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  1. I was curious if there was an easy (or simpler) way to adjust a sprite width similar to using player0height rather then creating numerous sprites, each with one less column.
  2. KevKelley

    bB wish list

    The only thing I could think of which I don't know if it would be wishlist worthy would be maybe a simpler or easier way to determine collision detection with a copy of a sprite. Or if that is easier, then also making it simpler to do something like shoot a copy and then eliminate it. So let's say if you have a game where you have 3 copies of a sprite and you shoot the middle one, make it easier to switch to to the 2 wide spread copies of a sprite. I'm sure if I knew more or was more proficient in programming I would come up with more.
  3. With the issues corrected from November, I had been testing the game to see if it would go over 262 cycles. As I had posted in the past, it would appear to only go over a cycle or two in Stella but I would never experience any kind of screen jumping on real hardware. After testing I only seemed to experience this issue whenever I was moving downward. After numerous tweaks the issue seemed to occur less and less. My assumption is that this would happen because of some conflict with some of my various if/then statements involving joy0down, or movement in general. So far I haven't experienced any overcycle issues during testing, granted my testing sessions haven't been that prolonged. So with this issue considered "fixed," I just have some minor things to work on here or there and Crossdock will be done. I plan to now check the minigames for any issues, as I have found a couple minor ones that need correcting. Updated .bin on first page.
  4. I had recently played Tower of Rubble with my 7 year old and he had a blast. Once he got over running off the island for fun it was a real exciting.
  5. I had received my package the other day and had finally had a chance to open it up. It was beautifully put together. When I had opened it with my children, my youngest (3) literally "wowed" when I opened the package And he loved the artwork. My oldest (7) is looking forward to playing this. I can't wait because since we last played my oldest has become better at games and the baby has really gotten excited watching the action on the television. Thank you again @Armscar Coder for the thoughtful gift and from my family to yours, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday.
  6. Okay. I understand! When I changed the shooting code I forgot I didn't need the bit check on Line 283. I deleted that along with the other check for f{5} for now and when I get home I will do the other changes. Thank you again.
  7. I apologize. I am a little confused. I did notice that I had forgotten to indicate the bit in a couple of the if...thens but in regards to the fire button flag I wasn't sure what you had meant. I know in the original example you had it as a full variable so I had thought that I could use a single bit for the flag for P1 and a different bit from that variable for P0. I had also tried the initialization of the missile position in other parts of the code but noticed that it would interfere with how the missile fired.
  8. I love it! I had been wondering about this game for a while, as I have been looking forward to playing it with my sons. There was also that image of the custom cart with the mole poking through. I was wondering if you had any success making it? I am a fan of custom carts and thought it really cool and had a thought of if it seemed to difficult, what if the end label area as customized instead with?
  9. I just replaced the shooting code in my program with the new shooting code and I noticed that the same issue with the P1 shooting exists, where it does not shoot in certain directions (UR, DR, and DL). By chance I played the file in z26 and it seemed that all directions seems to work. I tried again in Stella 6.0.2 and it didn't work. Weird. CB_12_12_2020_A.bas
  10. Thank you @bogax! So I was playing around with the code inside my original program to get it to work and after some tweaking here and there I fit it in! I had made a couple adjustments to get it to work. Here is what I did: if collision(ball,player0) then goto skip_m0_direction if j0f{0} then missile0x=player0x+3:missile0y=player0y-4 pj0f = j0f if joy0fire then j0f{0} = 1 else j0f{0} = 0 if !pj0f then skip_m0_direction if j0f then skip_m0_direction m0d = (SWCHA ^ %11111111) / 16 skip_m0_direction if !m0d then missile0x=200:missile0y=200: goto skip_move_m0 missile0x = missile0x + m0x[m] missile0y = missile0y + m0y[m] skip_move_m0 if collision(missile0,playfield) then m0d=0 data m0x 0, 0, 0, 0, -1, -1, -1, 0, 1, 1, 1 end data m0y 0, -1, 1, 0, 0, -1, 1, 0, 0, -1, 1 end I had added the check so that it spawns the missile by the player. I had added the coordinates to put the missile off screen. I deleted the 0 in the data table bracket. I changed a value in the table to allow for shooting in all directions (originally I was going to not shoot backwards but this method made it much easier). I also added where if you grab the ball in the game the shot continues but it is still locked out. This has been a very good lesson for me, as I had always been confused by some concepts, like SWCHA or data tables. I had only previously used a data table for the lightning sound in Bag Boy when I tried using data tables for sound for some reason (I kept it because I liked the effect even though it didn't end up how I expected). And looking at my old code for the SWCHA, I don't know what I was thinking. I think I just inserted the defining of the temp value but then never did anything with it. Now all I gotta do is copy this for Player1 and delete my old code and check any other code that previously used the spaghetti code. Thank you @Random Terrain too! Your site and sample programs have again proven to be invaluable! I truly wish one day it could be in a book form so I can bring it with me everywhere!
  11. Okay. So if I were to also make something like this for Missile1, I would use something like this for Joy1 inputs: m1d= SWCHA^%11111111 And I can use the same data tables as m0d? and thank you so much! This is very helpful!
  12. Ah. I was just playing around with the example program to see what I could do with that. I haven't really used data tables too much but I like it. I guess I had not gotten to the point where I kind of understand some of these things but to determine what purpose they serve sometimes eludes me. I was curious. In the example you posted above, what is the j0f? I did not see it defined.
  13. So I was playing around with SWCHA and I think I understand it much better then a year ago when I first started messing around with it (also with on...goto statements). You are right. Instead of cooked spaghetti my code looks like uncooked spaghetti! temp1 = SWCHA / 16 on temp1 goto P0_STILL P0_STILL P0_STILL P0_STILL P0_STILL P0_GO_DR P0_GO_UR P0_GO_R P0_STILL P0_GO_DL P0_GO_UL P0_GO_L P0_STILL P0_GO_D P0_GO_U P0_STILL DONE_JOY0 I have the various movements off in a different section where I have the speed at which they move. I guess I can then also add in those sections the direction for the missile direction. It will probably get me a little to get comfortable with it and play around but this is definitely much cleaner and looks like it will help in the longrun! Thanks!
  14. So, if I were to use it, I would essentially set 2 temp variables for each controller and then do something like this: on temp2=%01000000 goto... on temp1=%00001100 goto... with it going to which ever directional issue?
  15. I had played around with SWCHA before. I am definitely going to look at that. Some of it confused me when I had first tried to implement it in some programs before. Funny. I would sometimes start with a simple program and then just playing around with things I tend to over complicate stuff. Sometimes I don't think about it much because I figure it is something small and I don't need the space. With this I thought I'd just cut and paste some of my code and go from there.
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