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  1. I have 3 working CECHAs (and a couple of CECHEs), but I wont use them until I have time to do the maintenance. I picked up a CECHG just for the PSU, but its working so nicely that it would be a shame to cannibalize it. I may just buy the cooler PSU by itself, but theyre basically the same price as a CECHG. Which models have the 19 blade fan?

    Not sure which had em but they're around as parts, I think my cecha is only 15 or 17 but it needs psu and preferably ssd before I mess with it. I already got some as5 on it and slightly bent the heatsink clips so it would be held on tighter. It also needs a new bluray drive since the refurbished one I put in a while ago didn't wanna work after sorting out hdd and cfw on it


    I've heard that advice too, and I'll probably follow it because it couldn't hurt. But I read a pretty convincing blog post where the writers says that those are just myths, and the only thing that works is getting under the heat spreader before the RLOD/YLOD first happens. The writer tested each variable separately, timing when the system would overheat, and the only thing that mattered was changing the thermal compound.

    Well of course it's better to get upgraded before an issue actually happens, but sometimes that's not the case unfortunately


    As far as the fan, yea a low priority but better cooling is better cooling and it definitely doesn't hurt if the airflow isn't negativity affected


    Thermal paste is probably considered mandatory if there's any respect of the system involved, for the effort I'd say silver is a minimum with something better being a plus but not really required to improve the situation


    PSU could be considered optional but we're considering stock original being 100w more than necessary and getting considerably hot and stuck inside a case with everything else. Peace of mind logic would say just do the later model PSU that provides adequate power and puts out less heat.


    The most optional part of upgrades is an SSD. Definitely won't hurt the cooling pursuit, and they're not incredibly expensive.


    Personally I'd go all out for my personal cecha PS3 as I'd want best experience possible with minimal risk to my hardware. More so if it's got cfw or an exploitable ofw. But that's just me.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to address everything on my post. I'm more than willing to hear more recommendations for the 3DS since I'm new when it comes to the portable. Since it's backwards compatible with the DS, I'd also like to hear about those. Thanks!

    Chrono Trigger on DS is pretty much the definitive version as it has the most content to offer


    Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver are DS remakes of gen 2, and imo offer a better experience than the others


    Tetris DS is a very solid offering, I played the crap out of it


    I think there was a reasonably decent harvest moon on ds as well

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  4. One of these days Ill get around to applying some Arctic Silver to the CPU and GPU of one of my CECHA PS3s. Such a PIA removing the heat spreader from those chips. But thats the only way to keep those backwards compatible PS3s alive before they start RLODing and then YLODing.

    Upgrading to a 19 blade fan helps further, and the biggest help is using a later model PSU, one of the enclosed ones that won't burn your hand

  5. A modified original PS3 paired with a PS4 controller is about as close anyone could get to "best overall"


    Otherwise it's not entirely optimal to pick any generation specifically as the best. Best revision of a generation, that's a bit different and easier to have a definitive best.

  6. Ocarina and Majora on 3DS are both fine refreshers, Link Between is great if you have a like for the SNES style gameplay, triforce heroes is completely skippable


    Monster Hunter is a safe bet

    Animal Crossing New Leaf, decent, the decorator one is probably not worth it

    Mario Kart 7 is fun

    Pokemon X/Y decent gen 1 appeal, ruby/sapphire remakes obviously appealing to gen 3 fans, Sun/Moon/Ultra well if you love pokemon


    That's just from my personal experience with it

  7. If you're a fan and actually want the extras, yes.


    If you're not using the extras at all, probably not.


    A good example was Saints Row 2, because it came with a USB drive. You could backup the dlc and profile on that to keep in the case and down the road when you might not be able to download that stuff again, it might be handy.


    Fallout 3 came with a bobblehead and while not useful, it and the lunchbox make good display items.


    Playing cards or clothing will probably devalue the CE if you actually use them, so it's not quite as good, and generally it doesn't hold value when you sit on it.


    Of course there's exceptions out there, but nowadays a collector's edition is just a way to get more money and have a bit of bragging rights.

  8. WAD installers aren't terribly difficult on real hardware, wananoko or however he spells it makes a WAD installer/uninstaller that proved reliable


    I do know of the collection mentioned for download and have it on a HDD stashed away... I kinda hoard stuff like that for preservation reasons


    Kinda why I'm against digital only downloads

  9. As someone who bought it on PS4 after the bad news for $20, I definitely need to play it now.


    I'm happy that I can try it out 2 years later and see all that was added, unlike Sea of Thieves which was like the boating version of NMS, which so far makes it's DLC "limited time only" which makes checking it out a year or two later pointless


    Did anything explode? Because if nothing exploded, I should probably try it.

    Nah, nothing bad happened. It didn't map out however


    I think nothing worked except pressing down registered as A. I do remember I tested this with road rash and a standard 7800 controller, not the more nes looking controller

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