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  1. The Flashback overlays do not include the Electric Company logo. Those would appear to be Intellivision Inc overlays, which are not listed on INTVFunhouse, since it appears the copyright line has been blacked out.
  2. As I was trying to compare the UK clamshell copy of DK I picked up unexpectedly, I noticed that this picture is of a ColecoVision cartridge package...... On mine, the cartridge holder inside is not as custom as I might expect for an official package, but the wrapper is printed on paper and is not a cut down box, so I don't know. It would be easy to generate that box art today, but not originally.
  3. I have updated the Packaging History page on my website to remove games listed as possibly not having HK boxes without keyboard text. Only remaining earlier game in that category is Hockey, with Sharp Shot the only 1982 game. https://history.blueskyrangers.com/mattelelectronics/packaginghistory.html
  4. Generally speaking, the Lifestyle white sticker on the bottom is a variant of whatever box the sticker is printed on. I have seen the Lifestyle stickers on 0410 (slotted international), 0810 (UK) and 0910 boxes. In my experience, those boxes should also exist without the white sticker.
  5. Can't tell from that picture about the manual. need to see the bottom (of the front) of the manual, which would say "printed in Hong Kong" and have the part number.
  6. One unknown variant I have suspected (but not found) is a 0910 Hong Kong box for Star Strike, as there is a HK US English manual (both on Funhouse and in my collection).
  7. I am not convinced that the clamshells were manufactured by CBS, though I certainly could be wrong. I think they may have been made by video rental stores, as the eBay auction description had indicated. Though that would not explain why only a few titles appear affected, if in fact those titles have been found in sufficient quantity to indicate otherwise.
  8. Funhouse is somewhat lacking on the UK releases, which are usually 0810 boxes. Those boxes also show up in Australia with a white sticker on the bottom. Auto Racing and Boxing, for some reason, have 0810 boxes in their normal US releases. This box appears to say 0610. I do have the Baseball and Soccer 0810 boxes. We are getting a bit off topic, however. Perhaps we should take this to a separate thread.
  9. I also did not have HK USCF Chess on my list. I still have Reversi and Shark! Shark! HK, both open and with tray.
  10. Yes, but I guess I need to check and see which part is the mistake (the trayless pocket or the HK origin)
  11. That Bond ad is actually a 2600 ad, but it does say "Coming Soon for Intellivision"
  12. At least he correctly identified it as a bootleg. This game was certainly not ever published by INTV Corp, and Funhouse lists it as Intelligentvision (correctly, I think). It was originally released as a ROM on Intellivision Lives.
  13. The international 0410 boxes have the slots (or not). There are also 0810 UK boxes for many which do not have slots, and even have text on the back. These boxes also show up from Australia with a white sticker on the bottom. One of the things I HAVE added to the site: https://history.blueskyrangers.com/mattelelectronics/packaginghistory.html
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