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  1. Has anyone looked inside to see if any of Craps or Slots is still in there?
  2. No one noticed The Electric Company Spelling Fun or Craps and Slots on the Roulette cartridge?
  3. Aquarius software was all transferred to Radofin. Licensed games are subject to negotiation with the license holder, and even the ported Mattel games (like Utopia and Night Stalker) would be subject to licensing now.
  4. For the 40th anniversary. here is an early promotional video, which was on a tape dated 12/31/1978. I suspect (but do not know for sure) that it was made for 1979 January CES. This was copied from a 3/4" tape just in the last week.
  5. Prices extended through Intellivision Day (Dec 3)!! Only15 copies of Slap Shot in the new boxes remains. (Though we do have some extra boxes which we should put up soon)
  6. Reduced prices on King of the Mountain, Deep Pockets, Steamroller, Slap Shot and overlay packs. Also reduced prices on eBay for World Championship Baseball, Lock N Chase, Auto Racing. https://conta.cc/2rH2JGk
  7. I have several GFUSNT Chess copies with your choice of overlays and manuals.
  8. I really want to find a Made in USA NBA Basketball that does not mention the keyboard component. All I can find are Hong Kong copies. INTVFunhouse lists it as having a tray.
  9. Steamroller is now for sale (along with the three BSR titles, individually and bundled). https://www.ebay.com/itm/303366066591 https://blueskyrangers.com/collections/frontpage/products/david-rolfes-steamroller-nis-cartridge-for-intellivision-console
  10. There are also instructions here: https://history.blueskyrangers.com/instructions/index.html
  11. I am getting ready to put up a bunch of cartridges on eBay, and thought I would mention first the titles that I have which have unpunched overlays. They are: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin Boxing (Intellivision Inc) Bump N Jump (grey overlays) Bump N Jump (red overlays) BurgerTime Buzz Bombers Mission X Motocross Pinball Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase USCF Chase World Championship Baseball (already listed on eBay, though I have more) World Series Major League Baseball If you are interested, let me know.
  12. That is certainly true later on. However, the changes to the STIC chip would have been negotiated with Chandler's group, and I think that this video is part of that process.
  13. These comments and the previous timeline listed by Keith make me believe that yes, these are probably test videos to determine which changes had the most effect, or something like that. And no, there were no T-Cards in the materials we received.
  14. In some stuff we got from David Chandler's estate, there was a videotape from December, 1981, that appears to be test video of the Super-STIC, which Keith had indicated entered development in 1982. I guess that story isn't completely right.
  15. While not quite "the next few days" like I suggested a month ago, these titles are now available as a bundle on eBay and both as a bundle and individually on blueskyrangers.com. The individual titles should be added to eBay soon. We will also soon be carrying Steamroller for Intellivision from Elektronite as a kind of test case.
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