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  1. My criteria for a work in progress were considering the progress made in the year, the originality of the gameplay/theme/graphics, anticipation for where it will go, possibly the technical aspects and ambition of the game, and last but not least, the fun (with some being weighted more heavily than others). I think many in this category scored highly by my criteria and it was a hard choice to make. I had personally voted for my own game but I tried to apply my criteria to my choice and I was close to picking Zookeeper over Bag Boy. To me the WIP category is the one I am most interested in because there is a lot of great things being developed. While all projects may not be actualized, I think they help lead to bigger and better things. They help get more people involved and help contribute to growing the community.
  2. Maybe the WIP category didn't excite folks as much. Maybe some found the the choices too hard to pick one so opted out of the category completely. I am looking forward to some of the releases but from reading the forums, it kind of felt like there were some highly anticipated games in the previous year... But when you are talking about a dozen votes it may be hard to say. Maybe this just means we need to up our development game for 2020.
  3. Hey! I got 2 votes! Lol But I can't be disappointed. The other games are great as well and I am definitely looking forward to some of the top games in this category like Tower of Rubble or Zookeeper.
  4. I feel like an idiot. I was staring at my screen for hours last night combing through the code, going through line by line and trying different ways around... Turns out that i had accidentally labeled the sprites in a collision statement elsewhere which is why it kept on adding! The example you had provided worked! I am sure the other lines that I was playing around with would do well too. I guess it is good to call it quits some nights and take a break! At least I got familiar with the process so there is that I guess...
  5. I had tried boundary boxes on all mixed with collision statements when I was playing around with NUSIZ copies but can't recall if those performed better. I wound up getting rid of some in an attempt to clean things up. I was playing around with different options. I'm still not that experienced using bits so I was hoping to understand better hoping my attempts were something I overlooked. I'll try to post some relevant code later if I don't come up with a workable solution.
  6. I had gone through RT's site and examples and was able to get a repetition restrainer to work just like in the example, but only when using a check on joy0fire. I had attempted to use the same code for collision detection between 2 sprites but I seem to having some difficulty, where the collision continues to be registered, so things like the score (or whatever I use) rapidly go up. I had attempted to respawn one of the sprites and that would sometimes work. I had also considered using a check using a temp variable, as I had used something similar to prevent an action if it occurs too quickly below a certain y-coordinate. Maybe checking the coordinates before and after spawning and then award points or whatever. I know that there are usually more than one way to do something but was wondering if I was overcomplicating things or if there was a better way.
  7. When it comes to hacks I tend to look the other way... But every once and a while one comes along where it breathes new life into a game to where it improves upon the original in a complimentary fashion, adding better graphics, gameplay elements, or even thematic overhauls that just make the original much more palatable. I definitely understand why the category was removed but seeing a category every once and a while would be more appropriate than having it appear annually .
  8. I personally had voted for Rally Racer. Looking at all the candidates, I had found that the packaging to be interesting. The window on the box that opens up to the book was a nice touch and the I loved the unique cartridge. Screenshots or lack of artwork did not play a major role in my choice BUT may in any future releases. I had seen that the packaging was very similar to A New Marauder, and while I like that More Work had developed an identifying characteristic of their games and packaging, I can see lack of variation in future game boxes negatively impact their chances... But it is also my understanding that the Best Packaging category includes all packaging and promotional material for the year, so if there was standard boxes or premium boxes, that may change things in my opinion. While I really like their box design, I can definitely see how others personal preferences may like other designs. I know when I told my wife about the nomination she looked forward to voting for my game to show support for me. I had asked her not to. While I was perfectly happy voting for my game, I felt uncomfortable for her to vote while she was not active in the forums. I suppose in the world of online competitions this is commonplace - I constantly see posts asking for votes on things like "cutest picture," but I had also seen contests that encourage such methods, probably to increase traffic to their sites. I am sure AA, ZPH, and all involved will learn from this and grow accordingly. After all, look at contests like the Oscars or Grammys, which constantly undergo rules changes to either address past controversies or expand to encompass the changing landscape. I for one have my own thoughts on categories or changes and I am sure they differ from the next person. But what I can say is that this year had very strong and passionate competition in every category, but I guess that is what happens when you have an extremely dedicated community.
  9. This is the first I had heard of this and hope it all gets worked out, as the packaging truly is magnificent. Not sure how prevalent issues like this are online but I have seen similar requests on various polls or contests. Hope this gets rectified nicely 🙂.
  10. Since Bag Boy is in a category, I might convince my wife to let me play it on the big screen. 🤔😀
  11. Just caught the show. Fun watching others play, even though the game is still a bit incomplete and in it's "God mode" state. Just a reminder for the current gameplay - The counters on the bottom left are your lives. The counters on the bottom right is your time (shift). Running into a car takes away a life. Returning the cart gets you points. If the man in the lot grabs the cart it deducts points. A couple bonuses appear - an energy drink, overtime (additional time), money(score), and a 1up. There is still much that needs to be done or tweaked. For instance, when time runs out it doesn't deduct a life. The energy drink doesn't work yet because I am working on redoing the movement and car code. I have been programming tests to get more familiar with some concepts to see what works. That code was from when I first started learning so I was hoping to improve upon it and make it work better with the progran. The lightning doesn't hurt you, and neither do the copies of the virtual sprites. I have almost finished up the various stages but the big hold up is the movement and code for the cars. While the switch between regular stage, rain, snow, etc seemed to work, when I tried to switch up some of the gameplay elements with the Black Friday stage, I discovered I needed to rework things and so I was going to restructure some things but sadly that takes time. Once I figure out those issues, I hope to add transition screens in-between stages or when a life is lost and possibly get a titlescreen and end screen up. I figure everything else in between would then just need tweaking. I'll try to get a new .bin up soon so that some progress can be witnesses and I can hold myself accountable. Thank you all for the support, as this has been a tremendous learning experience. I believe my game was a bit ambitious and as I first started I realized I needed to learn much more, which has been great fun. I also hope to have a surprise to share soon too, that is if I can find the time to sit in peace and quiet!
  12. It is so cool to see Bag Boy in the list. There are a lot of great titles and Bag Boy has come a long way from when if first started (and then restarted) programming it. I still think it looks pretty nice for a first attempt and I hope to make some more progress soon! Look forward to the awards show and hopefully I'll be at a place to update soon so that the WIP resembles a more playable game!
  13. So I tried it on a couple televisions. I tried a Heavy Sixer, a 4 Switch, and a Sears Video Arcade II. I used 2 different coax adapters, a few RF adapters. I tried the channel switch. Same results with each combination. I plugged in other carts and compared the screen to pics online and they seem fine. ND I looked through the Bag Boy thread where someone had posted a screenshot of them playing and everything seemed fine. Maybe it is an issue with the Harmony. Would updating the firmware possibly fix it (it is a 1.06)
  14. I don't know. I have played some simple games with squares and minimal graphics that neat out graphically impressive games. I would think if you are playing Atari 40 years later graphics aren't the most important thing 🙂
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