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  1. From Venezuela, as is the one in the box with no manual.
  2. I don't know anything about Dam Busters, but I thought I would take this opportunity to check if you are having the same notification problems the1Hatman was having after the site update, as I have sent you several messages in our conversations without response.
  3. And it appears that we are not going to hit June. June 45th, maybe (better known as July 15), but I am just waiting for them to be assembled and shipped to me.
  4. MATTEL ELECTRONICS Electric Company Word Fun missing GFUSKC along with US manual, cartridge Mind Strike missing GF Singapore box NASL Soccer missing GFHK G2 box missing GFHKKC box NBA Basketball missing GFUS box Scooby Doo missing GF Singapore box Auto Racing missing 820 US manual missing Full Color Purple manual Burger Time missing USA cartridge missing Korea cartridge missing white label cartridge with logo font Frog Bog missing 1982 US cartridge Horse Racing missing US G2 manual Las Vegas Poker Blackjack missing printing error overlay variant Las Vegas Roulette missing HK (A) manual Lock N Chase missing US blue monochrome manual Mr Basic Meets Bits N Bytes missing Singapore cartridge Night Stalker missing Singapore cartridge (is there a Singapore box?) Sea Battle missing HK G1 manual Sub Hunt missing US G1 manual Triple Action missing HK Blue manual Mattel French Canadian Advanced Dungeons & Dragons APBA Backgammon APBA Backgammon in purple sleeve Bomb Squad BurgerTime Checkers Electric Company Math Fun Las Vegas Roulette Mission X NHL Hockey Space Battle in red sleeve USCF Chess US Ski Team Skiing in blue sleeve Mattel International Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Astrosmash Boxing Horse Racing Sea Battle Shark! Shark! (white box) Space Battle Sub Hunt Utopia SEARS Backgammon missing box and manual Night Stalker missing Sears HK box Horse Racing missing Sears manual Snafu missing Sears manual Intellivision Inc: Auto Racing missing white label cartridge with origin Backgammon missing Basketball missing white label US cartridge missing top staple manual Big League Baseball missing white label Korea cartridge missing top staple manual missing Intellivision Inc overlays Buzz Bombers missing white label Singapore cartridge with 1982 date missing white label Mattel cartridge Checkers missing (only manual is known to exist) Electric Company Math Fun - missing white label Singapore cartridge Football missing white label US cartridge Hockey missing white label US cartridge Horse Racing - missing white label cartridge with date only Loco-Motion missing box (may not exist) Masters of the Universe missing white label cartridge missing accordion manual Motocross missing box with 1-2 players and UPC code missing box without 1-2 players text missing white label cartridge with date only Mr Basic missing Night Stalker missing Intellivision Inc overlays Pinball missing box with UPC code missing map fold manual missing Intellivison Inc Purple and yellow overlays missing white label cartridge with date missing white label Singapore cartridge Royal Dealer missing white label US cartridge Shark! Shark! missing white label cartridge with game name only missing Intellivison Inc overlays Snafu missing white label cartridge Super Series Big League Baseball missing Digiplay missing everything INTV Corp Body Slam missing large text cartridge label Commando missing small text cartridge label Diner missing clean box with 1-2 players and UPC code Pac-Man missing both boxes that say 1-2 players (with and without UPC) Slam Dunk could use box for cart variant that I have Spiker have manual only (and report box) Super Pro Football missing box with UPC code on right Thin Ice - have box variant without a cartridge Tower of Doom missing box with UPC World Championship Baseball missing map fold manual missing large font cartridge Third party - MIssing CBS Turbo and Zaxxon but low priority Congo Bongo missing manual have repro box QBert missing box type (have top open)
  5. The plan is that we will sell both through blueskyrangers.com and eBay. Eventually, we will probably go to a full eBay store as move everything there, but that is down the road a little. As for the 125 status, I leave that up you guys. I would tend to agree that Deep Pockets and King of the Mountain would not be added to the 125, though King of the Mountain was largely written at Mattel, while Deep Pockets was completed for INTV Corp and would have probably been the 126th game if they had stayed open.
  6. I think it was just the attraction of 10/10/2020, and a date that was achievable and early enough for Christmas.
  7. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the credits for those games on their individual pages (except that the trademark comment was missing). But then I saw this response and figured it was in the game list. I didn't realize that when it acted up and duplicated the entry from the previous line during an edit (which I have seen before) that it messes up the entire line. I better look around at some of the other ones as well.
  8. While I am not quite finished moving all of the old content, I think what is there is ready for more viewing. I have reworked most of the old intellivisiongames.com/intellivisionlives.com history site and put it up at https://history.blueskyrangers.com , including the instructions. I appreciate any comments on the new format (which should now work better on tablets and phones), as well as any broken links or typos that you find. I do not at present need to know of pages that were at the old site but are not here yet. I am still working on that. Many (perhaps even most) of the box images have not been reprocessed to the resolution that is currently being displayed, so I don't need to be told about that, either. It has been suggested that I should add actual screenshots, perhaps to the image carousel that is there now. I could use help getting those, but I don't want to be bombarded by tons of images for some games. I do welcome an orderly process to curate those, and that may be coming soon. To be in the box carousel, they would need to be 400 pixels high.
  9. Starting to put up my stock. Today I have put up the four Intellivoice games: B-17 Bomber (Signed) - https://www.ebay.com/itm/303159542442 Space Spartans (Signed) - https://www.ebay.com/itm/303159571084 Bomb Squad - https://www.ebay.com/itm/303159549325 TRON Solar Sailer - https://www.ebay.com/itm/303159560966 And some loose voice units: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303159580394
  10. Or they could have just translated the US box entirely without regard to whether it was appropriate or not.....
  11. Were the units both made in the same location?
  12. As mr_me seems to have discerned from the box credits, this is the one with music/sound enhancements and crash bug fix.
  13. Mid-June might be safer. It is out of my hands.
  14. Additionally, we were running out of the ten-packs we had of the pack-in overlays for the Flashback, so while we were printing new overlays for these games, we reprinted the nine games of the ten pack that were correct (leaving off the baseball ones). Since we didn't have the original artwork, we had to have them redone, so updated the copyrights to BSR, 2019, and made a bunch.
  15. The third title - (Chart was right on all three):
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