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  1. I was looking at my other programs I think I had CTRLPF set differently so that the sprites moved behind the playfield. Maybe that is what I was thinking of.
  2. I meant on the sides the sprites are above. I had thought that when the border is in place the sprites travel behind it and are hidden. And as for using the background, I was actually curious about flipping them. Originally I was going to using it the current way and when certain rows were cleared I was going to change the playfield color for that row so that the ball can be randomly generated on that line to be used as a certain thing, whether bonus or obstacle. I wouldn't do this for every row, for I would have to make a pfcolors for every combination but it shouldn't take up too much space. If I use the background and draw the playfield then the ball would be pretty much useless unless I find a purpose for it in the sky. Or so I think...
  3. So one thing I did notice is that the sprites go above the PF0 parts on the sides but behind the brown bar on the top. I had thought the behaviors of these two spots would then be the same.
  4. So I'm curious. Is the PF0 issue related to using pfcolors, since that bar is the background color? And is it possible to just "turn off" that line or would that play a role in the timing of everything below?
  5. The big thing for me is to learn. I really do appreciate the help and explanations. I am have found that staring at this code and playing around with stuff helps with my anxieties. Nothing like a good puzzle.
  6. Ah. I originally started with the pfscore bars before I had thought about the 6lives. And when I first put it in the program I did "inline" instead of "include" but I might have had other changes that had initially caused it not to compile. I kind of just left them in until I figured it out... But I guess I would have been going around in circles. As for the bar up top, I had played with PF0 on or off. I was really curious as to why it got on but having it off is not a big deal. It was more of a curiosity. Thank you so much! I tried to play around with this on my lunch break but I kept getting interrupted to focus but I was ready to erase the code and start over.
  7. I was playing around with various options and I was trying a program with these settings: set romsize 32kSC set kernel_options pfcolors no_blank_lines I had noticed that there was the normal issue with a different color bar appearing at the top of the screen and the color at the bottom being a little off so I tried the recommended fixes of either defining COLUPF or placing pfcolors: in the main loop. I had also added lines to the playfield at the top or bottom. While I was able to get the bottom line kind of fixed by changing pfres to 22 instead of 23, the color bar was still on top. I had noticed that the color at the top is the background color and had wondered if this was a result of the kernel option combinations. I had also was playing around with trying to add 6lives and a statusbar but it didn't seem to appear. I had essentially copied what worked in a couple different program I had done with the only main difference being the Superchip so I had wondered if this was a conflict with Superchip. Or am I missing something and having a series of brain farts? I attached the pic showing the screen. *I thought I attached the .bas but attached the .bin. I'll upload it later when I have my computer. LAWNBOY_2021_9_19.bas
  8. I noticed that when I did delete bkcolors but kept the background kernel option that the background colors were the playfield colors, which could be handy. I just didn't see anything saying it was DPC+ specific online so I was making sure I didn't miss anything. Thanks.
  9. I was looking over the kernel options chart and noticed that it mentions pfcolors can be used with background but when I try to compile it states that that option can only DPC+. Is this correct or is there a way to use bkcolors and pfcolors in a standard kernel bB program?
  10. I think this was along the lines of what I was thinking. I'll probably play around with how I were to do it. I had considered keeping track of blocks but I was getting tripped up on the playfield idea. I thought just checking the playfield would be simple and not as intensive. My thoughts were to have use part of the playfield for this purpose, which is why I considered rows 12-42. The rest of the playfield would be more or less decorative or serve some minor function. I assume by keeping a variable free to keep track, I would have code where I turn off the pfpixel that just adds to that variable. I'm also thinking that if I do it that way, I could make additional levels by the reverse - by turning pixels on to a certain amount. Thanks! This gives me a start to some playing around. Hopefully I learn something!
  11. My thoughts were that I could read the playfield as a data table and if a value is greater than zero than the level continues. I just cannot remember where I had seen something similar in the forums. I remember someone helped me a while back with the conveyor belt animation in Crossdock, where I believe a data table was read and used to flip a certain pfpixel on or off. I figured something like this would be similar. I plan on playing around with this on my lunch to see if I can figure something out.
  12. I was curious. Say I had a game that involves checking to see if the playfield is clear to beat a level. Is there a way to do something like check if var12 to var43 equal 0?
  13. That's all I need. Another project. Lol. Now the more I think about it the more it sounds like a good idea. And looking at you animation of the lawnmower again it really is awesome.
  14. I love the animation. I had always wanted to make a lawn mowing game in the vein of Dig Dug. Lol
  15. I love the movement and sound effects - especially the shot fired and screeching. I was using my computer to play but I would imagine with a joystick the firing could be a bit awkward. I was playing in Javatari but on occasion while moving left or right it seemed to get stuck moving in a particular direction and the character would keep moving even without any button presses. Not sure if this was a glitch or if I accidentally did something accidentally on my computer. I will say that it would be interesting to see where you go with this.
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