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  1. I bought the one from NY, still haven't had time to install it though
  2. Exactly my thoughts too, getting bloody solicitors involved and arguing over case and PCB mods... I bet Candle and Lotharek are thinking 'what the hell was the point?' Some of you should be ashamed of yourselves!
  3. Get a life mate and stop trying to derail this thread...
  4. I received mine today, no problems with it whatsoever, have been enjoying playing Sydney Hunter with my Son
  5. Is there a service manual for PAL models at all?
  6. I'm not sure in Mhz, but usually things like computers and video recorders etc. were tuned in at channel 36.
  7. Thanks for sharing, i've just bought my first Amstrad CPC 464
  8. Well i've ordered the one that ChildOfCV recommended, just have to wait for it to arrive now, many thanks!
  9. It does seem like something is overheating, but oddly after the screen goes off I can turn it off and the colour title screen comes back on, it goes off again though without me being able to play the game It does let me fine tune the picture, albeit electronically... an analogue dial would be far better I agree But whether the console has been on for a while or not that's the best picture I can obtain.
  10. I have a UK PAL model with an odd problem, it loads up games and plays, but after a while the screen goes brown and then black and the game stops. Also, it goes to the title screen in colour, but then when you go to start a game the graphics are black and white and really fuzzy, can anyone help point me in the right direction please?
  11. I managed to figure out where it went, but the graphical glitches remain, best start a new thread about that I think...
  12. Can anyone tell me where this red wire is supposed to be attached to please? I've just opened the console up to look for an intermittent fault and I could see straight away that this wire was hanging loose, i'm hoping that this is the culprit
  13. Thanks a lot for the link, i'll contact them and see if they'll post to England I did try and buy the kit from the seller in Turkey, but each time I do my payment gets cancelled... i've contacted him but he hasn't responded. Thanks again.
  14. What length standoff did you end up with?
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