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  1. By the way: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montezuma's_Revenge_(video_game) ??
  2. You mean: "Options -> Display Effects (VintageTV, Motionblur, Rotate)"? Documentation? Where?
  3. About firmwaredetect.cpp: I can't find this file: - CRC FD13A674 ("Percom AT-88 V1.2 (damaged) (460-0066-001)")
  4. dbghelp.txt -> Altirra source code
  5. If you like to play "Robin Hood" on Altirra (NTSC): -CPU Mode 65C816 (3.58Mhz). No graphic trouble for "Robin Hood"!
  6. "File-> Save Firmware-> Save Cartridge" ?
  7. Hi Paul. Please try this: cubo.rar
  8. It's the perfect time to play "Daze Before Christmas" (Sunsoft, 1994)

    1. Shawn


      That is one of the best Xmas games for any console for sure! Good call!

    2. icemanxp300


      When did you buy it, I have sold 3-4 in the past 2 weeks.

    3. GoldLeader
  9. Hi phaeron. I have an issue (Win 7 and Win Xp): 1- eduCAS.rar F8 bp $2F5B AltirraCrash1.rar 2- Any binary: Debug->Options->Break at EXE Run Address AltirraCrash2.rar
  10. INJEKTOR decoder by xt5 (www.retronia.cl)
  11. I can't convert sam.xex to rom/car file. Possible?
  12. Thanks to vitoco for the xex file: SAM.XEX Something to try: DIGAUD.BAS EJEMPLO.BAS sam.atr
  13. Don't use SAM$. You should use VOZ$. Look: 10 DIM VOZ$(255) 20 VOZ=8192 30 P=8209 40 V=8208 50 VOZ$="PLAH6NEH6TAH6" 60 POKE V,100 70 POKE P,70 80 X=USR(VOZ)
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