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  1. The facepalm meme was for you, as you are digging for something that isn't there and you keep on and on about it 😂
  2. It's pretty tiresome and sad that these plebs have nothing else better to do, it's the same situation with the AtariAge facebook page too, so I left the group, I just don't need the negativity, there's enough of that in the world at the moment 😪
  3. Thanks a lot buddy, might have a look into getting a 1541 UII+ too at some point 😊
  4. I'm saddened to read some of the comments on the other threads in this sub forum, some of the characters posting are just vile, when this thread goes I don't think i'll bother clicking on this section at all due to the nastiness 😪
  5. Funnily enough I bought one a few days back, seems really good and quick at loading too 😊
  6. Interesting thread as i've just picked up a C64c locally quite cheap, some good game recommendations here, cheers 😊
  7. I loved Ollie's Follies and Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz back in the day, I still play them both from time to time 😋
  8. I do property maintenance, I'm good at what I do and have good, long standing customers who appreciate my work ethic and standards. I wouldn't take advice from someone who isn't a skilled handyman, has no experience and hasn't got a clue what they're talking about, I'd listen to them, but I would be thinking to myself that they were ignorant. So, to answer the question, I wouldn't give Intellivision any advice at all, I have no experience of running a large company and have no experience of the games industry...
  9. Sorry for doubting you were there, there's so many trolls on here that it's hard to distinguish them sometimes, no hard feelings 🤝
  10. I'm sorry, but I seriously doubt you were there at the event, and i'm calling BS on your post. I think you've got a vivid imagination and a deep seated enmity for Tommy and Amico, your comments on the nintendolife site confirm this to me 😉 (https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/06/intellivisions_amico_is_shaping_up_to_be_the_most_nintendo_non-nintendo_system_ever)
  11. I've been keeping an eye on this thread since Tommy went on vacation and as always, when the cat's away, the mice will play.... happens every time 😂
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