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  1. One of our favourite games to play is Atari Basketball from 1979, although it plays well and we really enjoy it the sprites could do with tweaking, would anyone like to have a go? Or maybe someone could point me in the right direction and i'll have a go myself, how hard can it be?
  2. For metal parts, isopropyl is fine, but for rubber it's definitely not
  3. Don't use any chemicals like alcohol on the rubber parts: As far as rubber conditioner, on my car I use Aerospace 303, with some components I soak them in 303 and they come up like new
  4. I wonder if WJOE Radio could help with pinch rollers for our tape decks? I've used them in the past for belts for my vintage Pioneer Hi-Fi http://www.wjoe.com/vintageandantiques.htm
  5. That doesn't sound very simple at all, with that method you have to buy products, containers etc. plus it's time consuming... The beauty of this new method is that all you do is put your retro device in the sun and leave it till the yellow is gone, it's simplicity itself https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8P1OVj0IcqY
  6. I have a white PSOne controller that has yellowed badly over the years, i've been putting it out in the sun on and off for the last couple of months and it's at the point where the yellowing is barely noticeable; i'll post some pics of before and after
  7. I think they all look great, especially Yamo! Can't wait to play it
  8. No, you are an ATARI GOD, who we should all kneel down before your golden behind and worship, for surely, your word is the gospel 😂
  9. You know mate, you obviously have some talent, judging by the demo you posted on this thread, the trouble is all of that and your knowledge is cancelled out somewhat by your massive ego and superior attitude; this is just the way you come across to me and I suspect many others 🙄 You obviously love the Atari 8-bit and have some talent, so why not just take the pole out of your keister? You'll probably get along much better with the community here 😊
  10. You judge plenty of people on here, so don't point the finger at me 🙄
  11. emkay has had plenty of opportunity to put his money where his mouth is 🤔
  12. Maybe because you come across as being superior and an expert and maybe people assume you've made games etc? 🤔
  13. It would be great to get David Pleasance on board in the UK Tommy: https://www.everythingamiga.com/2018/11/david-john-pleasance-the-commodore-story-the-untold-tale-of-a-computer-giant.html
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