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  1. Yer I played puzzle bobble and turf masters so much back when I had my first one, didn't have any of the fighting games back then.
  2. I have a pair of the Capcom 6 button controllers, there are a few on ebay looking right now, probably get one for £30/$40 dollars perhaps
  3. Sounds like the lid isn't on quite right? There is a vertical switch towards the left rear if looking from above, near the power supply, that is pushed in by a bit of the lid when closed and that tells it to then check for a cd. If that switch has been bent or isn't working then it won't spin up. Could also be a loose connection if you have unplugged things and put them back in. See attached photo, the black bit, push and hold it towards the back of the Saturn. You can try this with the top off and it should then start up the laser/CD. DO NOT TOUCH THE POWER SUPPLY!
  4. I bought a NGPC back in the day when they first came out and had a couple of games. Got another about a year ago and now have the backlit screen and SD cart. Some of the games I have now played really are good. Such a shame it wasn't backlit back then although I understand the reasons why not but also that more games weren't released on it. Cotton whilst being far too hard (for me hah) shows how good it would have been for shooters like the PC engine. Metal slug great, of course the fighting games and so on
  5. Same for me, just black screen
  6. https://www.facebook.com/BennVennElectronics/ " NGPC - We wont be continuing development using our FS screen. We'll be developing a kit using the full size GBC LCD instead. A much larger and brighter option. "
  7. Bennvenn who does load of them, mostly Gameboy related was going to use this screen for his own NGPC one till the Chinese got in first so he scrubbed that. He is now developing a full size screen which fits one of the Gameboys I believe but will also go in the NGPC. Doubt it will be out for 6 months or so hence I spent £50 on this one including the bracket. Yes it's smaller but good enough especially when combined with your SD cart which I got last week thanks!
  8. Vaguely on topic and just posting as I see you are in the UK Gummy Bear. Anywhere near Leeds? I went to the recently opened Arcade Club last week, amazing! They have an original Tempest there with rotary controller
  9. Fitted one of the cheap screens last night, comes with all the cables. Only downside is it's smaller but totally worth it. Laserbear make printed surrounds to cover up the gap. Full size one is in development. Bad photos attached, screengrab of a video I took!
  10. I will give this a try on mine as I get little crackles in the sound sometimes, often at the same point ie in intro music. Does it on a couple of physical carts I have and the roms via SD cart so it is my Jag itself.
  11. Off topic, is the NGPC one on hold whilst you now go through the Jaguar orders as my number hasn't moved for a while. Just curious, got my Jag SD to pass the time anyway
  12. Folders work fine for me, I have about 6 on my card
  13. Mine hasn't moved in the queue for a while Luckily I have the Jag one though to keep me busy
  14. Yep all seems ok now without mrq file. I think power drive only actually saves once it starts loading the next track as first time I chose a save slot then turned off and not there on restart but tried it again waiting till next stage loaded and it's fine, used 2 slots testing Pinball fantasies fine and cannon fodder. Saved and loaded couple of times. First time I ran CF I had a red jag screen of death, bit odd, its really fussy with carts but your menu was loaded etc so clearly reading ok. My jag isn't 100% though as sound crackles sometimes (real and rom) so probably related Thanks for quick fix. Firmware updates so fast!
  15. Sorry no offense meant, was just asking. Good that you are bringing games to the Jag
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