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  1. I agree, we definitely need a European distributor of Intellivision clothing, i'd have ordered a few things by now, but the price to ship from the US is way too high unfortunately 🙁
  2. So sad to hear he's gone, Curt kindly sent me some spare latches for my 800 last year, what a loss 😪 Condolences to his family x
  3. Well said and I fully agree, i've noticed since the delay was announced that a lot of the haters have started to come out of the woodwork again, but what I say is this, bring it on if it makes you feel big, because at the end of the day Amico will be successful and all you're managing to do is isolate yourselves into a minority of bitter and twisted individuals 🙄
  4. My Son (10) and I both watched it together and really enjoyed it 😊
  5. I used this conductive paint and applied it with a leg of a resistor, although i imagine you could use a cocktail stick or similar just as well.
  6. My first 800XL had that style of power supply, it was massive and seemed to get really hot, I think they were common over here 😊
  7. Go for it emkay 😉
  8. Thanks for the update Jaci 😊
  9. I might try lightly sanding one down and buffing it up with Autosol 👍
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