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  1. Greetings all, I hope each and everyone of you are doing great! Really, I do. I am looking for writers who would be interested in providing System Information write ups for gametrog.com. Up until this point I have written everything (trog is a one-man-show), but now I could use some help. On the site I have pages for each system and it's versions that are just informational, and then I also have How-To sections for those systems. I am looking to expand and add the following systems: Playstation 1 Playstation 2 Playstation 3 PSP (all versions) Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii-U Nintendo Virtual Boy Nintendo DS Nintendo 3DS Nintendo 2DS TurboGrafx-16 Xbox Xbox 360 Neo Geo Atari Lynx Atari 7800 Atari Jaguar Atari Jaguar CD Basically anything I don't currently have that is not "NEW". I also have a few of these in various states of write-ups. This post is mainly to reach out about the system pages but I also accept game reviews if that is more your fancy. This is a PAYING gig. And any contributor can be credited and have links if they like. Some of you may have stumbled across the site before, but Gametrog has been running since about 2008 and has good traffic. If you think you might be interested and want to know more please drop me a line and I can give you the details. Thanks! Erik -Gametrog
  2. Score = 947,500 (I know I can hit 1 million) I also found a "super-secret-technique" for the cave levels. You can see it on the HS run... Not sure if anyone else ever did this, but I figured it out on my own (have that vid also - it was a game changing moment!
  3. Greetings all, I hope everyone had a great holiday and new year! I own/operate the website gametrog.com. I sold games/systems/cables for several years, but stopped a few years back. While I left the site up for it's popular how-to sections, It was in need of some TLC. I have since done a major upgrade to the website (it was built in iweb...) and am moving it in a new direction. Which brings me here. ******************** I am about to expand and add all Atari systems (2600 - Jaguar) to the website. I have an original Woody, 5200 and a Lynx, but not all systems (yet). If you look at my SEGA or Nintendo pages you will see I like to have nice large photos of all the angles and original boxes if I can. I am looking for someone (or some-few) who have each system and even boxes, to get photographs. I'm not in a position to compensate much, but am willing to credit and link to any that help. If you ar interested in helping please let me know and I will provide additional info. You can contact me here or through the website. Thanks! -Trog
  4. First post on AA, popped on just to marvel out-loud and the number of pompous hand-wringers on here. Good luck with the system, helped as much as I could currently.
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