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  1. Don't worry about it Paul, you've done nothing wrong, it's just people with nothing else better to do 😂 I'm sure if the moderators have or had a problem they'd have taken action 👍
  2. They're both beautiful, but I think rensoup has made his mind up already 😊
  3. Thank you Nicholas, glad it arrived safely and in one piece! I try my best 😊
  4. I've just bought a 3D printer and have just been looking into how to copy something, so I might see if I could make a copy of one of the good keys 😊
  5. Has anyone 3D printed new buttons for their 1010 cassette deck? I've just picked one up cheap and two of the buttons are broken. I've looked on Thingiverse to see if there's any files to download but I can't find any, a Google search didn't come up with anything either 🤔 Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. I tried the method on a cassette that previously refused to load, i'd tried all sorts of things, fast forwarding, rewinding, smacking it, nothing worked. A couple of days back I applied WD40 Dry PTFE to it several times, as outlined in the video, this evening I tried it and it loaded straight away, a lovely clear tone too 😁 Edit: I've just realised I put the wrong picture up before 😂 I actually used this WD40 product: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006UCJ4Z4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. As per the title, I bought a CBS ColecoVision last year and it's never really worked properly, Initially the power supply was faulty, there was no +12v supply, so I connected up the missing voltage and it worked! I did manage to play some games, but the screen was jittery. I then cleaned the On/Off switch and whilst this helped the picture, it still wasn't great. I then had the idea of doing an RGB mod on it to see if that would help, and so I bought a kit. Whilst I was waiting for that to arrive I bought an old PC power supply from eBay, with all the voltages the CV needs, so I chopped off the old connector and soldered it onto the power supply. The RGB kit finally arrived and I fitted that, I followed the instructions and it didn't work, just a black screen. I checked all of my work and the voltages from the power supply a few times, but it's still dead... I'm now at the point where i've given up, i'd like to cut my losses with it and pass it onto someone here (ideally) that can get it working. I paid £50 for it and i'd just like that for it, the RGB kit and power supply will of course be included, anyone fancy a challenge? 😊
  8. I've just tried the method on a tape that didn't load, it struggled at first to fast forward whilst applying the treatment, but after doing it a couple of times it fast forwards really well; i'll be leaving it a few days before attempting to load it 😊
  9. It's not the traditional type of WD40, it's the 'dry' silicone type: In the video it was recommended he used Kontakt 61, but ended up using 3M Silicone spray, he then left the cassettes for a few days before testing them, but ended up leaving them several weeks before they played properly, I suggest viewing the video 👍
  10. I came across this video on YouTube after a recommendation on another forum (Amstrad) I haven't tried the method yet, but I thought i'd post it here in case it helps anyone who has problems loading old tapes, or even pre-recorded audio cassettes: I'll copy and paste the post here if anyone's interested: "All, The lockdown period we are in has caused a reinvigoration into my Amstrad CPC464 as I think I mentioned on my intro. I've been on eBay the last few weeks buying and selling, getting some of the games I always wanted as a kid and couldn't afford. Yes, I know I could get them free and use an emulator, but that doesn't do anything for me. I love using my original kit and I love the physical media. Plus I find the process fun, skipping down the stairs to see the postman's latest delivery! Anyway I had a problem starting to develop - some of the cassettes I was acquiring and also some I'd been given hadn't been looked after that well and basically I couldn't get them to load. I clean the cassette head, both with methylated spirits and a dry cleaner but to no avail. I even binned one tape "BMX Freestyle" by Codemasters - more on that later. Then I thought - hang on; these tapes, they're sure to be dirty. What can I do about them? After a bit of searching I hit upon the following; and, in short, it works! By God it works! I purchased some WD40 silicone lubricant from Amazon ( https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B006UCNI38/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1), gave it a whirl on the recovered-from-the-bin BMX Freestyle and hey-presto loaded first time. I'm over the moon! You would not believe the difference to the sound quality and also the crud that came off the tape on to the cotton bud! I've got some old music tapes I'm hopefully going to sort using this method. Suddenly the world is a bigger place (alright, I'm getting carried away now, but you get the idea!)... Give it a go and I think you'll be amazed.
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