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  1. The SNES Jr has a good click but it just doesn't hit for me like the OG SNES does. Can't say why.
  2. StuOhQ

    Skies of Arcadia

    Just started playing this myself. Too early to tell how highly I would rank it, but I'm really enjoying it so far.
  3. I wouldn't say "not fun" as a blanket statement, but getting a new game for the PS4 and then waiting an hour for it to install/patches does sap a lot of enjoyment for me.
  4. You would see a lot more bloom on consumer CRTs than professional equipment.
  5. You create some very random content! Make it a lot of fun to watch, since you never know what you're in store for! Keep up the good work
  6. Put together a new channel trailer for Retro Tech Select!
  7. Always awesome when you can find a versatile display on the cheap. I found a 480p EDTV (LCD) that accepts RF coax, Composite, Component, S-video, and VGA for $10 at a Goodwill. If I ever have problems with a new console on my Projector/PC Monitor/CRT, I will plug it into that thing to know for sure if the problem lies elsewhere. It takes everything (480p and under and no SCART, that is)!
  8. I fought against this inevitable truth for a looong time. You can find standalone demodulators that will work with vintage gaming hardware (sometimes), but it will cost you much more than what a decent VCR will - and will probably do a worse job.
  9. Yeah, I'm happy with my AVS. Less features, but a nice piece of kit at 40% of the price.
  10. I actually have a handful of up-converters that aren't currently in use. It's getting to be about time for a garage sale lol
  11. I wish they would have done a pre-order for the adapters in the first place. They could have gauged interest, filled the initial need, and had more available to those who were more casually interested. As it stands, you have people who checked back on their site multiple times a week for a year that failed to get an order in.
  12. Good to see that issue made right. I love Analogue and the only thing I think they could do better is CS and PR.
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