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  1. Sure - I’m happy for you to modify Chetiry. Chris
  2. This fun little game would be very doable on the Atari 2600 as a paddle game - essentially Kaboom in reverse: https://nivrig.itch.io/dodgy-rocks/devlog/178970/dodgy-rocks-released-on-amiga I would make it myself but have too many other projects at the moment Chris
  3. Awesome - I have missed Artie! Now that the blog is borked, I’m hoping you will release all of the Artie strips in printed form at some point? Chris
  4. If the kernel is executed from RAM then self-modifying code could be used to achieve the same effect in pure 6507. This would require a lot of RAM for a full screen display, and the cost of all the writes would be prohibitive. However, if DCP/DPC+ is permitted then I believe it becomes feasible with pure 6507 assembler? For me, I'm comfortable using CDFJ and other techniques(e.g. bus stuffing) to push the TIA to the limit Chris
  5. Wow - 200 downloads already - thanks everyone! Chris
  6. It looks like Blue Azure has not visited AtariAge in years. However, I just wanted to say that I used the disassembly posted here to port Xevious to the Atari 2600: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/310276-zeviouz-2600/ Thanks! Chris
  7. I didn't consider the similarity to Boubder Dash until now, but it is essentially the same technique. I got the original idea from this thread, though it isn't actually necessary to flicker the colors - the scrolling also helps to blend the colors together. Chris
  8. Sure, go for it! Chris
  9. Thanks David - once you use the ARM you can't go back! Chris
  10. It is difficult to compare lines because the 7800 version is 6502 assembly and the 2600 version is denser C code. However, I translated around 7000 lines of code from the 7800 version into around 5000 lines in the 2600 version. Approximately 50% of the logic from the 7800 version will remain in the final game. Chris
  11. The sounds come directly from the Atari 7800 version so I can't take credit for that, but I will take credit for the smooth scrolling and sprite engine! Chris
  12. Thanks for featuring Zeviouz on your show today! I really enjoyed watching the big reveal, and seeing you and Arelan having fun with the game. This is the reason that I write these games, so that others can enjoy playing them! Cheers, Chris
  13. Yes - plug in a Genesis controller before loading the ROM (or change the controller type in Stella and restart the ROM). Chris
  14. Here is a screenshot of the game - note the 4 color Playfield and awesome sprites by Nathan. Chris
  15. Zeviouz for the Atari 2600 was unveiled today on Zero Page Homebrew channel - I highly recommend watching the show if you have not seen it already! Here is the binary version for everyone to playtest - it is around 80% complete, with the following features missing: Andor-Genesis Motherships. PAL60 support. High-score table. Atarivox support (not sure about including speech?). Attract mode. Two-Player Support (turn-based, not simultaneous). The game is a direct port from the 7800 source code, with lots of optimizations and tweaks to make it work on the 2600. The main differences from the 7800 version are: The scrolling background uses the playfield instead of tiles. The sprites (by Nathan Strum) are based on the arcade version. The ground enemies are animated, e.g. buildings open-up to fire. The level layouts are modified to reduce flicker. Note that it is a CDFJ/ARM game and will only work on a recent version of Stella or a real Atari 2600 with a Harmony cart. Let me know if you find any bugs, or have any suggestions! Chris zeviouz00_NTSC.bin
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