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  1. I like the art but there is something about those classic covers. I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted for mine and it is hard because, in my opinion, you have to reconcile the age of the hardware with everything else. When I look at things like video games or board games, my choice is sometimes influenced by these considerations. Would a 1970s game look good with 2020 style artwork? I do think your cover captures it all very well.
  2. I usually work on the games on my lunch but recently there have been restrictions on number of people in offices or breakrooms so it is harder for me to set up my laptop for an hour or so.
  3. A couple of the things I am looking at are: tweaking the timer (still) moving setting selections on titlescreen and switches possibly adding a little 2nd player functionality to the main game (kind of like the Trash Mania: Remix option) maybe add door instead of fire button to access mini games Some space is very limited so I will see how much I have when I move things around.
  4. The regular game is through the yellow door on the first screen. Does it not work for you? I tested it on my phone using Emu2600 and it worked.
  5. It has been a really busy month so I had barely had time to work on anything. My work had experienced its annual inventory process so that was time consuming (maybe inspirational for another game? lol). There had also been pandemic related inconveniences that have impacted my programming time but I had finally gotten a chance to play around with the code. I kept the invisible bay doors as I really liked playing with it and plan on swapping it with the jack randomizer bay on the titlescreen but I didn't have the time. I tweaked the timer a bit after a bay is filled to see how that works with pacing, as before it seemed like it was the timer never really diminished. I still have to tweak the bonus from the bonus round but kept it so far if the changes to the timer balance things out a bit, making the bonus round a bit of a reward, especially when things speed up. I also caught the last ZPH episode and I loved Trashmania: Remix and I kind of saw some similarities in gameplay to Crossdock and apparently some of you did too. I really enjoyed some of the elements and liked how the player got slower when he picked up trash and got me thinking. I changed Crossdock to where when you touch the pallet jack you move slower to attempt balancing out the game some more. As things speed up it is possible to mow down boxes with the pallet jack so this can help calm things down a bit. It also makes it a little easier to load the corner bays. I just did a simple collision detection line so I am not sure if I want it to act any different but I want to test it on something other then my computer keyboard, but it did seem promising. Anyway, I thought I would add the update in the first post. I'll continue to test out gameplay and hope to work on it some more in the coming weeks.
  6. I don't really know much about the workings of the c64. I'll definitely have to do some research on this. I found one site that had common graphical errors but did not see anything matching this.
  7. I haven't checked to see if it is socketed, as I have read to try reinserting it. It looks as if it happened to sprites as well as characters - the image with the dolphin may be more difficult to notice but as the dolphin swims in the area you can see the effect below. I am not to familiar with the C64 too much (I only play around with it every once and a while) but I'll have to take it apart to see what's going on. Hope it is an easy fix. Curious. Is there an alternative to the VIC-II? I only see pulled chips online.
  8. It's been a while since unpowered up the C64. I immediately noticed some issues. I thought it might have been the cable I have so that I can use modern televisions so I tried an RF adapter too but it still persisted. I am not sure if this would be a bad or dying chip or something else. I had replaced the SID chip with a SWIN Sid Ultimate a couple years ago and I don't recall these glitches to exist then. It seems to only impact halfway down the screen. Here is what they look like:
  9. I love looking at work and seeing how it could translate into a game. Plus this seemed a natural fit
  10. Hmm. I may have to look into that. I have not had a free moment to tweak the game much these last couple weeks but hope to soon.
  11. That was the only thing that slowed me down - lack of real time editing. But it was still real easy and the colors horizontal and vertical bars to show where your note is was very helpful. I still need to play around with it some more, as the setup makes it ideal for the type of music I want to make. My kids loved the music it made too and I plan on putting it in their hands to see what they make.
  12. I for one am happy with this creation! I'm only mad I didn't discover this sooner. Happy Birthday!
  13. Just got a chance to play with it real fast before bed. In just a few minutes I was able to make a fun little loop. Seeing how quick and easy it was to make something with a beat and simple rhythm, this can definitely be of some value in the near future! While I find the other audio tools cool, there always seemed to be a steep (or maybe steep to me) learning curve to get something good out of it. The tools are great but I always seemed to have a hard time making something other then some little beeps and boops. This was fun and I cannot wait to make more with this when I have more time and will love to see if this is updated further, although I think it is amazing as is right now! Here was a the quick loop I put together - I plugged it into one of my WIPs just to hear it with a graphic on the screen in Stella.
  14. Wouldn't it be possible to map a MIDI keyboard to keys on your keyboard, so you could kind of control the soundforger with a controller without directly adding midi support?
  15. I love this. One of the areas I am wanting to improve on is music/sound creation. Any tools are helpful and I absolutely love the appearance as it may make things more accessible, especially if you are familiar with similar. I am planning on playing around with this as soon as I get the chance.
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