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  1. Generally speaking, the manual and cartridge should match the location on the bottom of the Mattel box (and each other). The overlays will usually be USA, but the box bottom will say so if that is the case - a few games have HK overlays available. Sometimes the enclosed catalog will be a USA catalog in a HK box, but again, the box bottom will say so. But in the wild, lots of swapping of manuals and cartridges has been done to make better looking packages (or turn loose games into box games). Full color manuals should always come with boxes that have keyboard component text at the very least. As the revision numbers get higher, the more likely it is that it should be in a later box. but we don't know where the cutoffs are.
  2. We had package some time last year that we sent to Italy. It sat in Milan for a couple of weeks, then went to Brazil. Eventually it came back to us.
  3. I am missing Frog Bog and TRON SS, in addition to Super Series Baseball. There also appears to be an early B&W Golf manual that still has Mattel copyright info that I am missing. In addition to Super Series, I also have no WL cartridge for Backgammon, Mr. Basic and Word Fun. And still missing various other varieties.
  4. Actually, manual and box art does not typically vary between HK and US versions, though some times there are different colors on the manual. The most visible difference besides the HK/US text is that later US versions come without a plastic tray, while the HK versions keep the tray throughout.
  5. What an odd lot. I count SIX FCTVVO in there, and a bunch of Intellivision Inc, along with some other stuff. An odd mix of really old and newer versions. Probably cobbled together from various locations.
  6. I got the mailers sooner than expected, so have sent invoices to those that have messaged me and will continue to do so as they come in. I plan to sell some direct and get them mailed out Tuesday or Wednesday and then start putting them up on eBay.
  7. Well, none of them are signed by EVERYONE. We have located the mailers we plan to use, but do not have them in hand (and won't until after the holiday), to determine the weight for shipping purposes. The mailers cost about $1.50 each ncluding the cost to get them shipped to us. It appears that postage might be $11.50 domestically, though we might be able to use first class package, which would be around $6, depending on the weight and still get tracking (though perhaps no insurance, so that might not be ideal). I plan to initially sell them direct here on AtariAge, using PayPal. The 16 signature pieces will be $40, and others will vary accordingly. Here is one of the CGE 2014 sleeves, which is the most common set of signatures. None of the sleeves were all signed at one time. The CGE and Comikaze notations from 2014 are when Keith signed them, and some of the other signatures. Gabriel, in particular signed them at PRGE the year we had the Amico announcement. Some of the other signatures were at annual BSR reunion lunches 2018-2020. So interested parties should send me their PayPal ID and zip code and I will send an invoice when I can get a good weight, probably Tuesday or Wednesday.
  8. I don't know where those are. I am pretty sure that I don't have them.
  9. That is Mark Urbaniec (Vectron), signing on the picture of himself that is next to the panel
  10. I thought I had done the unreleased Atari 2600 M-Network games, but noticed yesterday that I had not. They are up now.
  11. For pricing, I was thinking $5-6 for the unsigned sleeves. We were selling NVM autograph cards signed by Keith for $15 (and signature only, no cartoon), so that is a floor for signed sleeves (that Keith signed). While the other signatures are not equally difficult to get, I would think $1-2 apiece for those and something for the cartoon, making a total price in the $30-$50 range for the fully signed ones. The most common set of signatures along with Keith is Gabriel Baum, Michael Breen, Eric Del Sesto, Steve Ettinger, Bill Fisher, Connie Goldman, Ray Kaestner, Michelle Mock, Bob Newstadt, Karen Nugent, David Rolfe, Stephen Roney, John Sohl, Mark Urbaniec and David Warhohl. This set of people is on the ones marked CGE2014 (Though many of the signatures were applied at later dates). We have 8 glued and 10 unglued. An additional 2 unglued have a smudged signature of Nugent. There is one additional (with a good Nugent signature) that is missing Gabriel Baum. There are four labeled Comikaze 2014. These have Mark Kennedy, Dale Lynn, and Dave Stifel instead of Eric Del Sesto, Steve Ettinger, and Michelle Mock. There is an additional one with no cartoon, that compared to the CGE2014 sigs has Mark Kennedy instead of Eric Del Sesto and Michelle Mock (so one fewer signature) Another with no cartoon and a running man sticker over the serial number has Mark Kennedy and Dale Lynn instead of Eric Del Sesto, Steve Ettinger, Michelle Mock and David Warhol. This one has two David Rolfe signatures.
  12. We have a bunch of Flashback sleeves, both signed and unsigned. I have been sitting on them this long because we hadn't really figured out how to shop them (not that we spent a lot of time thinking about that) or how much to sell them for. We have 45 signed. 14 are signed by Keith Robinson only (one of those is personalized with a cartoon of Normy, the rest have no cartoon). There are four that are signed by 9-10 BSRs that do not include Keith. The rest are all signed by Keith with 14-15 other signatures. All but two of those have a cartoon of Normy along with Keith's signature. We have 45 unsigned. Some have printed serial numbers, some have hand-written serial numbers, some have running man stickers, some have fall 2014 Retro Game Show stickers and some have Comikaze 2014 stickers. One of the Keith solo signature sleeves has a Running Man 2014 Holiday Sticker. Three of the ones Keith didn't sign have the Last 79 sticker, so there are lots of sleeve variants. Here is a typical 16 signature sleeve.
  13. While I think I can say there is nothing else "in the archives", I cannot say for sure that no programmer has a copy of something. Of course, after all of these years, some T-Cards, etc may no longer be functional. I have had some fail, myself. And actually, I guess I am not sure about some of the rom images I have (as to whether they have been released or not)
  14. I'm just sorry (and a little embarrassed) that it took almost five years to get it all over to the new site. (at least I think I got it all)
  15. Remaining 1984 planned releases added as of now. Would like to figure out where the Computer Corridors screen came from so that I can rescan from the original rather then upscaling Keith's image.
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