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  1. At the time the Jag was launched it was advertiesed as a 64-bit machine, so what are people to expect, it should have some amazing graphics. The 3do had better graphics in it's games. The SNES and Genesis were already on the seen, and the games being released at the time didn't show us anything that we haven't already scene. Isn't that what a new, more powerful system should do? The Jaguar wasn't revolutionary, it didn't offer anything more than what was already out there. It couldn't do anything more than the SNES/Genesis/32x/SegaCD/3do, but yet everyone keeps saying that its a far more superior system than the said systems above. I just love how everyone thinks this failed system is soooo great. I counted my games last night and from my other list, i forgot to mention i had Flashback and Dragon the Bruce Lee story. And regardless if the PS2 and XboX have 32 bit pixel depth, it's not advertised as a 32-bit machine. In fact, i've never seen either system advertised as anything bit machine, unlike the Jaguar and N64 that were bothed advertised as 64 bit, but yet there is no comparison between the 2. Also i'll say this, look at video gaming history. Every new system from 4-bit to 8-bit to 16-bit, the graphics improved. They didn't get worse. The Jag went from 16-bit to 64-bit, with hardly any graphical improvement. Though it maybe 64-bit technically speaking, any normal gamer is going to expect a game that would look 2-3 times better than a 16-bit game and they don't. I was like 15 when the Jaguar launched and already had a SNES, if i bought a Jag at launch knowing the SNES was 16-bit and the Jaguar was 64-bit, i would expect the Jag to look alot better than the SNES and the truth of the matter is, it actually doesn't look that much better for alot of its games. Huge disappointment. And to advertise it as "true 64-bit gaming" i believe is false advertising. But this is just my opinion.
  2. Because other thread was locked, i encourage anybody that thinks the Jag. actually was capable of 64-bit games or even 32-bit games, please show me these games in comparison to PS1, Saturn, N-64. Thanks.
  3. i'll be getting it this weekend. Once i do i'll let you know what i think of it.
  4. Native, yeah, that's been around for years and never released demo, still your right, it does look nice. But i will not stop until you guys admit that the Jag had NO 64-bit games. And for that matter, had NO 32-bit games. Don't make me get screen shots of actual 32-bit and 64-bit games. And for the last time dumb asses, i'm talking about Cartridge games, NOT F*ing CD GAMES. I never thought the Jag scene was this dilussional, truth must hurt for you guys, to keep believing so faithfully that the Jag was capable of 64-bit games or had actual 64-bit games.
  5. World Tour Racing looks worse than the worst PS1 racer, so how can that be your crown gem game for a 64-bit system? Please. And Cybermorph looks crap. the colors, look crap, the graphics look crap. Silpheed for the Sega CD, blows away any Jag shoot em up. And here are some random 16-bit games from Sega, Nintendo, SNK and you show me Jag games that compare or exceed these games graphically.
  6. Now lets move on to the 2D games. First up, Ultra Vortek Ok, cheap Mortal Kombat Rip off, lets see what the SNES can pull off. Wow, its actual Mortal Kombat, and for a 16-bit game, it doesn't look much worse than Ultra Vortek. Now lets try some good ol' fashion cart racing games. First up, Atari Karts. And now of course, Mario Kart Atari Kart edges out this one, but not by much, especially for a "64-bit" game against a "16-Bit" game Here is the Jaguar version of Dragon: The bruce lee story Wow, look at the 64-bit goodness. And now the same game for SNES Exactly the same. I'd expect at least a little more for a "more" powerful system.
  7. And ok, lets compare some of these games to 16-bit games. First off, lets have a look at Cybermorph And here's Star Fox. Gee, i'd rather play Star Fox. Here's Iron Soldier http://www.videogamecritic.net/images/jagu...ron_soldier.jpg Wow, Iron Soldier looks soooooo much better than Star Fox. Yeah right, gimme a break, It is not that much better, if hardly, than Star Fox. Now we go to Club Drive http://members.aol.com/atarijag/shots/club2.jpg And here is the GENESIS version of Virtua Racing http://www.juegomania.org/Virtua+Racing/fo...rtua+Racing.jpg Gee for a system with no special hardware chips, this game looks better than a "64 bit" jaguar game And now we have checkerd flag Still looks barely better than a Genesis game, and remember kids, the Genesis doesn't have special hardware like the Jag.
  8. Drac, now take out all the CD games in there since I'm only talking about cart games. Its not fair to compare SNES games to CD games.
  9. kickinwing

    nes vs. 7800

    put in Nintendo Entertainment System and Atari 7800 and see what you get.
  10. LoL, if i was a nintendo fanboi i would have said OMG THE SNES KICKS ASS OVER THE JAGUAR, THE N64 IS 64 BIT JAGUAR IS 10BIT. No i said specifically The Jag has games that look worse than SNES games AND Megadrive games. I'm a collector, a fanboi of no system other than GP32. I hate my DS with a passion because of the crappy line up and i'm hating my PSP just as much lately. But i'm sorry, i'm not a fanboi. I am also done with this arguement. I've got a pretty good idea now of the type of people are on this board and now know not to post anything bad about the Jaguar no matter what it is.
  11. i love my Jag because we go back a long way. When my friends had SNES and Mega Drives, i had the Jaguar. I got it at a pawn shop about 10 years ago. Even though everyone of my friend thought it sucked ass, i stuck with it. I bought as many games as i could for it, regardless of what it was and the more and more games i got, the more and more horrible the Jaguar seemed to be. The last game i bought, Towers II for $50.00 at EB was a huge disappointment and every game since has been. But I still love my Jag, i like to be able to bust it out and people will say, what the hell is that. Though every game i own sucks but like 4, and I technically don't like the system, because of the games, graphics, and sure suckiness of the entire console, it still has a special place in my heart. But since i've started collecting video games, and I have 25+ systems, and my 16-bit systems can pump out better graphics than most "64-bit" Jaguar games, then i started to realize just how much of a failure the Jaguar actually was. And one gaming moment in my life i will never forget is reading an issue of EGM and seeing an advertisment for the Jaguar, and my friends saying "I would never buy a Jaguar" Me, "Why", Friend " because it's Atari and destined to die"
  12. how am i trolling? Anybody with any gaming sense would know that the Jaguar brought nothing spectacular to the scene, even for that time frame. With systems like the 3do and Sega CD/32x already out. You can say over and over again, "the system had the specs" that doesn't matter, the games are what matters. Even if it was the software developer/programmers fault, anybody with a brain can see that the Jag, for a 64 bit system, was really behind the times. And anybody that knows nothing about gaming is going to see 64 bit and think it would be like the N64 and we all know it wasn't even close to that 64 bit system. If anything the CD system should've had the games to deliver the goods for the system, but it didn't either, and that is the real shame of the Jaguar. The carts were doomed from the get go, but at least the CD system could've had a chance. But we can play the "what if" game all day, the fact still remains that the Jag was one of the worst gaming failures in gaming history. Even the 3DO had more games and more good games despite it's huge price tag at launch.
  13. i am having fun with this. I'm very intrigued that there are people that are at this level of fanboism. I can't wait to see what else people say about the Jag. Soon it will be that if it had not died a horrible death it would've surpassed the PS2 and XBOX. Also i'm talking about first party and 3rd party carts, not cd's, not homebrew. There were not 80 first party, 3rd party games for the Jag that I count. I also said Iron Soldier, not Iron Soldier II which is probably the only cart game that can compare to an early Saturn or PS1 game. Also, KevinCal is the one that said that the Jag was comparable to PS1 and Saturn games, even early games, like Ridge Racers looked way better than any Jag game. But again, like you stated that is my opinion, and if you want, i can probably find many articles and reviews from all different type of gaming sites and magazines that would probably agree with my opinions.
  14. i'm not the one that started this. Being the first time i've posted in the Jag forum, i've never expected to read what i've read, or even thought there were people out there that thought the Jag, the 3rd worse joke of a system ever, was as good as a PS1 or Saturn. And then the guy argues that Starfox was good because of a special chip, well how many damn chips does the Jaguar need to get better than SNES graphics? I do screen shot after screen shot of SNES games that look better than any Jag. game. and even some Genesis games. Did the Jag have anything that looked as good as Sonic and Knuckles?? NO. Did it have anything that looked as good as Killer Instinct. NO instead it had the horrible Kusami Ninja or whatever and Ultra Vortek, both MK ripoffs and both that sucked horrible and had worse graphics than any MK game on either SNES or Genesis, but yet the almighty Jag. is on par with PS1 and Saturn because it had Rayman and Tempest 2000. AND BTW, here is the list of games I own. Checkerd Flag I-War Iron Soldier Kusami Ninja Ultra Vortek Alien vs. Predator Wolfenstein 3d Doom Val'dier Skiing and Snowboarding (horrible horrible graphics) worse than SNES by far Rayman Tempest 2000 Super Burnout (Super Hangon for Genesis had better graphics) Dino Dudes White Men Can't Jump Towers II
  15. and don't you consider that all said games above SUCK ASS. Checkerd Flag. SUCKS, i own it I-War, SUCKS, I own it. I do own Doom and i was speaking in graphic terms. They are very close graphically and that is what i'm talking about, i'm talking about the Jags graphics capabilities. Iron Soldier, good game,, i own it, but doesn't look like nothing the FX chip couldn't handle I see you all are SUPER F*ing ATARI FANBOIS and there's no arguing. But look at the SNES chip structure and then Look at the JAG. If the Jag was sooooo much better, than what the hell. You absolutely cannot say the Jag was on par with PS1 or Saturn, even the first gen games were better than any Jag game released. Its proposterous. I can't believe you guys are such fanbois to say the Jag was as good as PS1 and all the games you are saying had good graphics have horrible gameplay, Checkerd Flag anyone? I'm not going to argue anymore, if there's one thing i Hate its fanbois of any system, but I thought Nintendo fanbois were the worst, i see that now i am wrong. Atari Jag fanbois are the most dilusional group of people i have ever seen in a gaming community.
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