will note that for some of the variations, I can supply a different variation to replace it).
  9. No, these will not be shrink wrapped, just as the original releases were not. We have been doing shrink=wrap as a two-person operation, and those two people are not currently getting together.
  10. Sorry about the delay. Now I have received the boards, and the boxes are assembled and ready for pickup this afternoon. My plan is to put up photos, probably tomorrow, and then I will accept orders on Monday as follows: Starting at 10AM PDT, send me a private message listing how many games and which games you would like and in the order of preference. You can list more games that you want to buy. The games will be priced at $50 each, plus shipping. Limit of one copy of each title per person. I am not sure exactly how I will allocate things, but if you place an order by 5PM PDT on Monday, you should get something, if you provide sufficient choices. This could be at the expense of someone at 10AM not getting everything they ask for. For the blue label cartridges, I need to find screws that work. The ones used on the LTO shells don't catch. That could be a problem in the current environment which could delay shipment of those items. For games other than the Party Line games, I am open to reprinting them at a larger quantity, which would mean new boxes and manuals and overlays. I expect to rerelease the Party Line games as an album cartridge, as originally planned by Mattel. I do not know the timeframe in which I could get new boxes printed.
  11. After checking with my suppliers and possible suppliers, and cooling off a bit, here is my current plan. All cartridges will be on LTO boards in LTO compatible shells. I will release 25 copies each of Hard Hat, Blow Out and Space Cadet in the previous boxes (modified with some stickers), with previous manuals and overlays. Hard Hat and Blow Out will be in the blue shells. I am considering a later release of these three games in a Party Line album in a larger, release of 50-100 copies at least. I expect to release 25 copies of Magic Carousel, Number Jumble and Brickout in the same way, with no followup release with new other materials. For Land Battle and Takeover, I am more inclined to commit to making more copies available, but I don't know if I should then not use the existing box/overlay/manual materials and just make more to start with, or make 25 like the others and then make more. Along with Party Line, I am considering a rerelease of Stadium Mud Buggies. I also have a bunch of white label Boxing cartridges with Intellivision Inc manuals, but no boxes, which I could release similar to Slap Shot, though that is a pretty cheap game and may not be worth it. Again, the 25 cap is because that is what I have as far as manuals, boxes and overlays and I feel if I am going to reprint those I should update them.
  12. How did prove that we are not able to work with customers? I guess I should just throw away the materials that Rev sent me and then I can consider whether to proceed on rereleasing any of those titles. I have spent money on getting new cartridge labels and boards, but I suppose I can lose some of that, if necessary. We just broke even on Spiker less than a month ago, and are still underwater on Deep Pockets and King of the Mountain (less than 100 sold of each). We have fared better on Slap Shot. We only had to make boxes for that, but we also have sold more copies (in a longer period). Rev sent me 25 boxes, manuals and overlays for these titles and I thought it was worth doing. If I am just pissing people off, maybe I should just throw them away. I have 50 blue shells, I suppose I could do them all on one title or just throw them away. Keith had them made when he was considering a release years ago. I think he was considering Deep Pockets before the bootleg came out and then just decided not to do anything. If I knew how to make more blue shells, we would have used them on the last releases.
  13. I added some more third party unboxed copies last week (and adjusted prices on others), and today I started an auction for a signed Thin Ice - https://www.ebay.com/itm/303567961664
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