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  1. No copy protection on 3DO.........although the Goldstar one can't play cdr's (sure it's that one)
  2. Yes true! N+1, works for most things actually
  3. I own er 12 or 13 NGPCs so I don't think there is a limit on how many you can own, as many as you want!
  4. There are issues with certain versions https://www.obscuregamers.com/threads/saturn-games-with-compatibility-issues.1705/ My UK ones are fine with the Sega Ages release and the JP release which I prefer due to the true 60fps smooth option
  5. OT: Might be a service menu where you can adjust the screen, I can on my B&O CRT from that era. Annoyingly some of my consoles shift the image slightly but most are ok enough to not bother changing it all the time. Can adjust all the warping etc as well. Mine is accessed by some hidden key press sequence on the remote
  6. I have Deathsmiles and Akai Katana, both really good!
  7. Never heard of child of eden so thanks for the pointer, just got it off ebay for £3
  8. Yes, despite the 30fps, I prefer it to the PS2 version due to the higher resolution. PS2 far easier to control though with it's better thumbstick. I have a couple of versions of it, prefer one of the beta releases with the different music.
  9. Mines the 16GB version of that, same 10 A1 text. I formatted my card, copied all the CD files first and then copied my ROMs back over. Most worked fine other than the odd niggle. Then I was met with disappointment at how terrible some of them were 😂
  10. Ah yes 7+9. I do have a USB mouse adapter in port 2 but it's not happened again, just that first time after the couple of update reboots
  11. Hi Saint, Had the below but seems OK now but thought I would let you know. Put the new firmware on my SD card this is for the original Jag SD, turned it on, it updated. Then before navigating and folders or trying to load anything I hit 0 to show the version (attached). Hitting B to ok/exit made it do a memory test then back to version info. Hit B again, another test. No way to get back to dir list. Turned it off and on and now B exits the version info fine, tried it a few times and more power cycles. Not even sure how you instigate the test! So all seems OK now, was just on the first boot after firmware update Thanks. CD testing now
  12. Remind me, just put the firmware.ovr file in the SD card root? I will try tomorrow on my SD and report back
  13. Going by a reddit post you could try this one or similar for a VA0 https://boutique-dragoncity.myshopify.com/products/dreamcast-ventilateur-silencieux-et-jusqu-a-10-c-en-moins-puce-fan-dreamcast
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