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  1. I don't know what I meant by player background. I think I was writing this down when my son was talking and some wires got crossed in my brain. lol What I meant was if the score could be activated on this titlescreen. I figured you couldn't but didn't know if there was some way to. Thanks.
  2. Also, is there a way to display the score with the player background...
  3. Is there a way to have a titlescreen and then do something and press reset and have it go to another titlescreen? I had been playing around with it and at first I thought it was something as simple as changing the name of the abb.asm but that didn't work so I assume there is more to it. I was looking in the file but was not sure if there were any other changes one would have to make.
  4. When I clicked on the link it said it doesn't work anymore.
  5. I did find the AI challenging. I sucked, but then again I was playing on my phone. I had found it a good back and forth.
  6. I finally played this and it is great fun. It is a neat take on an old genre. I love the quick game play and the sounds are wonderful.
  7. During college I played college bowl (quiz bowl) with my school. The usual setup was two teams of 4 players. A reader asks questions and at any time the players can buzz in and attempt an answer. When you buzz in it locks out the others players. If you get the answer correct you get 10 points. If you get them wrong you lose 5 points - a "neg." Each round consists of 20 questions. If you answer the question correctly you go into a bonus round, with a variety of of questions in various formats. There are of course different standards of questions, but this is not what this program is. This program is the buzzer system. It consists of 4 buzzers for each side. After the titlescreen there are two sets of 4 buzzers. In the middle of the screen there will be a letter. The default is "J" for joysticks. Each direction of the joystick would account for a buzzer (left, right, up, down). Player 1 would be on the left and player 2 on the right. Using the Game Select switch the letter would change to a "Q". This is for QuadTari compatibility. With this you can plug in a QuadTari and 4 sets of paddles for each of the 8 players to have their own paddle. The button on the paddle would buzz in. Press Game Select again to go back to joystick mode. I have also considered making a buzzer controller, which would basically be 4 one button buzzers plugged into a single controller port on the Atari, or a 4-way splitter to allow for 8 joysticks (but each joystick would essentially be the same). To reset the buzzers and lockout, simply press the reset switch. I am considering coming up with question packs or decks of cards to accompany this game as a kind of hybrid Atari/tabletop game similar to the Magnavox Odyssey 2 games or modern games like Scene It. Or if a team were to want to do so, they could use this in place of their current buzzer system! I am not sure what more I can add. I am considering offering different buzzer sounds for each side using the difficulty switches and had considered using the score for something should I make an accompanying tabletop portion. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy this. I will probably do some minor tweaking here and there but for now this is the basic functionality. Here is a link for a video demonstrating gameplay. QUIZTARI_6_19_21.bas.bin
  8. Thank you very much. I was taking a break and thought playing around with the Quadtari stuff would be fun. I was basically trying to make a simple buzzer program like the ones used in college quiz bowl. Thought that would essentially be as basic a program I could make. The Sheriff - Quiz Bowl Buzzer Program
  9. How exactly are the paddles labeled in bB for 8 different paddles? Or when qtcontroller =1 it knows with the kernel what joy0left and the other directions mean?
  10. Thank you! This beats me making single button buzzers... Although not totally out of the question. Lol
  11. If I understand correctly, So does that mean on alternating frames you would read either buttons 1-4 or buttons 5-8 from joy0 and joy1 left and right?
  12. Just curious... Is it difficult to modify this code to accommodate 8 players via paddle? I was looking at making a simple little program that really just needs to put a fire button in 8 different people's hands. I had considered just using two joysticks and using the directions on each joystick but didn't know how possible something like this would be with a quadtari in bB.
  13. Thanks! I didn't know if it was something that was just an obscure function that had some interesting uses or not.
  14. When I was typing in a command in VbB I noticed pfcolortable but didn't really see any mention of it on Random Terrain's website apart from in a search under the memory map. Is this a command that can be used in a program in any way? Just curious.
  15. I forgot. Originally I thought it might be an issue with the drive or computer because initially when I first loaded it, the entire game was glitchy. But after a couple tries it ended up just this. Is it possible the drive could be dirty or malfunctioning if everything displays correctly? I tried other disks and every once and a while it doesn't see anything on a disk. I plan on taking this apart and maybe dusting it off and seeing if the drive needs any maintenance.
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