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  1. Good to see a dedicated thread. Only got into the Saturn about 2 years ago, somehow got 7 of them now, despite it's limitations it is my favourite and most played of the retro systems I own.
  2. Yer it works well although for actual NGPC gaming I use one of my real ones which I put a backlit screen in and SD cart so all the games on it
  3. An old PSP emulates NGPC just fine. I bought mine with the emulators already on, no doubt there are quite a few on ebay. Also does most older stuff, MD, Snes, Arcade etc
  4. Best solution I found to the N64 thumbstick... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Retro-Fighters-Brawler64-Next-Controller/dp/B078KHKHPX
  5. Yes same versions as me. Its been running for 2 hours here in demo and I started a game on lv3, no issues. Tried a different SD card?
  6. Does this make it an M model? It's a UK one
  7. Will look when I get home from work. Does it say on a sticker underneath or something? Mine does have the odd sound issue with real carts and on SD where it crackles but only in a couple of games, need to post a thread about that in the main forum but I've not had any sort of crashing with any game real or on SD
  8. Just had a look at my files and card. Whilst I have renamed the rom to just Doom.j64, going by the time stamps I am using "Doom (USA, Europe)" and not "Doom (World)" which I also have so it could be that "World" one is causing you the problem. I had no issues even after power cycle and no flashing 22/08/2019 10:50 4,194,304 Doom (USA, Europe).j64 20/08/2016 11:31 4,194,304 Doom (World).j64
  9. I hadn't seen them either. Just spent the last couple of hours playing some of them on my SD cart is the Midnight Resistance music from the ST version? Impressive if so (I only had an Amiga growing up sorry...) I noticed stunt car racer didn't save my progress on a restart, is that normal? Midnight resistance saved my high score thanks for the games!
  10. Fired it up, left it doing demo for 30 mins, played through from level 1 to 5, back to menu, started on level 3, 3 times, power cycles jag, 3 more goes starting straight on level 3, no issue.... Well except the terrible jag controller, oh I hate the d pad lol, fps games just no good on old style pads. Its actually quite impressive gfx wise, first time I've tried it. The version with music will be better
  11. I will give it a go tonight as well. Does it freeze at the same point 30 secs in or is it irrelevant where you are ie if you start lvl2 and don't move, does it still sometimes crash?
  12. Yer I played puzzle bobble and turf masters so much back when I had my first one, didn't have any of the fighting games back then.
  13. I have a pair of the Capcom 6 button controllers, there are a few on ebay looking right now, probably get one for £30/$40 dollars perhaps
  14. Sounds like the lid isn't on quite right? There is a vertical switch towards the left rear if looking from above, near the power supply, that is pushed in by a bit of the lid when closed and that tells it to then check for a cd. If that switch has been bent or isn't working then it won't spin up. Could also be a loose connection if you have unplugged things and put them back in. See attached photo, the black bit, push and hold it towards the back of the Saturn. You can try this with the top off and it should then start up the laser/CD. DO NOT TOUCH THE POWER SUPPLY!
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